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Vector artists also, please do a quick search for "svg" and "vector" on Etsy and get these dirtbags making thousands off your work shut down. They bundle hundreds of stolen vectors together and sell the files for a couple of dollars, which they can do because they havent had to put in the thousands of hours to produce the work.

This brings me to ask, how do people find their own works, without going through everything SVG and Vector? Or is that how you do it.

I don't think the proper term for the protection of websites is safe harbor and how they pay taxes or what anyone's political views are, has nothing to do with the issue either.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has been interpreted to mean that operators of Internet services are not "publishers" per the letter of the law. This means that unlike publishers, site owners are not legally liable for the words of third parties who use their services. Likewise sale or trading sites, like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and many more, including the Microstock agencies, are not responsible for what the users put up on the site, if it is stolen or misrepresented. They do have a responsibility to monitor and correct illegal use, or issues with the laws, but the site is not liable.

So back to my question. How do I find these people on Etsy, do I have to go through every listing?

There was a time when the highest profile contributors could do this Yuri Acurs being the obvious example. I doubt its a thing in the current climate.

And his special deal has become iStock Exclusive, which tells us something?

I am guessing that anyone that manages to get a better deal will also have some sort of non disclosure clause so it will be like fight club - the first rule is you don't talk about it. I also agree with most of what has been said before - you need something special to get a special deal.

Could be, but also could be, they don't negotiate deals, because there's no reason to make a deal?

If you have something very special that the agencies don't already have lots of, you might be able to negotiate a deal.

Given the huge size of agencies' collections, I consider the likelihood of that situation very, very low.

Says it all...

Plus if I had something "very special" I wouldn't be selling microstock for peanuts and chump change.

Hi Matt the button doesn't work. It's grayed out. Tried with different browsers and even mobile. Just doesn't work. Please fix it. Thanks

I am also "not Mat" but I logged out and signed back in with Chrome and the accept button appeared.

Hi Mat

I have images in my portfolio, i would give out for this program.

But, can you/Adobe make it a bit easier to nominate them, if someone doesnt want to nominate either all, or select every single pic.

Maybe, Adobe can make a button on each page to select all (on every page), so it would be easier to deselect the ones, i don't want to have in the free section?

Not a complete answer, but I selected ALL and then started with page one, of better selling images, Dashboard>Downloads, marking them off. By the time I got to the images with no downloads, I didn't have to unselect any more? $5 is much more than zero.  :)

New Sites - General / Re: Wirestock new Instant Pay Program
« on: June 08, 2021, 11:21 »

The point is, for most contributors it's a matter of using Wirestock wisely, as an addition to the accounts they already have at agencies.
Cherry-pick the advantages they offer.

Yes, that's the simple point.

By the way, the title of this, just like an article calling them out for creating Instant Sale, without a suitable opt out. Both are wrong. This is not a NEW program. I think it's misleading to twist the facts and then stir up anger against an agency.

When someone doesn't read or understand the TOS and contract they signed, that doesn't make the agency at fault! (except on forums?)

Instant Pay Program

Certain content marketplaces pay an advanced fixed rate per image rather than paying per download ("Advanced Rate"). Wirestock refers to this as "Instant Pay" or the "Instant Pay Program." Wirestock negotiates the Advanced Rate with each content marketplace that participates in the Instant Pay Program. When you submit an item of Content to Wirestock, you will be given the option of selecting that the item of Content be included for the Instant Pay Program. By selecting to include the item of Content for Instant Pay, you agree that the item of Content will be included in the Instant Pay Program ("Instant Pay Participating Content"). You may elect to not include the item of Content for the Instant Pay Program. If you select to include the item of Content for the Instant Pay Program, none of your rights change you still own your Instant Pay Participating Content and it is still distributed through the content marketplaces. However, for each of your Instant Pay Participating Content for which Wirestock receives payment from content marketplaces that pay an Advanced Rate (the "Advanced Rate Payout"), you agree that Wirestock will pay you 85% of the Advanced Rate Payout, but will keep 15% of the Advanced Rate Payout.

If you have photos that have not sold in four months, they will be made available for Instant Pay, this is not new. New people will get the same notice after they have been a member at WS for four months. I got mine last July, some in the Fall of 2020, others just got the notice and somehow missed the discussions about Instant Pay from last year.

Calls it a scam:  https://www.microstockgroup.com/general-stock-discussion/is-wirestocks-instant-pay-program-a-scam/msg559419/#msg559419 Because of making the four month mark in December? Odd that neither of these people have retracted their accusations?

Hey look, Adobe just announced, Instant Pay on their own?  ;D

I'm also correcting and error I made. The minimum payout, from sales accumulated from any agency is $30. No waiting for some smaller one to reach a number, they all count. When the total owed is $30 we get paid.


With an Extended license, you may not:
Distribute the stand-alone file.[/i]

So the poster is given as an example in the enhanced license, but it's not included in the example of the extended license.

(Extended May:) Create merchandise or products for resale or distribution where the main value of the product is associated with the asset itself, such as a coffee mug or t-shirt.

Mat, it will be nice to get a simple Yes or No: is the Extended license granting Etsy sellers the right to sell posters?

Or photo prints? Which I guess the art/image is the value, while a mug or T-shirt, the view is, someone is paying for the product.

I'm back to asking, overall, what agencies allow someone to buy a license, subscription, basic, single or some other like extended and then sell prints? I can understand, none allow redistribution. So Etsy sales in the form of a download would be illegal in all cases, except by the original artist.


New Sites - General / Re: Wirestock new Instant Pay Program
« on: June 07, 2021, 14:55 »
As my old grandmother used to say to me "my boy, if it looks like a con it is a con".

That's good, because Wirestock looks like a distribution agent, not a con?  ;)

Microstock, many agencies look like a con and they are and they are thieves and some closed and flew without paying people.

I uploaded a few images/videos as a test drive... The keywording was horrible and in some cases had nothing to do with the actual content.

When? They read metadata now. Unless it was a video, which I have no experience. Just images.

I do not understand why anyone would put images with wirestock, they are just a clearing house for anyones creative work and TAKE a % of the license fee. We get such a small return on OUR work now.

Just answering part, but yes you are right, they are just a clearing house, that takes 15%. This isn't the best thing since... BUT

Higher rank on Alamy, 40-50% instead the the new 20%
Higher percentage on SS instead of lower levels (I still don't use WS for SS or Adobe uploads of my own)
Better position possibly on many sites?
I don't have a DP, 123RF account. I don't need one.

You get paid as soon as you accumulate $30 from any agencies, all combined. I don't have to wait forever to get $100 from DT or whatever else places like 123 or Pond5 require.

I'm lazy... I keyword the image, upload once, and forget about them.

I still upload my own to Adobe and SS because that makes me a better return and I have some specific images on each, which are difficult and complicated to get uploaded to WS. Editorial to SS for example or Vectors to Adobe, which I keep on my own.

I'm not a huge fan of special partners and Instant Pay, but that's potentially interesting for many people. I've considered both and I'll make more by using Wirestock, than by doing everything myself.

There might be more that I'm missing, but tell me, besides the limited, but true view, that we give them 15% for being a clearing house, what about the benefits?

No I'm not a huge fan of Instant Pay, but old images and leftovers? Fine, I can get something instead of pennies or nothing. I'll take that. We do have a choice, selective, which images are in or out.

I don't see Wirestock making any promise of better sales or any reason to think uploading there, or on my own, would make any difference.

I hate to ask this, but don't some agencies allow people to license and then sell prints? Adobe? Not that I have anything that people want to steal, but just asking.

If there are any, which ones?

Illustration - General / Re: Any free 8 bit filters?
« on: June 04, 2021, 10:14 »
I've seen one of two but you have to pay the piper. I would still like a free one though if possible.

Thanks.  :)

Example please? I have an older collection (hoard...) of 8bf filters, and I don't know what all of them do. Maybe one is nostalgia crappy graphics?  ;)


don't know - i just drag files over & they upload - no config needed

It must be SFTP compliant if AS is offering it on their upload page, so that's a very good thing. 

I've already got most of my new pics up on AS, but will try this alternative method the next time around.

Thanks, Steve.

I do the same, as I'm not uploading big batches. It's not ftp at all and sometimes Adobe asks me for a verification by sending a code to my personal phone, which I have to enter before I can access my account. Real short, software uploads are not the same as ftp or sftp. Drag and drop, the system reads all the IPTC data.

Hi, i would like to know if Someone has heard about cafepress.com? it[s good place to sell designs?

Not really an answer but FAA and the paid account means everything is available on Pixels. All kinds of products and you only have to do the work once.

$30 a year is not much to pay for a linked personal gallery and you can also drop links in your own personal website if you have one.  https://pete-klinger.pixels.com/  prints, home decor, apparel, tech items, puzzles, paper products. Personally Zazzle was complicated and I sold nothing, same for Red Bubble and Etsy is a joke.

FAA/Pixels I get returns for my time.

Society6 is complicated, but they match the dimensions to the product, so you won't get some Frankenstein crop of your images. They are trying to make the offerings match the product, for the benefit of the artists and for the buyers experience. I can understand why some people find the site unfriendly as you either have to create many versions, large pixel dimensions and different crops, or only offer things that are for the basic format.

After trying a number of different POD sites, I ended up with FAA/Pixels as the only one that seems to work for me.

What about using a different name and upload slightly changed images to Wirestock? Is this an option?

Only for people who want to cheat instead of following the TOS? I suppose, if you don't mind that WS will catch you and close your account?

#All Wirestock requires is that you are not selling the same image on the same agency if they are doing it on your behalf.#

If that is true, then it is much easier than I guessed. That means, if for example Adobe is the one who buys the images and we only submit to Adobe via wirestock, we never will get problems.

But what I understood was indeed: no other paying agency possible - for example iStock. And yes, that time wirestock said: They will delete the images on all agencies via wirestock theirselves. But the other agencies outside of wirestock, we should delete the images.

Hopefully YOU remember right.

Yes I see your other answer, there was never a question of anything Instant Pay, suddenly becoming Exclusive. Not a hint! That would make no sense at all.

Also just for the record:

"We are happy to inform you that your portfolio has been selected for the Instant Pay Program.

You have #### photos that have been listed for more than 4 months and have not generated any earnings. We would like to improve this and include these photos in our Instant Pay Program. The program allows contributors to receive advance payments from our new partners - Freepik, as well as other Instant Pay partner marketplaces. "

Other being Adobe for now. I added the bold, which was a question. Four months no earnings, makes them eligible for Instant Pay. Also new images after the first inclusion, might be reviewed by the Instant Pay companies. there's no promise that everything is automatic and instant when an image hits four months.

My last two Instant Pays which are from Adobe, are files that have been on WS from the day I opened my account. So apparently Adobe was just looking at those older images, this month. We don't have any way to know who's looking or when, except that the image must have no sales in the previous four months, before it's active in Instant Pay.


If you care to look at the sales that don't have pink or yellow in the top 12 rows, we get paid the percentage as promised.

Is that actually a percentage of the revenue like Adobe offer with their new plan for Creative Cloud for Teams and Enterprises? If not what is it a percentage of?

A percentage of the actual license price paid by the person/account that downloads that image. Nothing else implied. If they pay $10 and we're at 25%, we would get $2.50 for that download. If they pay $1 we would get a quarter.

My only point is we get a percentage, not a fixed payment. While the subs we get a number, not a percentage for almost everything in the 350 and 750 packs. The percentage would be below the minimum promised, if it was a percentage.

Example, 750, no contract, the buyer pays .33 per image. We would get .8250 per download at a real 25%. No I'm not thankful and grateful for getting a dime instead of 38 cents. Just doing the math.

(yes I know, we are paid on the total possible downloads, not real actual download numbers. While iStock takes a month or more to credit us for the real download number and has a 2 cents minimum! And a fixed rate of 15%. Just a matter of everyone screwing with us at different rates in different ways.)

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Fake Portfolio
« on: June 01, 2021, 11:26 »
Getty has removed my images, hope they remove the entire portfolio.
Thank you for your help.

I still see his port with all 4598 images, like before.
Me2. Let's hope it's just waiting for the server to be updated. ...

Just a note for a late comer to this party. I checked and there are no photos now.

Adobe Stock is currently my best Vector earnings site, by far!

Alamy.com / Re: Commission lowered to 20%
« on: June 01, 2021, 11:22 »
Alamy have just screwed themselves, in a few years time they will realise it.

I'll guess you have made a correct prediction. Difficult enough for an agency that sells little and is difficult to work with, plus the convoluted pay system, time, little enforcement of who downloads and uses images (as they have self reporting of use). This will be a dagger in the heart of contributor tolerance.

With that, aside from some occasional Editorial, everything is going through WireStock to them in the future. I can't be bothered for the way Alamy operates, slow pay, no pay and now this?

The hook for me is not having to wait a year or more to reach payout on the smaller sites or places like DT. Its all grouped together. I also got my first Alamy sales through WS and have never sold anything there previously as an individual.

Personally, my sales are way up now that WS is my only account and I have a third of my library with them. I've only had 7 sales to DT in the last few months (I did what Pete is doing and waited til I cashed out of DT). 7 sales would take me 6 months on my own. No sales with Pond 5, which is consistent for me.

On a side note, I made 50 x $4.25 yesterday via Instant Pay to Adobe Stock. All of them were images that have rarely or never sold. I'm quite happy about that.

Interesting that Adobe bought that many. The only instant pay I saw for myself, was way back, and they don't show who took them? Some are $3.40 and some are $4.25. Maybe that's how I can determine who downloaded the image?

DT I'm at around $25 and looking forward to maybe 2024 when I can cash out and close the account. Just takes forever and I regret re-opening my account with them. I could leave and give up the $25 but I never give away anything if I can collect what I earned. I hope I live long enough to get that $100?  ::)

The conflict is, I still upload some to Adobe, and most of those are exclusive, which seem to do better. Maybe they get preferred listing placement in the search?

I found violation of my work here.
I reported, and they acted deleting the files but...

The sellers are allowed to continue without any issues... only files reported are deleted.

https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/Designesque (86 678 files sold!!!)

87420 Sales now and I can only guess, but over 10,000 stolen clipart images. 20c listing fee that auto renews would be $2,000 each period. Sales $2.80 Etsy takes 5%. In round numbers, each sale makes $2.40 but of course some never sell. 87,420 x $2.40 = $209,808 (minus fees which I can't estimate accurately) 20c per item every four months.

Maybe I should go into the clipart business?

I found violation of my work here.
I reported, and they acted deleting the files but...

The sellers are allowed to continue without any issues... only files reported are deleted.

https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/Designesque (86 678 files sold!!!)
They need several strikes against the account before they delete it. If you see other people's work let them know so they can report also.

Oh a good reason for all of us to keep checking and reporting.

Yes, but I don't care what they do or don't. I don't have account there. Just few people there selling my work from stock sites. I will inform if i made any progress with copyright lawyer.

Sorry I thought you had both. Good luck getting some action against the thieves.

Personally Etsy can delete my account, they are useless, besides the image misuse and thievery, they have no monitoring for accuracy or lies or misrepresenting items for sale. Back to, Etsy makes their money on charging for listings, the rest is just a scam to make people think they can make money from their personal work. Like Microstock, a very small number do earn, the majority sell nothing and make no return on their efforts.

Reminder, just because WS accepts something, that doesn't mean the agencies have accept the image. DT seems to take everything, so back to the original question.

There's no reason to believe putting an image on WS will make a difference in sales over putting it up on your own, on the agency. An image is an image? I still upload to DT now and then and click everything else for DT on WS. My sales on WS for DT are higher than my old collection and my own uploads on DT. Proves nothing, but just an answer.

My sales on P5 on my own are zero for images, never one. Yet I have sales from WS listed as Pond 5. Again proof of nothing, but that's two agencies that I get better sales from the WS uploads, than I do from my own.  :o

Yes, from my experience I could also not say that wirestock perform better than on my personal portfolios. (same point, I'd agree)

...would be better to move my images from dreamstime to wirestock and submit to dreamstime there. My only reason to do it is the 100$ limit for payout. (A big reason?)

Alamy: instead of getting 20% in the future, I will get 36% via wirestock, so a plus for me either. (another plus)

I still submit directly to SS and Adobe, everything else, goes through WireStock now. After they take a 15% cut, I'm still making more than if I was getting base levels on my own.

Yes, There's no reason why the same images would preform better on WS than they do on their own. The only possibility I can think of, would be, if someone searches by contributor and used Wirestock images for the selection. I can't see any reason why anyone would do that?

I'm happy, I don't have accounts with most of the agencies, and when I reach $100 on DT, I'll switch over everything to WS and close my personal account. After that, I will have three working personal accounts. Alamy, SS and AS. I really don't want to find and upload 5,000 images from SS, and most are editorial. Alamy, many are already exclusive, same other reason, finding and uploading a large number. Adobe, I have some that are only on Adobe and there are limitations on what can be uploaded to WS for those other agencies. So that means for those, old images and special cases... Let It Ride!  ;D

So, can we finally expect sales starting to take off?  ;)

Taking Off

Interesting plan, which would be nice if it actually brings downloads. Is this the next big thing for this week?  ;)


We don't get a percentage, we get a minimum of 10 for subs. We do get a percentage of other sales. These are two different matters.

Levels (which stink because they reset every Jan.) are 15-20-25-30% for some sales. We used to get a percentage based on lifetime download dollars, not number of downloads.

Now about subs. We used to get a minimum of 25 until someone earned $500 which is roughly 2,000 download at 25. Pretty simple. Lifetime earnings.

Now we get a minimum of 10

Please read this carefully. Look at the third column, where the price the buyer pays is shown:

Most of our sales come from the 350 and 750 packs. Who is that and why? I haven't seen any good answers. But start at the 350 pack with the highest price for a buyer, where they pay SS 57 an image. The commission for those downloads at 15% would be = .855 cents. Less than 10 cents. Now look at the most expensive 750 pack. 33 an image, we'd get we'd get .0495 cents per download. Instead we get 10 cents.

If you care to look at the sales that don't have pink or yellow in the top 12 rows, we get paid the percentage as promised.

Yes, if we had an agency that sold images for a flat fee and we got a fixed percentage and could earn more for more sales, that would be interesting. In that case, 50% is a fair number.

You might want to look at Wirestock, because they are adding direct sales from their platform, at a fixed rate, paying us a fixed fee. None of the old foolishness of what size image, which might have mattered in real photo, but realistically, digital? Hopefully they will never introduce any subscription plan! Or if they do, it will still be a couple dollars and image, minimum.

Alamy.com / Re: Commission lowered to 20%
« on: May 23, 2021, 13:12 »
For anyone who's interested, there has been a reply from Alamy over on their forum:
Doesn't look like there's any chance of a rethink on commission, but some other issues are addressed to some extent.
Thanks for sharing. No further information about the distributor's share...
Well, no concrete information.  ::)
"We work with around 80 different distributors and the rate varies per partner. We always negotiate for the best deal available with each opportunity. We cannot share details of these individual contracts. We are working to add more partners to ensure we can reach as many potential customers around the world as possible. "

I've opted out of all distribution now.
Yes Ive read it, not much surprising. I stay in with distribution for now and will see in July what the share are.

The may sound wrong to some people, but I'd rather have a percentage of something from distributors, than 100% of nothing by opting out. If I thought my distributor sales at Alamy, were competition in any way, same markets or buyers, I'd change my view. These are partner sales from countries that I never have a view or sale from Adobe or SS, as far as I know?

I haven't gotten some of the horrid tiny commissions like others... yet?  ;) I have had some smaller commissions. $10 net isn't too small to make me unhappy.  But I also don't have Microstock on on Alamy, a tiny portion are the same, the majority are either exclusive or different types of images. I don't know why anyone would expect to get a bigger pay for the same Microstock images that they get 15% or 10 cents on other sites?

what happened to "adobe sales will explode since we've all left SS"???

my adobe sales have been steady over last year - no big chance either direction

What does region revision mean? They added new territories and limited what is shown in those markets. I didn't think that meant, former markets were changed and specific contributions were not offered as before.

Let me try that another way. Nothing was limited or changed, just that new markets were added with selective images added?

As Adobe Stock expands into new countries such as Egypt, we are building collections, starting with a selection of high quality images from our top sellers. We are adding regularly new content as we expand our efforts in developing the service offered into these countries. 

As already discussed the full contributor portfolios remain available in our established markets. Contributors can quickly verify that by switching the Region in the footer of Adobe Stock to US or UK.

thank you,

Mat Hayward

Nothing removed, only new places being added.

No my sales haven't "dropped dramatically" and no there has not been any explosion of sales because people left SS. If there's any change, my sales are bigger and better on Adobe, this year. But I've added newer and better work as well.

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