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Freepik and ss now have much in common  8)
And yes we must turn off imagery faster, coz they profit 3 times faster.

I have seen now that the group
has a new administrator: a brand ambassador of Freepik!!
Unacceptable for me.

The Freepik brand ambassador is gone and Jake is trying to put back together the rift his inclusion started.

Jake is a video producer and new-ish to this so didn't have a clue just what a toxic issue Freepik was. He's trying to regroup & move forward.

Who knows it's a dark strategy of freepik? Something is cooking fishy.

In one of the articles in Spanish, they confirm that they will dedicate themselves to video files.

Yes, the number of contributors is the key to the taxpayer's benefit, but also the increase in customers at highly competitive prices.

Affiliations, some audio / music, advertising, .....

Adobe is our hope. I'm going to cry a little more to the bedroom.

entering the video market will burn us alive.
get ready for cheap video market now.

this microstock industry is getting worst from bad, I will not recommend anyone to come to this industry now.

3 / Re: Shutterstock just became iStock 2.0
« on: June 01, 2020, 03:11 »
This though looks depressing, but I am sure this was no blind decision.
There must be a plan for expansion. Yes, you do get lower price, but I think you will also get higher one in enhanced and single other.
All you need to achieve the higher level.

I think we'll need to wait and watch it. I am not removing any portfolio right now.

Yes, there is an expansion... of the managers' pockets. Just make a buyer account and see the prices for yourself. You will get 15% of that price, or maybe a bit more if you work you ass off. The plan is there, it's not a secret.

I'll rather say live at SS and respect your decision in it.
Let's be gentle with each other views.

4 / Re: Shutterstock just became iStock 2.0
« on: June 01, 2020, 01:32 »
This though looks depressing, but I am sure this was no blind decision.
There must be a plan for expansion. Yes, you do get lower price, but I think you will also get higher one in enhanced and single other.
All you need to achieve the higher level.

I think we'll need to wait and watch it. I am not removing any portfolio right now.

There are many more destroyers apart from this website.
like pngtree, pikbest, lovepik, vecteezy etc.

they offer same free works and I hate them too.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Freepik
« on: January 07, 2020, 22:06 »
You cannot compare Freepik and Shuterstock.
Free things will always attract traffic as they are giving it for free.
Even if you go through their website, they do not have any proper licensing terms. One premium license gives you all commercial use, seriously?

And as mentioned above, the payment per download is also not specific. Once they start getting more contributors and downloads, the payment will decrease as per the calculation.
$0.11 is the calculated formula amount and its the maximum one can get with complete commercial usage. There is nothing like enhanced license which let you earn $28 per download or more in other agencies.

Same happened to me as well, they are rejecting 90% of content saying similar.
Same work has been approved 100% in other agencies. Something is seriously wrong with SS.

SS- hey technical engineering team lets have meeting

Team- sure

SS- lets ruin the vector upload system by building a automated tool.

Team-  :-\ ..... sure

----After months / years of hard work technical team builds it.

Team- So now we have built it, we need to apply it.

SS- Lets force contributors to abide by these new rules.

Contributors- what???, we don't need it, it is worst development and adding more difficulties in uploading.

Team- "*We knew it*"

Contributor- We can show you proofs (shares screenshot)

SS- F**k off, we don't care, we have f**king invested so much time, money and efforts in it and will not let it go. Take it or leave it.

Contributors-  :-\ :-X :(

I recently found a person stealing much of my work and uploaded in his portfolio.
Having sent a DMCA to SS, they did took action but... but they only deleted the mentioned images which I complained for, the profile is still active.

I complained for about 10-12 images as a ref out of 100s and they only took action for complained images. I mentioned in the DMCA that the entire portfolio is full of copyrighted content.
Its little worrying that company don't respects artists.

The news is neither exciting nor it is easier to upload now.
vector file means it can be scaled upto any size, so if a person submits 1px then too it can be scaled to any number.
How crazy and nerd people are sitting at backstage and destroying the normal process.

Its such a BAD IDEA.

Sounds like GOOD NEWS!

What are you guys complaining about?!?!? :)

Even I am wondering why so much hatred?
They have never shared the royalty price and people are saying its pennystock. How?

Reported cloudflare about it.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Onepixel is now open for business!
« on: November 16, 2018, 05:34 »
Who is Chad Bridwell?
Did I miss something


General Stock Discussion / What license grants this permission?
« on: November 15, 2018, 00:37 »
Ok, I was browsing through GraphicRiver and found that a user used my design in a part of flyer and selling the same.
It is also mentioned in their description that images are included with the download.

so what license gives this permission?

16 / Re: No sales today
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:01 »
Its somewhere in between avg and down for me. The worst are weekends, I hate them.

Someone comes here and announces a possible hack, without any evidence or references and no indication from SS that this is happening, and people start changing the passwords?

Imagine if the hack is real but it's not targeting the current password because they cannot do it, and instead are targeting the new password when people change it because they have found a way to do it?

Or trying to cause some panic to overload SS systems and take advantage of some weakness created then?

So, if I make any type of alarmist announcement will you follow it just because Leaf confirmed my contact, but not my information? This is all very strange.

Yes, if there is any such hack then there is possibility of getting hacked when changing the passwords.
Leaf confirming the same gives the weight to the news but this doesn't mean to start following the same.
Till now, I too haven't found anything weird with SS.

People following news so quickly is bit worrying.

18 / Re: New conspiracy theory! Hooray!
« on: October 01, 2018, 04:09 »
Lol.. Hooray!  :D

19 / Re: Has Shutterstock returned to normal for you?
« on: September 24, 2018, 22:38 »
Its worst monday at SS, this month is performing very bad.

So the day was saved with 3 fig SOD sale.  :)

20 / Re: Has Shutterstock returned to normal for you?
« on: September 24, 2018, 08:42 »
Its worst monday at SS, this month is performing very bad.

Microstock News / Re: Sad News
« on: September 12, 2018, 05:06 »
Its sad, condolences to the family

This Q-result every quarter, I'm beginning to think theyre cooking the books! after 14 years with this outfit I know people in every camp and I dont know ANYBODY who's doing any good or who really cares if the place is down or not??.

come on Paws whats  youre opinion youre good at this?
My opinion is as they are audited accounts and Oringer could go to prison for a very long time if they were fraudulent they are most likely correct. As has been said over and over again new supply far outstrips demand therefore most contributors will lose out. Its really that simple.

The supply otstripping the demand!  jeez we have known that for year now, nothing new!  no I dont buy that anymore theres got to be something else. before it was just some people, some camps crying and complaining NOW it almost everyone!

Wow. You mean all that crying and complaining that certain people were doing was actually about something real? I guess crossing fingers and wishing hard didnt make the problems go away after all. Its just easier to attack them rather than stand united against a company thats screwing you with your own property to make profits for themselves.

Supply is outstripping demand at Shutterstock because they made it so. I believe they opened the gates to anyone to desperately inflate their library and make as much money as they could for themselves before the stock photo market totally collapses. This is why sales are down everywhere:

Decent quality photos for completely free. Multiple sites are out there like this and they are growing fast. Web traffic stats show free sites getting constant high growth while most micro sites are falling. Shutterstock web traffic shows an increase but I'm sure thats the flood of new amateur contributor traffic and not paying customers.
Sites like Unsplash have convinced tons of naive photographers to give their portfolios away for free so they could stick the word free on the front page and generate mountains of traffic for themselves, starving out the existing market. This new trend does nothing but train consumers that our images have no value and that they DESERVE our images for free... even for commercial use. Why would they pay anything for images now?
There are tons of unaddressed legal issues at these sites that will create problems for them in the future such as the lack of releases but its pretty tough to compete with free in the minds of consumers. I believe the only course of action to take is to draw a line in the sand and that line is quality. Let the garbage images be free and the consumers will tire of it and will pay for quality again. Thats Shutterstocks mistake. They prioritize the garbage over the quality.

The ironic part is that all of this happened because contributors allowed it to. Its our property. Its our photos that make these sites even possible. Contributors chose to follow Shutterstocks poor choices and stick their head in the sand. What would happen to Shutterstock if contributors stood up to them and said no. What if contributors united together and opted out of sales on their portfolios in protest? They cant ignore their store literally shrinking. They cant ignore that loss of sales, especially under these conditions. Its our images that make all of this even possible.

Food for thought:

This what is mentioned by Unsplash:

"We do not actively encourage professional photographers to join and upload all of their photos. Were designers, developers and photographers ourselves, and we know that giving everything away isnt a sustainable way to make a living from your profession."

I hope this answers to why people are submitting to SS or other paid platforms and not to the free ones.

General Stock Discussion / Bad july.. How was yours?
« on: July 31, 2018, 09:39 »
Down everywhere compared to previous month.

People don't like some of the decisions SS is making but that's very different to hating them for a long history of contributor abuse like IStock. So SS is mainly disliked for not making as much money for people as they once did, but that is hurting them as well as us so in that regard isn't intentional. Getty has been actively squeezing contributors forever in a way that SS just hasn't.

But what I am most confused by is the hatred of 123rf, which have one of the highest RPDs and which pay a minimum of 30% up to 60% and 50%+ actually obtainable for professional contributors.
Thats way above what I achieve there...I don't hate them but very disappointed that sales and commissions have gone backwards there.

Agree, disappointed with sales, but still far better than iStock (who do shady business). SS also shares there quarterly reports and is more transparent than others.

"Some people will only check on you just to see if you have failed yet.
Nope, I'm still winning!" - Shutterstock

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