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my goal is always the same, to do better than last year :)

General Stock Discussion / Re: This month's sales
« on: October 30, 2021, 14:17 »
Deb, you have thoroughly embarrassed me . But let me try to explain.

First of all, if we are modest its because we know you dont have to be talented to do well in microstock. You just have to know the ropes.

The other thing is that people like Mihai, myself, Doug Jensen, and remember Iain Campbell with the great model release video port? - are just a few people that come to mind. The common thing is that we all started about the same time - around 2012 to 2013. Why is this important? For one thing, it was a great time to start. There was still quite a bit of competition back in those days, which is important because you need that in order to keep upping your game.

On the other hand, the people who started before us were used to easy street. Back in the beginning when a good stock pic went to the top of the search - it stayed there (forever) depending solely on how many dls it had. So, when things got tough, a lot of them were not willing to change.

When we came along, was the time SS first changed their algorithm and boy did that hurt a lot of people. But the newcomers like us, learnt from it. Also, I remember having all these arguments with Lauren at the time about what sold and what didn't. I started getting 1,000+ DLs on SS a month, and he was trailing behind me, but we still had these arguments. Long story. The older group were not willing to change.

The other thing about the people I know who started then and did well, was we learnt from reviewers rejections. They were even tougher back then, and it was another thing that made or broke you.

And thirdly, we played to our strengths, and we got better and better at knowing how to use them for microstock. Mihai of course is an engineer and brilliant at technical stuff, I come from a business and graphic design background, Iain started off as a model and then learnt video from one of the top video contributors in the industry at the time. Doug had a strong background in video.

So, the question is, can it still be done again if you start today? I know its getting more and more difficult.  SS pulling the rug out of people's feet with their rates restructure has made it even worse. But there is still money to be made with new uploads, and ways to get around all the low subs I have found. And it all comes back to what you shoot, and how to be just that bit different to the rest of the crowd.

So in a nutshell: Play to your strengths, always check with what's already on the database, don't shoot what everyone's shooting, keep learning, keep improving your skills, keep upping your game, and do research. In fact there's heaps and heaps of subject matter that I find every day that is popular on social media and not well covered on the microstock databases.**

And dont listen to all the complaints. It will bring you down. Productivity and negativity don't go well together.

And finally, always remember you are not competing against a million other contributors. You are only competing with those who shoot the same subject matter as you - or rather, those who have the same keywords as you. Puts it all in perspective then.

ETA: ** This is important because advertisers know they have to follow social media trends to sell their products to them - and we (as the stock providers) are there to provide them with that content. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! lol

Dear Annie,
i agree with every single word you wrote!
this is exactly what i do and...it works!
In the meantime, October 2021 is my BME (since 2010)
(but i'm not a photographer, 2d/3d illustrations and animations)

October earnings for video files...not only $0.25  :)

Previous month are about the same, I know this mean nothing, but there is a reason if someone is still uploading to this agency

I'm still uploading to the 'dime royalty agencies' (IS and SS) simply because i can't afford to lose five figures earnings every year.
AS is growing and it's by far my best earner. P5...is 'stable' :)

General Stock Discussion / Re: Original Goal vs Current Goal
« on: September 14, 2021, 10:36 »
Can things get worse? Maybe I shouldn't ask. Yet for people who work hard, "new type of content i submit and a constant effort to upload
better content than my competitors." I still see a future and returns for the hard work.

Hi Uncle Pete,
i really, really hope so.
I have a 'Plan B', but not as enjoiable as the 'Plan A'.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Original Goal vs Current Goal
« on: September 13, 2021, 14:01 »
My goal was, and is, to live only with microstock income.
Goal achievied (i started this adventure on 2010, full time since 2012)
I've put all my energy and efforts on this business, spent a lot of time and money on software, courses, practise, follows the trends, and so on...
I've had a fall on earnings on 2016, but from 2017 earnings are growing, thanks to new type of content i submit and a constant effort to upload
better content than my competitors.
I love what i do and despite the 'exciting news', i'm still here :)
Good luck to everyone! Peace! :)

you are welcome!
Usually, if i need realism, i model and animate in cinema4d and render in Blender with Cycles.

Thanks for your kind words!

I really appreciate your offer, but i work full time on microstock plus some freelancing (i upload new content almost every day),
so i have little to no spare time for other projects.

But i read this forum, and if there are any questions i can answer i'll gladly do so. :)

Sorry, i prefer to not share my portfolio, but if you are searching for inspirations this is a good start point:

And yes, i often use element 3d, especially for conceptual animations where i don't need realism

If you want to start with 3d, you could try Blender
Its free, and you can find a lot of tutorials on youtube
Not easy to learn but very powerful.

Hi all

Im using a Dell mobile workstation with intel i9 and nvidia quadro card,
its about 4000 euros.
You can do almost the same with a less poweful computer, but the
render time will be longer.
The software i use: Adobe CC, Cinema 4D, and Blender.
And a lot of after effects plugins (element 3d, plexus, stardust and others)
But its not all about money. Because you have to learn the software.
Its about time, and mostly about passion and love for what you are doing.
Its not an easy path, im sorry :)

i don't know about photography, but for illustrators and motion designers i think that there is some room.
There is a high demand of 2d/3d images and animations...high quality 2d/3d images and animations.
Invest on expensive hardware and software, learn how to use them, develop your own style, follow the trends,
or better, try to anticipate them, and you'll be the king of microstock :)

A message for the newbies: Forget about following tutorials and upload the result...sorry, but it doesn't work.

Ok, thanks Matt!
Tomorrow i'll contact the customer service  :)

OK good luck. I asked around and it sounds like you may incur a penalty for early cancelation of your single app subscription. There is an FAQ at the bottom of the page I shared. This is a relevant statement for others with similar questions.

If your paid plan is different from the selected Creative Cloud bonus, it may make sense to delay the redemption until the paid plan is up for renewal, because otherwise both plans run in parallel and you may not get the benefit from the complimentary plan.


Thanks again Mat,
yes i have read about the penalty, but its not so bad compared to a full CC free for one year 😀

Ok, thanks Matt!
Tomorrow i'll contact the customer service  :)

Hi Matt!
Thanks a lot to you (and Adobe of course)

Now i have a little problem :)

I redemeed the code for the CC all apps, but i also have a plan for After Effects (annual, billed monthly).
Can i cancel (without penalties) the After Effects plan?

Shutterstock.com / Re: SS sales January
« on: February 04, 2021, 12:01 »
Reached level 4 for images before the end of january.
Level 3 for videos at the end of this week (theoretically) :)

Anyway, Adobe is flying (january about 3x of SS)

General - Stock Video / Re: Who is doing 2D animations?
« on: October 28, 2020, 15:13 »
I know how to do them my self. But I've only uploaded some pretty simple ones, since I don't have the right graphics and probably sound card for more elaborate animations.

 Then again I never bothered to make any more or upload simple animations to SS since they really weren't profitable for me any how. Probably most stock places want more elaborate looking ones anyways.

Free or cheep software is not too much of a problem to find. Set up is no problem these days either. Fairly easy to put together yourself.  :)

Can you recommend a free software that can create animations suitable for stock? I would give it another try if I find the right tools. Thanks!

DaVinci Resolve free has Fusion, node compositor, but you can do some nice mograph animation with it.
Blender, mainly for 3d but you can use it also for flat 2d or isometric style animations.
HitFilm express, free.
Borix fx particle illusion standalone, free
Unreal Engine, not so easy to use, free

But bear in mind that you are competing with artists that use expensive softwares and plugins to produce very high quality animations.
Honestly i don't know if it's worth the time, but if it's your hobby i think that at least you can have a lot of fun with these softwares :)

General Stock Discussion / Re: Need opinion for computer update
« on: October 27, 2020, 16:11 »
Im using a Dell mobile workstation for all my works.
I9 9980HK, quadro rtx 4000, 32 gb ram (upgrade to 64 gb next month)
I use cinema 4D, after effects with plugins like element 3d and stardust, and
blender. I think that anything with this specs will be fine for still and video

I propose that you limit the maximum number of downloads to 10 photos per day, 2 videos, 5 illustrations ... and add 1 extra free per photo purchased with real money


100 donwloads/day is way too much.
My personal opinion is that also 1 download/day for free is too much, but you are the experts. So i'll wait for a grow on my earnings,
thanks to your strategy.

i have two images (3d render) at about $2500 each one
upload date: 2010 and 2016

I have videos uploaded last year with the same amount of earnings...

Newbie Discussion / Re: Selling 3D Animations
« on: September 29, 2020, 12:07 »
Can you provide the law where that is written? i am kind of curious. The way you put it, it seems that people cannot even take a shoot of an ikea chair (which have design)  or any other object in the world. I don't see people in movies own the copyright of all objects like sofas tv and so on that they buy for the film clip shoot. And i see a LOT of this objects being used in microstock clips.
Furthermore I can advance that there is no such thing in EU law that i am aware of it.

SpacestockFootage has explained well what i meant.
I'haven't the law but if i remember correctly i've read it in the terms of Shutterstock

Newbie Discussion / Re: Selling 3D Animations
« on: September 28, 2020, 12:26 »
I have a question, i'm new user in Cinema 4D, Could i use free textures for my models and sell the renders of models on microstock? Sorry for my bad english. I speak spanish.

Hi Alexander,
i think that you must own the copyright of all elements you use in your renders (3d models and textures).
Maybe there are websites that allow you to use the textures for microstock, but i'm not sure about this.
Personally i use only textures created by me (procedurally or from my shots).
If you use C4D i think that's fine to use the texture library that come with the software.

i've stopped upload new contents to SS since july 1.
This is what i can do ATM, but after about 2 months and no words from SS
i'm on doubt that the protest will have some success.
If nothing happen, at the end of july i'll start to upload again to SS
Call me a sheep, or whatever you want, i don't care.
But i think that after my post where i said that i stopped to upload,
i want to be honest and say that i'm starting to upload new content to SS from august 1
Right, wrong? I really don't know, but we are living in a strange time... pandemic, economic crisis, you know...
I haven't a daily job so my goals may be different from yours.
Anyways, best of all for you.

isn't profitable, just do
something else

if you dont like the wage just **** off
unfortunately this is the mindset of all corporations ...
if theres no legally minimum or etc you will end at zero,
so yes, you can do something else for zero ...

For me microstock is a business (but honestly i love what i do) , i put food on the table for me and my family...
if i'll find that it's not profitable for me i'll find other ways to earn money and assure to my family a decent life.
I always try to have a postive attitude, and this helped me for many years.
I can assure you that i've never done anything for zero and i'll never do.

I've said in my previous post that not all the microstockers are Photographer (or Videgrapher)
I'm a motion designer and a 3d artist.
As Everest said, we only need time and a computer (well, and software licences too), so i think
that microstock may be more profitable for some categories of contributors, because they have less costs.

At 10 cents an image, or 4 cents in the case of istock, I dont see how even shooting just images can be profitable for anyone living in the US.

I live in north Italy, so i don't know the situation in the US, but if you think that for you isn't profitable, just do
something else, you have the choice, as for everyone here.

Yep. I only have images left at Adobe. And yes, I do something else. 👍☮️

I hope the best for you!  :)
Take care and stay safe!

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