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And it's been pulled. Bummer, wanted to see it.

axiomimages is the top seller (or top 3) pretty much all the time at Pond5 with $499 clips and they are all 23.98. But like others have pointed out, it's the content, not the frame rate that sells. But high budget stuff is always 23.98.

New here and way late to the conversation but wanted to add my take on this and why we only shoot 23.98.

Every film industry project I ever worked on, except for one, was shot at 23.98 or 24fps, so it was our default choice when moving into stock. We've been selling for the past 6 years now and 99% of our requests are for 23.98 material. When we're sent requests from film and television shows, most put in their preferred framerate and it's always 23.98. We get the odd 59.94 every now and again, but I don't think 29.97 has ever been requested.


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