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If we don't like what they pay us, we can leave by clicking "Off" on licensing section of account setting...

I'm saving that quote. You finally caught on!

Does anybody think that one person is REALLY worth nearly Five million dollars payment per year, especially when that payment is based on the useage of a third parties creativeness?

No and I don't think that answer needs much explaining?  ;D

I have a list of like 30 things to post there once I'm unleashed again.

I F !

Good something to look forward to.
Once you have ignored all the contributors on both forums you can just talk to yourself all day long.
You can also agree with yourself all day long. You will be happy then.
Ignorance is bliss.

So true, just watching this train wreck is fun enough most days.

You do realise that the lowered rates did not start until January 1st don't you? So the results of that won't be reported until the end of Q1 in 2021 - so all of the increased profits, etc are the results of actions taken other than cutting commission rates.

Not really true.  The levels came in June 1st.
Things like sub cuts from 0.38 to 0.10 happened then.

Jan will give a bigger increase yes but the start of the reduction was June 2020.

True correction, and lets not forget that with the new year, ODs dropped into a deep pit as well. From $2.70 each, they are now down in the 40 cent range. Another source for more income.

Another detail for myself is, I won't be at level 4 by June this year, like I was last year. Sales volume is down.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Customer end "predicted quality"
« on: Yesterday at 14:41 »
Hopefully customers won't be using that as a search qualification.

Not as a search qualification (at least as long as it's not a selectable option in the search), but probably as a buying qualification.
Think about it: You want to buy a photo, you search for one you like and the site you want to buy it from says the "quality" was 6/10. Never mind that by "quality" they don't actually mean "technical quality", but some "visual appeal".  Would you buy the image? I know I would assume the image was of poor quality and had technical flaws like noise, soft focus or bad exposure and search for a suitable replacement with better "quality".  :(

If at least they would name it different. Calling it "quality" is really misleading.

Either way, I can't see this new feature. Apparently people say that it will show when you have your langauge set to English, but Shuterstock won't let me and always loads in German, no matter how often I select English.

It's not to do with selecting English.  My port is in English and I'm not seeing it yet.

Thank you, I also reloaded, switched languages, looked at sold images. Like everything Microstock, someone imagines something and guesses and that becomes a factoid.  :) We don't know, and that's my best answer.

I asked but got a non-answer. Do we have to be logged in as a buyer? Maybe someone here will read and understand the difference between not logged in, contributor login and a buyer login.

With that, I just looked and I see nothing on any of my images. Following a link from someone on the forum, sometimes their image had that, sometimes it didn't.

It's an AI rating, we don't know, but I think most of the guesses and comments are reasonable. It's meaningless and we can all hope that buyers don't see the rating as a valid appraisal of the image quality. I'd say this rating is probably as reliable as the reviews. (take it from there)  ::)

General Stock Discussion / Re: Wirestock news
« on: Yesterday at 14:30 »

I still have some reservations though.
Their interface can be quite buggy every now and then, and you still have to "trust" them being honest in reporting sales.

They added a link to your content on the agencies which accepted the upload. Happy with that although also this feature seems to be lagging behind a lot or is still quite buggy.

Instant Pay is a different option, which for obvious reasons I don't recommend using, unless maybe for images that never sold before.

Yes, the interface seems to be a work in progress. Sometimes it looks great, others it looks broken.
There's a link for my content on agencies where accepted? I haven't seen that. Thanks

I think Instant Pay is IN or OUT so there's no choice which images are included. Unless they changed that also? But you hit it. Images that have never sold anywhere, might be good for that.

I think they track sales and earnings just fine. There's nothing to gain by cheating someone out of pennies and losing the trust of a whole larger group of potential artists.

Extra Channels:

Canva (standard)

Science Photo Agency - can anybody tell me more about them?

Wirestock Direct Sales with Brands/Agencies

If we click on Extra Channels, I guess ALL will go straight to Canva, where we get a share , just might be wirestock sells more there, but does it means that we get more than if we upload to Canva on our own?

So Extra Channels offers more possibilities, but also that low pennies on Canva and who knows who will also a standard partner in the future? A kind of Getty - connect comes in my mind.

Adobe you have to be Silver to upload Illustrative Editorial. Then Bronze and now it's open, so you probably could upload direct if you wanted. Problem with Wirestock is uploading IEd you have to enter all the data manually. At least it was that way last I looked.

We will have to wait and see for Canva but interesting questions. If the total from WS is the total for Canva, then each download will be a co-op payment, based on the greater total. There's no pay per image on Canva anymore?

I suspect that Science and Canva will be offered our images. Science can pick what they want and Canva can select what files they want. Not anything like "everything" will go to those places. Their choice.

Direct and brands will most likely also be selected images, not everything from everyone.

I still upload my own to Alamy, AS, and SS. The "other" images go to Wirestock, which makes it easy to get something for very little effort. I haven't tried video, I can't say anything about that. P5 exclusive.

Lets see how the extra channels play out, and not jump ahead. If I start getting anything from Science Photo or Canva, it's more than I get now with no access to either?  :)

General Stock Discussion / Re: Wirestock news
« on: March 06, 2021, 10:36 »
I don't think they take editorial at all. The have read my metadata, I don't know why someone else would have to enter it all manually. Their reviews are flaky. I caused one of them... if an illustration or drawing is submitted as a photo it will get rejected for artifacts.

Their in house keywording and fields, started out pretty bad. I mean, generic would be a compliment. Now they read the data embedded in my files. Edit, I re-read: Editorial we have to add all the data manually. Correct.

Oh that horizon thing is terrible. The AI misses the real horizon and if I shoot something tilted intentionally, it's rejected.

Never had an exposure or LCV... yet. I'm sure I will if I keep sending more files. I did get this one: "Image found on one or more stock agency sites and may infringe on another person's intellectual property rights." which was humorous.

Reminder anyone new, Opt Out of Instant Downloads if you don't want a lifetime license to some other site like the free ones.

Anyone understand Extra Channels any better? I searched the site, I still can't find more details like who that is?

Thank you Pete, I had looked through the help pages but must have missed that

You wouldn't be the first one and in a day or two someone else will ask again.  :)

GLStock / Re: GL site not loading
« on: March 05, 2021, 18:24 »
Anyone else having issues with the GL site not loading?

I'm just getting a blank page

I'd guess it's totally abandoned. I asked them more than a month ago to delete my port, no reply ever since.

I sent them two emails - Feb 1 and Feb 26 - asking to close my account (and asking them to pay me the balance owed even though it's below the $50 payout threshold). No reply - but the emails didn't bounce either...

Just re-read the "Exciting Changes @ GraphicLeftovers.com" email from August 2016 where they talked about being acquired by a group of online marketing professionals (their words).

That would be the current owner. I thought since the auction and attempts to sell the site end of December 2019. Good to know though to put the dates in order.

" The auction for glstock.com ends in less than 2 hours!

There are no bids yet so placing a bid now could win you the auction!
Make sure you don't miss out - place a bid now.

This auction will auto-extend for one hour if bids are received in the final hour - this protects against sniping.

Good luck!

Kind Regards,
The Flippa Team "

The site was listed for $5,000 but had a reserve price. Then it was listed again in 2020 for $15,000 and no one bid.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Wirestock news
« on: March 05, 2021, 14:53 »
Just came = Exciting News?  :)

Hi Peter,

At Wirestock, we are always looking for ways to help creators earn more cash from their content. That is why we recently launched Wirestock Extra Channels. Images submitted to Extra Channels will be distributed and monetized through additional marketplaces, platforms and API integrations. We will be adding more channels over time to maximize your earnings. As part of Extra Channels, we will also be licensing images directly to brands and creative agencies for premium non-exclusive licenses ($100-400/per use). Wirestock contributors will be paid a 50% royalty from premium licenses and 85% from standard licenses. Your rates on the existing channels will not change.

To participate in Extra Channels, you dont need to do anything. If you would like to opt out, please reply to this email by March 11, 2021.

Best regards,
Team Wirestock

My question is, what kind of license. Remember if you are with WS and you don't want you images to be licensed for eternity on some free site, Opt Out of Instant Downloads. You may get $3.40 but that's a one time, lifetime use.

If anyone knows more about this one, please add something. Extra Channels, why am I suspicious? Oh I know, this is Microstock.

Portfolio size isnt the important thing at all. There used to be some sort of an Industrial guy with just 4000 images and he was earning well over 5K a month. The last I hear he was shooting assignments only but he said he was 70% down and that was over a year back!  he deactivated his port needless to say!
If its who I think it is I woudn't take those claims too seriously  :o.

Well it wasn't me that said it! it was an article in the Sony Image magazine last year and newsletter. Apparently some four stock photographers shoot lots of images for Sony Technicals using their latest cameras and in the newsletter they were talking stock photography!..so I don't know? just saying really.

Different than who would have immediately come to mind as some industrial guy who claimed to be making $5k a month from 4,000 images.  ::) And when you say now four stock shooters, that's completely different.

But I'd agree, the days of how many images were long gone in 2010. People with 200 were making more than people with 2,000 on iStock. Not that I have that kind of work ethic or images, but I can see people who still do well, and they aren't making that because they have 20,000 images, but instead because they have a couple thousand outstanding top of the line images and videos.

Simple enough, my same images that I've had for awhile now are earning less. Maybe old age but more likely, less sales and lower commissions. More competition and better quality competition can also be part of that.

My best somewhat unique images, still work. The common subjects and plain old stock are somewhere between withering and dried up dead.  ;)

Maybe I need to get rid of the cameras and prime lenses, get the latest iPhone, then shoot a bazillion cheap snapshots? Nah, I'm just not going to sell out my soul and go begging for dimes. I'd rather make my dimes with a DSLR and high quality lenses. Not very logical or practical, but at least I have some integrity left.  ;D

They are going to see an epic first quarter thanks to the reset and lower payments to contributors generally.

Longer term I don't think they have a clue what the next step will be. Share holders are going to want to see more growth and they are in a tail spin.

Revenue increases 2% in 2020 and  3% in 2019 compared to 11.9% in 2018 and 12.7% in 2017. They are in a tail spin and instead of reacting by coming up with innovative products they simply put their hands in our pockets and filled theirs.

I agree, recent actions by Shutterstock are indicative of a company in trouble and reacting in panic. At best, unsustainable, at worst a concrete wall dead ahead.

I don't know about tailspin, but the revenue benefits from cutting our earnings are going to go flat. Investors want growth. The other key word mentioned above is innovation. Without innovation, growth will absolutely go flat and then cause the stock price to drop. One thing that works in their favor, competition isn't doing much to take away customers.

I don't think the company will fail or go under, but they won't be interesting to investors and the flat earnings will just mean flat share prices. Jon has been selling, he's smart. When Stan gets his big bonus that we provided from our losses, he should sell as soon as he can.

Back to $40 again and maybe lower by the end of 2021 if they don't come up with something better than steal from the poor to pay the rich.

The Microstock boom has run it's course.


I had a small portfolio of 2200 images with Shutterstock, nothing spectacular but it served a specific purpose. On Wednesday after receiving a small payout I decided to leave Shutterstock so closed my account thinking my portfolio would be deleted in 24 hours, however I now find my images are still available for purchase.

How long does it usually take them to remove a portfolio from sale?

Up to 90 days.

"Shutterstock will terminate your account no later than ninety (90) days following its receipt of a written request from you. For the sake of clarity, before the termination of your account is made effective by Shutterstock, your Content will remain available for license by Shutterstock customers."


Many agencies have this similar 90 days rule.

GLStock / Re: GL site not loading
« on: March 05, 2021, 11:53 »
Anyone else having issues with the GL site not loading?

I'm just getting a blank page
Me too. It has been a nightmare getting payout from them for a year or so the writing was on the wall. I am guessing they are done.

No great loss I hadn't had a sale since the site was sold 2 years back.

A shame they walked away with the $38 in my account.

He sold it? I only saw the auctions with no bids when it was starting at $5,000 for the place. The owner was honest and disclosed that he was losing money, but had other tings he was working on, so hadn't spent the time on GL Stock.

40% site set your own prices. That's too bad.



Or if this continues for a couple weeks, maybe Leaf can move this one to the closed section.

Yaymicro / Re: Yay reopening??
« on: March 04, 2021, 08:46 »
Are there people still uploading to YAY? even after all the posts here?

I've tried to point out the same but for some reason the obvious, falls on deaf ears. Just like people wondering about Canstock. I wonder how places like these stay in business, but we both see the answer. There are people so desperate for some small bit of money, that they will upload to sites that are half broken, don't pay them and the sales are terrible besides all that.

When Yay closes and keeps their earnings, we'll have a round of, "how can they do this to us?" which should be, "Why did I do this to myself."

Yayimages is my worst nightmare in my 12 years of being a contributor.

People who still have their work on Yay should read what zsooofija has gone through with them. Yay does not remove her images after years! Plus denying that they are responsible for removal from partner sites. Why would anyone stay with Yay?

By the way they do not reply to any of my messages. They just ignore my questions...

Shutterstock.com / Re: Very low video sales
« on: March 04, 2021, 08:32 »

OK you hater HodagMedia on Shutterstock forum.  You should work on your photo skill rather than wasting your time posting craps you stupid redneck MFer.


Don't mince your words BLVDONE.  Come out with it.  Say what you really think.  ..


Yes, I just want to have people here, see what kind of person he really is. Many have commented and criticized him for his incoherent rants and never ending rubbish, but he's got this personal "thing" for me. Wow, an obsessed angry person, calling me names and personally attacking me, on yet another forum, because I dare to disagree with the mighty Blvdone. Well I'm not going to sink to his childish levels. Just the facts...

He's already banned on SS forums after pushing the limits for a couple months. Maybe he's trying to get banned here too?  8)

Oh and yes, I should be working on improving my photo skills, that's always a good idea for all of us? Always keep improving and learning.

Pond5 / Re: Unusual rejection reason
« on: March 04, 2021, 08:08 »
I submitted the same clip again and it was flagged by their duplicate detector. I sent P5 an e-mail and in their reply, they recommended that I submit the clip as a 4:3 file instead of 4:3 inside of a 16:9 file. So I selected 4:3 with an NLE program and exported it as  3840 x 2880. When I view the thumbnail of the clip, there are no more black bars on the left and right. Though now there are thick black bars on the top and bottom. I wasn't expecting to see those.

It's a uphill battle against the wind and storm sometimes, isn't it? Good luck with that formatting. Keep coming back to inform us, I'm following with interest, as I have some old 16mm film I'm considering having converted. I want to know how to have it formatted the way P5 wants it.

'Tuq' which literally means 'adult female who deeply honors and respects her husband and the Klingon tradition'.

That makes sense now.  So, what you really meant to say in your original comment is:

'All the cool people left, leaving an army of bored adult females from the planet Qo'noS who deeply honor and respect their husbands and the Klingon tradition, taking snaps of their fluffy pets for a $0.1 reward'

Good One! A classic for all Microstock Quotes. I used to keep a list, but that died years ago. Maybe I can find that old list and revise to include yours.

Thanks for the generosity but as I need at least After Effects, ME and Protoshop, the single app coupon I got will go unused.  Maybe a better way to go at this is for us CC full paid subscribers could get a lower price for the suite like a set %.   I bet many are in the same boat on this issue.  ???

Interesting point that maybe Mat could make a note and ask about if they review the free CC plan. For people who already subscribe to the full plan, maybe a simple discount for that, applied to their account.

I enjoy the photo plan which is enough for me and I was waiting until March so there will be no expiration when I'm waiting for the code next year. Then in the future, assuming they keep this going, I'll renew in March with the new code, each year.

Thanks Adobe!

Shutterstock just failed miserably. All the cool people left, leaving an army of bored Ukrainian housewives, taking snaps of their fluffy pets for a $0.1 reward.

'Housewives' don't exist any more.  That term died in the 1970s.  Respect women. Respect female photographers. Respect generally.

Does that mean Wonderwoman doesnt exist?

Yes with the modern politically correct adjustments. She/He/T/Q is WonderPerson. No gender references are allowed. All hail all the various WonderPersons no matter what their biology, mutation, weird science transformation, is or even if they are illegal aliens from the planet Krypton pretending to be children of an all American couple, from Metropolis, Illinois... covering up the truth, that he's an abandoned child from another planet. Yes, SuperPerson - TJAW to the end.

Then the whole Bat family, BatPerson, BatPerson and the PersonWonder - Turdus migratorius.

Microstock Services / Re: Photerloo: New Stock Uploader
« on: February 28, 2021, 15:50 »

Regarding your questions:

1. Did you say you read metadata then do additional keywords, title/descriptions and categories for us as well? < The tool reads the metadata in the photos, so if you enter title / descriptions / keywords in a tool like lightroom then Photerloo will read that meta data and let you use to upload to all the sites (including the social sites).  However, we also have a AI keywording algorithm so you can add additional keywords with the AI suggestions.

2. Do you pre-review for each of the agencies and give feedback if you reject an image? < No, we don't pre-review the images or ever reject them, we just mass upload them to all your linked sites.

3. Or just upload anything someone might want to distribute? What kind of tracking and reporting is what I should be asking? < Right now we only do the uploading and don't track which site accept or reject, but that is planned for a future feature.

Let me know if I misunderstood any of your questions.

Thank You

I certainly not going to be critical or comment on wishes, I'm not a member. This is like so much else with Microstock for now, watch and see.

Good Luck. If this works for people, and makes anyone more money from less work, I'm sure you will do well.

Shutterstock.com / Re: SSTK gain - 50% in June and July
« on: February 27, 2021, 12:33 »
...CEO are paid too much based on stock performance- screw the workers/contributors...

True, but always keep in mind that with Shutterstock there is (mostly) one less step involved. In this particular self-licking ice cream cone a whopping 40%(ish) of shares are help by insiders. The C level employees actually making these decisions. So the shareholders they are serving are actually their own pockets.

Well stated. I've posted many times that most of the shares are insiders and you explained that better. Also large investor groups and investment firms own much of the rest. Even though Jon doesn't own 45% anymore, he did until last year. The higher ups are paid in shares as a bonus. Stan will get a hefty share bonus for bringing up the numbers.


Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Verification Code
« on: February 27, 2021, 12:23 »
Just a note, I get the pop=up saying I should download the app, which is for my phone or tablet, but I'm on a desktop or laptop. Doesn't appear that the system gets the idea that I'm not going to download the app and I have to click the Not Now or whatever it is, every few days.

Yes, I'm logged in, as I never logged out.

Microstock Services / Re: Photerloo: New Stock Uploader
« on: February 27, 2021, 12:19 »
Hey, to answer some of your questions.

Photerloo uploads to 13 different sites: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Bigstock Photo, Deposit Photos, 123RF, Alamy, Dreamstime and Freepik (FYI: Freepik a free section and a paid Microstock section, we upload to the paid section).

We also support social sites like: Instagram, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Smugmug and Flickr, these sites are good for people who also sell through their own website because social sites can send traffic back to your own website where you can keep 100% of the sale.

The site is free for 5 photos a week then paid version is $8 a month or $60 a year. Wirestock is 15% so for photographers who make more than $35 a month will pay less for Photerloo yearly than than Wirestock.  Also, Photerloo uploads to your own stock sites where Wirestock I believe you are forced to upload to their account, so Wirestock is 15% forever, where Photerloo is only needed for when you are actively uploading.

If there are any other questions just let me know.

Thanks for details. Yes you're right about WS except they cost nothing if we sell nothing, which seems to be a trend from the agencies lately. Your annual fee for someone who produces many images would be more valuable, I agree. Also true WS submits images under their name, not ours.

Did you say you read metadata then do additional keywords, title/descriptions and categories for us as well? Do you pre-review for each of the agencies and give feedback if you reject an image? Or just upload anything someone might want to distribute? What kind of tracking and reporting is what I should be asking?

That's eight: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Bigstock Photo, Deposit Photos, 123RF, Alamy, Dreamstime and Freepik. Interesting that Freepik has a pay site, I'd never have noticed because I avoid places that offer free images. Instagram, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Smugmug and Flickr, (which makes 13) also a good point for people who are promoting and trying to attract views or interest.

Freepix: "At the end of each day, we would calculate the total amount of subscription fees and calculate the "per diem" subscription amount. Then we would calculate the total number of downloads. The total daily subscription average would be divided by the number of downloads to calculate the "per file" price for that day. That number would be multiplied by 0.5 to calculate the 50% rate."

Microstock Services / Re: Photerloo: New Stock Uploader
« on: February 25, 2021, 12:27 »
So how much does it cost?

I took a wild guess in thinking that the prices would be on the website.  ::)


I saw that, maybe I need to ask more clearly. They provide a service, that I can pay $60 a year, to upload my images to Freepik?

"Please note: you MUST BE A LEVEL 3 CONTRIBUTOR to use Photerloo to upload your photos to Freepik, if you are not a level 3 contributor yet then upload photos via the Freepik website to increase your level ranking."

At least Wirestock takes 15% after a sale instead of charging up front. Maybe Photerloo will come back and clear up some of the details? Like which agencies, and specifics.

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