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I wonder if there is agencies not presented in the list on the right by meeting this requirement: The agency to report at least one sale per month per 1000 images on sale.

I'm aware that this is depend of the images, however it will be useful to share if there is some less known until now agency.

By the way on the right have a lot which do not meet this requirement, some of them even do not exist anymore (Macrografiks, PhotoSpin, ViscoImages, Stockami.. )

I know it's old news, but I'm asking myself now does it mean 50 times less income for the existing photographers in Elements? I mean it's logic if the user can choice/buy for unlimited on the same price not from 1 mln images, but now from 51 mln images.

Adobe Stock / Fotolia Instant app earnings
« on: December 02, 2018, 04:33 »
I never saw(as far as remember) sales report from Fotolia Instant app in my Fotolia dashboard nor in Adobe, but i have sales from my mobile images there. Someone to confirm if this sales are included in our AS dashboard? This app is no longer available and i did not checked my sales there for years.

Canva / My best month in Canva ever! And it's August...
« on: August 28, 2015, 15:05 »
Last year was the beginning and after two steps of rise (the first was last year and second January this year) it looks like in September Canva will pass to the next level(at least to me) for the third time. For sure October will be even better... :)

It's awesome to occur a new trails of licensing. Good luck, Canva!

Adobe Stock / Fotolia is my best seller this month
« on: July 21, 2014, 12:11 »
Hi everybody,

This month in Fotolia if I compare proportional for the first 21 days the income is 20% more than my best month ever  ;)

But the most important thing I notice is that this month I have not rise of the subscription sales!

Cutcaster / Cutcaster bug: Can't log in!
« on: October 12, 2013, 00:52 »
Hi everybody,

After may be two months of waiting for reply from Cutcaster I decided to post my problem here.

I can't login to my account, or can but can't access my account I am not sure what is going on...So, when put my username and password and click the button Login the page refresh and I see the Profile menu,but when click some of the menu buttons the page refresh and requires me to log in again and again...
I was tried with Mozilla,IE,Chrome, Opera and Android but all the same.

Anybody with the same experience?

Is there some information about how many exclusive contributors are in iStock and which of them are the top ten for example?


It looks strange for me to have same sales with 400 images and 4000 images in Signelements.

Moreover, recently uploaded photos are far more salable than the first (observations at other sites)
May be if I will upload more 20000 will be the same. It seemed to me a site with good potential, but...

Somebody to have the same curious situation?

Cutcaster / Big microstock photographers in Cutcaster
« on: December 08, 2012, 12:18 »
Hello Everybody,

I would like to know some of the biggest names who sells in Cutcaster.


What do you think about this two option in Pantermedia:

 50% - Image is only offered via PantherMedia (and equally/more expensive stock agencies)
 30% - Image is also offered in cheaper stock agencies

Which is best to select for better income?

123RF / Date of payment in 123RF
« on: November 19, 2011, 01:13 »

I know that the date of payment in 123RF is 17th each month, but is it when I have reached the minimum amount of $50 as I have marked or have to have this amount until the final of last month?
I am a new in 123RF and have no idea how it works.


I am so disappointed from Videohive's upload technical barrier.

1.JPEG Thumbnail
2.Another JPEG Inline Preview Image
3.FLV Video Preview, but not just this, I have to put watermark...
4.Zipped video file

In this days it is stupid to do all this things manually when this can be don by script or other automatic way.
We as contributors produce the video and give it to for sell, how to be presented there, how to be arranged or adjusted on the website is not our competence.

How to put watermark in FLV file?

If anyone knows please share

Thank You

Photo Critique / Four months zero sales in Zoonar
« on: October 30, 2011, 03:05 »
I am a contributor in Zoonar since 05.07.2011 and until now have no one single sale. I sell in almost all agencies shown on the right, in some of them I sell just 1-2 images per month, but like Zoonar no one...ZERO
When look in "My frequently watched pictures" there are views on many of them, but no sales.

If somebody have experience with this to share

This is my portfolio there:

Thank You

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