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1 / Any way to put images on hold?
« on: January 22, 2012, 03:47 »
Is there any way to put photos on a temporary hold after they are approved?In other words, can I temporarily disable their visibility?

Thank you.

Nikon / Nikon RAW problem.Urgent help please!!
« on: December 09, 2011, 09:22 »

Please help me!I am facing a very bad problem.I shot a photo in RAW with my NIKON D5100.But it turns out that it is corrupt!I sooo wanted to upload it on the sites.

But the problem is very weird.

- The preview shows the complete file, so that does mean that data is present other wise it couldn't be read at the 1st place.

Here -

- But when I try to edit it with capture NX or within the view NX itself, I get this -

- And when I try opening it with PS, I get this -

I so wanted to upload this as an editorial.It is 1 of those shots that I feel is unique.I dont have similars because it was those fraction of seconds where this guy gave this look before engaging with other tourists for group photos.I shot it at a time when other tourists left, and others were coming to him for some clicks.

PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS?I tried transferring the file on both 32 and 64 bits system.BUT SAME PROBLEM PERSISTS.

I can crop but it will look weird and more over I wanted to make some edits in the RAW editing softwares.

If I can see the whole image in the preview, that DOES MEAN THAT THE DATA IS PRESENT.HOW CAN I RECOVER IT AND FIX IT?


So please help me..Please..

Adobe Stock / Just can't figure it out.Ya, the rejections.
« on: December 01, 2011, 07:28 »

This file was rejected twice for technical problems.I tried my best, and re-edited the file from scratch.Today again it was declined for the technical problems.I just can't figure it out what is it about this image that the inspectors are not liking.It is already online on the other 2 of the big 4.IS and DT.It got through at the 1st go at both the sites.Fotolia is not allowing to make it 3 of the big 4! 

Can you exactly tell me what is technically wrong in this image?I know thumbnails are difficult and that is why I am putting up a link to the full-sized jpeg so that you can view at 100% and tell me.I would really like to get it online.Maybe I am missing something which more experienced contributors can tell me about.If you can tell me how to fix it, even more helpful it would be.The focus point was dot on its eyes.If it was the cutting of its chin, then it would have been an aesthetic problem rejection.I considered it as a problem, but rejection thrice as a technical problem does say that there is an issue with this image.

Settings were:
Manual mode
SS - 1/500
Aperture - 5.6
ISO - 400
Clicked in RAW


Thank you so much for your time. :)

They are just rejecting anything and everything.Even my images that have resisted the inspection scrutiny of istock, dreamstime, FT, PM, etc..

Anyone else having the same problem?Ofcourse my images are technically correct if they are on the big 3.I don't find their rejection relevant/valid.
As I can see to my right, Zoonar is way below the other sites, but I am sticking to them just because they have agefotostock as their partner.Even alamy but I am already selling there directly.Should I bother uploading again or other pics?Anyone else contributing to them?Should I stick to them or forget about them?

Thank you.

Photo Critique / Photo critique for Alamy QC please?
« on: October 11, 2011, 10:42 »
I am planning to get on alamy and I failed QC at the 1st try as 2 of my 4 images failed.Now I have 3 images ready to be submitted to QC but am perplexed about the 4th one.Could you help me figure out which 1 of these should I go ahead with, if any?Alamy don't look for subject matter but that the images should be technically sound.

Both are clicked with aperture f/10, iso 100.Ofcourse I would be correcting the exposure in photoshop, but I would like you to tell me if any of the 2 or both are fine and technically sound.

Then I have these 2:

They were clicked at a memorial.Both are clicked with aperture f/8, iso 200.I know there are exposure problems with all, but I will be correcting them in Photoshop.The thing I need to know is which image is technically sound and safe to be uploaded for the QC, as I don't want to take any risk.Thank you.

How can I become contributor to these agencies?I can't find become a contributor or any similar option.

Thank you.


2 of my images are approved by Istock but my 3rd image has failed twice.I was asked to wait a week and tomorrow would be uploading 3rd sample.

Could you tell me please if this pic is appropriate and would pass or not?I don't want to take any risk with them this time...

Thank you.. :)

Site Related / Alamy and Zoonar
« on: September 26, 2011, 22:51 »

I have some questions regarding zoonar.I signed up yesterday and am planning to upload pics but couldn't find some answers.

1) I am already selling on 2 of the top 4 as microstock and wanted to join mid/macrostock.So is it okay if I offer same rf images under premium pricing?Do premium images sell?Or standard images sell more?I just don't want to offer microstock price.

2) Is the pre-filled data necessary in order to upload or we can fill in the data after uploading?Free client doesn't seem to work for me.

3) Are you guys unlike other microstock agencies open to 3d photography/anaglyph as well as some sky images?Obviously not any ordinary sky but skies that happen like less than 20 times a year.Or you already have some categories in abundance?

4) I am not a german and can't keyword in german.Would the search results pick up my images if they are keyworded in english?What is the limit of keywords?50?

5) I read on many forums that sales went down after one of the partner companies left, is it true?What is the sales status like now?

6) It is awesome to see the number of distributors offered.One of them is alamy.My question is that if I am selling the same image on both alamy and zoonar and if it overlaps on alamy if I choose alamy is 1 of the distributors, then what?Will I face some problems or that image will be simply rejected?

7) Alamy also offers distributors.So should I opt in for distributors on only 1 site like alamy or on each and every site like zoonar that offers that facility?'Coz there are major chances of overlapping.

8) Will universal model releases be accepted?

9) Lastly, I read the terms and condition of mauritius images on the partners page of zoonar that the image offered to be distributed should not be pre-existing in their database.Now the thing is that mauritius images is partner of both alamy and zoonar.So if I opt in for distributors on both the sites, images are bound to overlap on mauritius images.What then?Will it reject one of the agency offering that image or will just reject it from both the agencies?Or is it like whichever agency submits 1st....?

Thank you.

Photo Critique / Critics and suggestions please
« on: September 22, 2011, 08:37 »
I uploaded this pic on fotolia and they declined it as they felt it would not attract many buyers.I have tried again as in the past I was able to get 1-2 pics online by resubmitting them.What do you think of this pic?I have other pics which are similar.But this one had some motion blur near the pigeon's neck and so I decided to give it sketch effect and now the blur isn't visible + it looks really artistic and unique.Atleast that's what I feel.I do feel that this pic has a conceptual appeal.Any critics would be appreciated.Any ideas on how this pic could be presented to get it online?

Lastly, do you know of any websites that would accept it under their creative category or something like that?I mean any agency that accepts such pics with applied filters.

I will get an approval from istock today most probably and my application on alamy is pending approval.I am eyeing inmagine.I am already on fotolia and dreamstime.Just in case if that helps.I am an amateur.

Thank you.

Site Related / Help understanding Inmagine's rule
« on: September 21, 2011, 22:59 »

I am new to this site.
The other day I was planning to get on inmagine.But one of the lines in their contract said that I can't sell same pics at a lower price at any other website.Now the thing is that I sell some on fotolia, dreamstime and would be getting on istock today/tomorrow.So they sell my pics at a very small price.So can't I sell the same pics on inmagine?I am aware of the fact that the images being sold as rf cannot be sold as rm on either alamy or inmagine.But can't I sell the same pics as rf even on inmagine?

Help me with this please.I am an amateur and don't have so many variations of the same subject that I can give different pic to different agency.How should I tackle this?Can I give the pics that I give to alamy?Alamy is okay if I sell the same pics but as rf only.How should I tackle inmagine?Should I sort out exclusive images for inmagine?'Coz the others are being sold at lower price, thus I said exclusive pics for inmagine.So I haven't yet uploaded my 1st 5 pics as samples.

Correct me if I am wrong or have a wrong idea about the contract.

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