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Shutterstock.com / Shutterstock's support lack of communication
« on: August 08, 2011, 04:58 »
I've been the target of a compliance investigation that started on the 23th of June (of which I unfortunately can't disclose any information as stated/forced in the notification email received by SS - but in which I plead completely innocent and have been suffering the consequences of an instant account lockdown, forum ban and payments freeze). After swiftly replying to all the requested questions regarding that assumption that I used "elements of protected works" in one of my artworks (a simple cartoony vector face of a DJ - inherently impossible to trace or copy), I have not received no replies in over 6 weeks of consistent emails sent to both the support and compliance email addresses.

I know any type of matter even remotely linked to compliance issues is instantly deemed shady and not trustworthy and that I understand from a sociological point of view in the microstock line of work where legal infringement issues are such a delicate matter. For the same reason I took to heart both personally (because the mentioned artwork was my own drawing within no gray areas whatsoever) and broader topically the accusations against me and wanted to communicate all there is to clarify for my innocence, but was blocked by a complete lack of feedback from Shutterstock's support.

Is this type of communication speed to be expected? Am I supposed to wait more for one single honest personalized reply to all the questions I have regarding the matter? Or is this lack of replies a simple strategy to ignore everything compliance related?

Hopefully one of the Shutterstock's employees notices the thread and sparks a bump in the matter, but I also wanted to get your, contributors, sincere opinion on the matter and your experiences with the quality of communication expected from Shutterstock.

I still have faith in the company, although I can't wrap my head around why such a treatment is happening, especially considering the fact I truly am not hiding behind half-truths and violation cover-ups, have tried to contact them several times (6 emails) and have not had any "strikes" or previous complaints on my account for over 3 years and 1500 files submitted.

Thanks for listening out and sharing your opinions.

I've had this idea (stemming from a factual issue) in my mind for a long time. It's rather common for us graphic designers slash illustrators to face a silly problem when we want to describe what we actually do, make, produce. The term 'vector illustrations' needs a shorter version and so does the bitmap counterpart raster illustrations.

What do you think of coining two new terms to name our artworks? Vector illustrations as 'vectills' and raster illustrations as 'rastills'. I've been trying to spread out the word for a long time among my customers and it's sinking in, but only locally. If you like the term and are willing to, well, basically use one word to describe what you do, I personally think this derivate is easy to remember and pronounce and would in a cool way simplify our communication (at least verbally);)

Let me know what you think about it!

Featurepics.com / "Image overpriced" rejections?
« on: December 20, 2008, 07:52 »
I just noticed one of the rudest rejection reasons there is: "image overpriced for this category". Around 5-6 rejected for being overpriced (20$ + allow resizing / EPS vectors).

It's acceptable that FP targets "budget buyers" or that these particular images could be deemed unsuitable for this price rank, but that's mostly a decision the submitter has to take and an agency like FP that allows pricing options should NOT interfere with his choices. A big minus for such a cosy upload-friendly site. I might stop uploading at all (well, it's not that payouts are frequent anyways).

p.s.: I tried pricing vectors lower on FP (considerably lower - if I'm not wrong around 5$) but the sales were ridiculous. Web resolutions for pennies... not my cup of tea where there is no quantity factors making up for it.
p.p.s.: Here's a sample of one of the rejected images:

Of course it's not about the rejection per se, but the manner and reason for it.

I've been noticing really disgusting color balance reproduction on automatically generated thumbnails for vector uploads (EPS AI8) lately. Anyone else having the same problem?

Since BPS rasterizes vector format images itself, as things stand right now, no buyer is going to pick those with ugly colors (guess it's a recent phenomenon, maybe one or two weeks, can't say). No chance. It looks like there's no color profile and the saturation is way, way off. Not sure if this applies to thumbnails only, though. But logically I'd assume the whole rasterization process is broken...

Alamy.com / Server errors on Alamy upload
« on: May 18, 2008, 14:47 »
I've been experiencing server errors on the Alamy upload page. Their database logs seem to be full and the ASP script returns this particular error (followed by a whole page of execution details):

"Server Error in '/' Application.
The log file for database 'alamyCatalog' is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space.

Anyone else stumbled upon the same error? I'm not able to upload to Alamy for the third day now.

Adobe Stock / Negative credit balance on Fotolia
« on: May 08, 2008, 06:00 »
Anyone else having the same problem of a negative credit balance? I cashed out my regular sum this month and the credits went below zero to around -4, then went up as I sold new files, but then again fell to a negative.

Is this a glitch of some sort? How's it possible?

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