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I thought people were deleting accounts rather than creating new ones.  ;D

Exactly. And lots of threads here about SS. Guess everybody reactivated their accounts.  ::)

Or never deleted our account because we make money from SS.

2 / Re: Have you received Alamy Payment?
« on: September 19, 2021, 07:47 »
For real?

I would have appreciated honest communication and prompt action.

By the way, Sue, I did open a forum account to bring this matter to the attention of management. I particularly asked for a contact person.

But my message has been pending for approval since August 20. It does not look like it would get approved.

Your mistake not Alamy?

Welcome back to the June 2021 detailed monthly report during these increasingly strange and desperate times!

In addition to my monthly earnings, I discuss my first experience with capturing and uploading drone footage.

How did you do this month?
Looking at yours numbers, I think it's not worth investing in equipment for microstock . For me last month (June) I made profit on  image stock sites around $ 40. That earning include Adobe Stock, 123Rf, Dreamstime, Alamy, FAA, Deposit Photos, Pond5 and Istock. I was banned from Shitterstock .. Thank God I have other jobs, because if I only have microstock, I would be lost! .

How did you get banned from SS? They will keep anyobody and sell our work for 10c.

GLStock / Re: GLStock is not paying!
« on: April 28, 2021, 09:38 »
Scum bag thieves  >:(
Sent to me PM I wanted to share with everyone and maybe for writing to the law or suing him.

His name is Philip Shapiro and he uses @Phillychzsteak

The FB page is gone now,
closed, [email protected]

During the GLstock auction when he tried to sell.

@Phillychzsteak could you comment more on what Reserve vs demand AWS means and how it impacted costs? What will be the current status at the sale of the company? he can be found here.

Dear Jim,

Carstickers is an API partner.  When someone purchases a sticker from them, you will get a royalty.

Kind Regards,
IP Team, Shutterstock

Wow. So they now admit carstickers being a partner. And I had to wait like half a year for them to tell me they are not partners. Just when I was thinking SS can not be shittier than this. I am pretty mad now - apparently they just lied to me, so they could keep the royalties. I wonder how anyone still trusts this crappy company.

How many downloads did you get that you aren't paid for?

General Stock Discussion / Re: Canstock files not uploading.
« on: March 05, 2021, 08:07 »
Canstock files not uploading to Pending.  Anyone else having this problem.  Thanks
I thought they were out of business?

7 / Re: Very low video sales
« on: March 05, 2021, 08:06 »
Just unlicensed my video and photo portfolio on Shutterstock (again).  Moved all my editorials to Pond5 exclusive account to get 60% royalty, not $3 on 4k video sale on Shutterstock video sub.  I don't know if it's a coincidence, but already having the best sales day of February on Adobe Stock today.  It's likely to become the best sales day of the year on Adobe Stock at this pace.  Feeling good.  You can always turn your portfolio back on after a month on Shutterstock to see what happens and if it's worth it.

on again off again... why? if you are that unsure of yourself then keep the images and videos on Shutterstock so you can feel the burn each and every time you make a sale that does not even cover the costs to power your computer to see if you made a sale or close your account and be thankful you don't support an operation like Shutterstock.

I'm free to do whatever I want to do.  And just in case Shutterstock change their way back to it was before, it's unwise to delete contents and close account.  I have 15,000 video clips and 6,000 photos.  It's stupid to upload and tag all over again just in case Shutterstock changes back to how they were.

You should remember this quote

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodilehoping it will eat him last. Sir Winston Churchill, Reader's Digest, December 1954.

Seriously do you think SS will ever change the system back?

I think thats why you keep making these announcements on their forum in the vain hope SS will actually say "whoa BLVDone has deleted their portfolio! Quick we better pay more!"

Buddy they aren't listening to you or any contributor the system they have now will never change back.

Your only choice is either take the hit or remove your portfolio.

There's plenty of idiots out there willing to take 10 cents or 1 cent to keep uploading their stuff.

So many good points, all in a row! + + + + + + of them.

Right, writing on the SS forum that they don't read, or someone else writing to management and wondering why he gets no reply? Really, did someone actually expect the CFO to answer an email?

In Case They Change?  ::)

There have been petitions, coalitions, protests, removals, complaints, forum icons there no 10c, never ending crying... and this one person thinks if he disables his portfolio, maybe SS will change?

OK you hater HodagMedia on Shutterstock forum.  You should work on your photo skill rather than wasting your time posting craps you stupid redneck MFer.

Snowflake at his best.

8 / Re: Very low video sales
« on: March 05, 2021, 07:56 »
All those nobody stock contributors hate me.  LOL!!  Whatever. 
They got nothing better than ridiculing people.  Useless posters.
They've never started a meaningful thread/conversation.  All they do is to come in and ridicule people.  And then I strike back, they get upset like a little punk.  LMAO!!  Weak.
At least they don't start the same thread 100 times like you do and they don't rant at anybody who disagrees calling them names and attacking them. You're a flaming narcissist striking out at anybody who disagrees with you.

Portfolio size isnt the important thing at all. There used to be some sort of an Industrial guy with just 4000 images and he was earning well over 5K a month. The last I hear he was shooting assignments only but he said he was 70% down and that was over a year back!  he deactivated his port needless to say!
If its who I think it is I woudn't take those claims too seriously  :o.
I wouldn't either. If that's who we think, was barely over 2,000 photos on SS and liked to brag on forums.


I'll just hope that most others who might care are making more than that.

My regular sales usually make up for that ridicolous connected stuff....
Although January 2021 was quite low in regular sales compared to previous months.

Connect is views not sales.


This will also drastically reduce the demand since fewer customers will be able to afford the new prices....

this is as wrong as Sean is wrong in naming the user H2O by the wrong name.

web design companies have no problem with photo prices at all nor do they insist on cheaper ones. they charge it most often from the customer's design anyway. nor does anyone go bankrupt because of the high prices of photos on the internet.

but I see that you are accustomed to this wild west and the real question is whether you should be paid more at all when you think you are worth less.
The real question is why do you think you are an employee when the agency doesn't even own what you produce? Or perhaps why Shutterstock have a duty to pay you what you think you are worth.

Where did i wrote that? That we are employees, nonsense.

The real question is why do you think that things don't ever change? 15 years ago you could use stolen music on your youtube video, try it now. 2 years ago social media haven't accused or banned anyone for writing whatever they think is a fact(even i personality don't agree with censorship for whatever reason). 3 days ago uber drivers had no benefits. Today we have no control of our contents, where it will be sold or given away for free. Internet changed a lot in last few years and that's only start.

EU based contributors doesn't have anything to do with that, because it doesn't work like that, but agencies can of course choose not to sell in EU market.

This is beginning to be repeatable and pointless conversation, putting some word i didn't even wrote, time will tell. Cheers and good luck!!
The thread is about the judgement that some Uber employees being classed as employees. You agree that we are not employees so we would probably need to look at monopoly and unfair competition laws rather than employment.  I don't think the laws of supply and demand in a capitalist world are going to change anytime soon.  Shutterstock could easily decide what countries they accept contributors from. Music is an interesting parallel. Recorded music per se is now close to worthless so the industry now focusses on value added products such as Vinyl and live music. We have to adopt the same thinking. But you are right in that only time will tell.

you are kind of right about music, problem is that those streaming services where billions of people listen to music on their phone is not the same thing as buying music to use it in your commercial project like stock photos works. try to buy some artist music to use in your movie and see is it still worth few cent like just personally listening to it in your home.

agencies (I am not talking here about SS, all of them) are wrong if they think few millions buyers unlimited subscription will translate to photos/illustrations/videos because demand is not the same like almost  few billions people using music streaming services only for their joy and not for business projects.

$5 music

Off Topic / Re: Coup
« on: January 12, 2021, 07:55 »
I admired Colin Powell's response:

70,000 Twitter accounts linked with the far-right QAnon conspiracy movement have been banned. Could the far left radicals be banned too?

I think what frightens me from the outside looking in, is that Trump got so many votes after being very open about his racism, bigotry, misogyny, and openly lying about so much, so often, while promoting divisiveness and hate and ignoring a pandemic that is killing thousands upon thousands. It goes well beyond party loyalty in my opinion, this is cult behavior.

Not sure Biden is the right guy, but literally anything is better than what you have now, even Pence would be better. At least they might show up to work.

Kamala Harris is the right one for President. Times will turn.

Pond5 / Re: One dollar video sales
« on: December 16, 2020, 17:20 »
Can you read? Did you ever read this? Contracts change, they did nothing illegal, you have no class action suit. 18 f Please note that Shutterstock reserves the right to modify these terms at any time in its sole discretion,

And where in the agreement does it state that they will take away 2/3 of your income? Is that your idea of "fair" business practices? And was the agreement the same when contributors signed up 10 years ago? The most prominent statement I recall was the SS stating: "The more you contribute, the more you'll earn"

Microsoft recently agreed to a multi-billion dollar settlement when a class action lawsuit claimed that they overcharged consumers during a certain time period. I don't think it would be difficult to convince the courts that the SS and other stock agencies used unfair and unethical business practices when they stripped away 2/3 of their contributor's income.

And sweetheart, would you do me a favor? If you're going to vent your anger would you mind directing it at those trying to take away your income/livelihood and not at those trying to create a fair playing field?

Who's angry. I asked a couple of questions and link the contract. Now you want to talk of Microstock and unethical, fair play. There's no law on your side. Take it or leave.

Pond5 / Re: One dollar video sales
« on: December 15, 2020, 15:25 »
Go ask a lawyer, free consultation, and find out, there's nothing to sue for or retaliate. They did nothing illegal, none of the above agencies did. They have the right to change the contract.

I don't need a lawyer to tell me that "bait and switch" business practices are illegal, at least in my part of the world.

....but when there's only a handful of contributors responding to the topic it's pretty obvious that a class action lawsuit isn't worth the time and effort.

Can you read? Did you ever read this? Contracts change, they did nothing illegal, you have no class action suit. 18 f Please note that Shutterstock reserves the right to modify these terms at any time in its sole discretion,

No it's not a scam, a dishonest scheme, a fraud or a swindle. It is a piss poor way to sell our work.

Isn't the timing interesting, just a few weeks to go before everybody goes to Tier1 earnings?

Why wasn't he notified a year ago?

Seems like they are trying to anticipate the huge public criticism they will soon receive by using a scapegoat to warn others.

Why only him?

"WhAt PerCenTage aRe ThEy  PaYiNg!!!  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:("

I know you want a simple answer but sometimes things are little more complicated.

I have just explained and broken down how they calculate the percentages for sub downloads (after you said sub calculations had nothing to do with percentage tier levels).

Plug in whatever numbers you like and you can see that the answer is far less than they claim in real terms, because they calculate using the assumption that a buyer downloads their full allowance. For anyone outside the lowest tiers, i.e. anyone whos income is really going to be effected by this, this results in getting a much lower REAL percentage than Shutterstock claim (because they would be earning more than 10c in every REAL scenario). 

You may be able to come up with scenarios like well if I am tier 1 and the buyer uses 100% of their mega sub package downloads I get more than 15% on those first 100 dls for the year but honestly, why would you work so hard to jam another guys foot up your own a**.

Another example, if I am level 3 and buyer has 750 monthly pack, Shutterstock payment for the sub:

$199/750 images= .26c per image 25%= 6.6c/dl so they raise it to the 10c floor (wOw I aM gEtTiNg 38%!!!!)

If the buyer actually uses 50% of their downloads (again, they dont but lets be generous) what 25% would actually be:

$199/375 images= .53c per image 25%= .13c/dl

Congrats you just got ****** out of third of your income and are cheerleader for the people doing it.

You may want someone to spoon feed you an exact percentage, but without access to Shutterstock's accounts no one can. I doubt thats an accident on their part. If they were being honest/ transparent I wouldnt have to. It would all be on the table and we could take it or leave it. Theres several ways they could do this, even if it meant basing payouts on a previous months percentages used and correcting the following month, but here we are.

You assume nobody downloads their full allowance, $199/375 images= .53c per image 25%= .13c/dl you want them to pay us .36c a download 68% on every sale.

iStock does base on previous month and corrects for used on the following month. We get 15% / .02c minimum. $199/750 images= .26c per image we would get .039c per download. You are a cheerleader for that .04c plan that pays the promised % a month later, 60% less.

I want 4c instead of 10c because they pay me what they say they will. I want 15% instead of 30% because SS is scum and Getty is my dream date. Justanother Congrats you just got ****** out of third of your income and are cheerleader for the people doing it.

You must own the rights to any images you upload to stock and public domain you don't. Can we sell public domain images? Getty does.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Stolen content available for sale
« on: November 11, 2020, 08:10 »
Restrict new users from Ukraine.

According to this logic, ebay or etsy should ban sellers from the USA because only this year I reported about a dozen users from the US selling my work without a proper license.
It should be judged on a case-by-case basis rather than based on the country you are living in. Agencies could do a much better job on checking/reacting, but since they are making money either way they don't care that much.

Just a point, since people are getting all up in arms. She said RESTRICT not ban.

I don't know why anyone here would defend image thieves, whether they are from (country name here) or anywhere else. SS does restrict some new users from some known hotbeds of thieves, fake accounts and where they are known for portfolios of entirely stolen images. Last I saw, it was 90 days before they can collect the first payout.

Someone else has said, agencies should do better ID checks. Funny how many times we've seen people complaining that the agency won't accept their ID or how the people don't want their private information in the hands of the agency. Darned if you do, darned if you don't?  ;)

Account Registration

    You must be 18 years of age to create a Shutterstock account.

    You may not sign up for an account with identification documents belonging to another individual, share an account with another individual, and/or share content with another Shutterstock contributor without prior consent from Shutterstock.

    The Make payments to name in your account must be your full legal name as it appears on your identification documents; this is the name to which royalty payments will be made. For business accounts this field will contain the business name.

    In order to make your Shutterstock account a business account, you must provide us with documentation as required by your country or state that indicates you are a principal owner of the business. 

    You may not open a second Shutterstock account without permission from Shutterstock.

    You may not share the same online payment processing service account (like Payoneer, Paypal or Skrill) with another Shutterstock contributor. 

If this is how they handle things, agencies should know precisely who is opening the account and who is responsible for the uploads. But some places, it's much easier to get a fake ID, or possibly some agencies just are trusting, until something goes wrong?

The word for blaming a whole country or population for what a minority of individuals do is stereotyping or a generalization, maybe a negative ethnic bias? Nothing to do with race.

Racism is not just about race, it can be against a ethnic group also. (because scientifically race is not even thing - we all belong to the human race - but that is a whole other discussion).
I still think it should be agencies responsibility instead of these discriminatory practices (call them whatever you want).

LOL as one of the American Race now, I was making it clear that it's not race but the correct word is stereotyping, nothing more or less. And I think you read what I wrote which said: "If this is how they handle things, agencies should know precisely who is opening the account and who is responsible for the uploads." because the agencies have IDs and payment accounts. Nothing about discrimination, which is another good word for restricting whole countries.

So you and Cathy can keep insisting that a country is a race?

racist, racism  (rā′sĭz′əm)
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

No one said a country is a race. And sure, you can pick the definition that suits your arguments. And I can pick the one that suits mine, so there is no point in arguing. Really. Or you can read more about this if you are interested because it is not as simple as you present it.

Restrict new users from Ukraine.

Racist. 🙄
Cathy did Ukraine is a country


prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

What is important is that no one should be discriminated based on the country she/he lives in. I had a 3 month restriction when I started stock photography, and I did nothing wrong ever (except being unlucky to be born in my country).

Unfortunate born in a country where image stealing is common. How much did you lose by waiting 90 days? Everybody from everywhere should have to wait 90 days.

This thread was severely trimmed after a bunch of nonsense / insulting posts.

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone
And another one gone
Another one bites the dust

every business is down 90%...stock market are falling down, oil falling down,.,.,.and people think that micro stock won-t be affected_ isn0t t funny_

the end of the world!!!
i'm writing from Ground Zero (North Italy), maybe you are right, i hope not.

Are you and jonbull the same person?


What about Alamy aren't you a art photo person not just stock?

Same problem here. A 4% in every cash movement or payment to buy something. In my case euros.
Is that with paypal? They say they take 2.5% for a USD GBP conversion, but they also set rates and choose when to update them so I was hoping for a comparison with the same pair at the same time for similar amounts and different providers. Hope someone can chime in.

How much do the others charge for a transaction? Which is best for me at $300-$500 a month converting to Euro? I'm pleased with Paypal but would consider other if they are less expensive.

25 / Re: keyword of two words
« on: February 07, 2020, 17:04 »
Amazing 2 Months ago same thing......I get down to a Payment $99.25 and then Boom Im back to $95.00. Like they Just don't wanna pay Us. I have asked them Over the years to "PLEASE" drop the Payout to $50.00 Instead of a 100. I Hate stuff Like this More than anyone Knows. I wish I would have Listened to My Own advice and Got out of Micro stock in 2016ish. still Hanging On to 4 Sites..

Question is why.

You got your 9 downloads in January are you dropping them now?

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