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General - Top Sites / wirestock wants to be your friend
« on: April 13, 2024, 18:59 »
what a great idea !  latest from wirestock: "Great news! Weve launched the Wirestock Marketplace. To boost its promotion, well include 5% of your unsold content in our free collection. "   "By offering your content for free, you gain unmatched exposure, potentially increasing your sales and overall platform visibility."

dont they know unmatched exposure leads to skin cancer?

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Adobe Stock / submitting AI gen with people still broken
« on: August 08, 2023, 14:33 »
submitting - have checked both  ai gen AND 'people are fictional'

 yet still get "potentially missing model release - deselect from submission" (altho it does accept them for 'review' aka 'to be rejected for quality after long wait')

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Initial post has morph ed to another poltical rant

Print on Demand Forum / FAA -- Virtual Art Walks
« on: February 14, 2023, 15:13 »
Another way to support your fellow artists -

Join the next artwalk -- open to all FAA members -- more info at

Selling Stock Direct / pimping your portfolio
« on: January 01, 2023, 16:05 »
I traveled a lot in the last year but most effort has gone into building my pixify site & increasing SocialM presence, including a recent start on mastodon. 

For anyone using FAA & who's also on twitter, Mastodon et al, or with a personal website, check out
2023 A Year For Art And A Successful Marketing Promotion

More details there, but basically, it's a group of artists who cross-promote each other's work. there are currently about 40 active members with twitter and/or mastodon accounts.  also lots of great tips and suggestions. Lately a lot of help in setting up a mastodon account.  I first learned about this discussion/group from another MSG member. There's a lot of potential symbiosis here between MSG and SM, but so far it's underused.

and for bloggers, there's also

Drop Your New Blog Post Links Here! which cross-promotes blogs thru comments

my social media:

Post your sites here - i'll followback anyone who follows me

General Stock Discussion / about AI training thru machine learning
« on: September 30, 2022, 12:31 »
there are 2 aspects of concern here and many others are conflating them in the other thread - the creation of new, unique images isn't violating any copyrights, and Getty et al aren't making that claim.

And the saddest thing to me is that they did not even bother to pay for the images used to train the AI, as they were clearly watermarked.
Yes, they give copyright to the "describers" of the AI generated images, but they used images to train it where they did not own copyright themselves. They can probably get away with this legally, but moraly I find all of this highly repulsive. They basically used our own images without paying for them to create something that one day in the future will most likely destroy our line of work.

this is an important, but separate issue.  given that millions of images are being used in training, the effect of any particular image on the new creation is minuscule.

So, the question is whether the owners of the training images should be compensated, and if so, how? and how much?

What are the possible ways to address this concern?

Selling Stock Direct / Photography link exchange
« on: September 26, 2022, 17:51 »
Im creating link exchange thru a series of blog posts with links to other photography websites, stores, and blogs.  Reciprocal links are encouraged. Each post will have only 4-5 entries, with blurbs from artists, to prevent posting a purely links page discouraged by google.  If youd like to participate, use the form at

My blog is

Off Topic / where is inflation headed?
« on: March 01, 2022, 15:39 »
US inflation will likely drop below 5% by the end of the year, EU even lower.

this cycle is different since it's so covid related - as we return to normal, accrued savings are causing a rise demand vs supply for goods.  plus, the US Fed will be raising interest rates over the next few months

the big unknown is how Russia's invasion will affect oil prices worldwide, and food prices in less developed countries (Ukraine & Russia are large exporters of wheat, corn (19%)& sunflower oil (80%))

Only 1 percent of all corn grown in this country is eaten by humans. The rest is No. 2 yellow field corn, which is indigestible to humans and used in animal feed, food supplements and ethanol. but the use of ethanol for gasoline means edible corn is not grown, which could help with worldwide food shortages.

11 / stupid rejection tricks
« on: February 14, 2022, 16:25 »
the latest:

 closeup of spareribs & squash on a grill: "Large Amounts of Non-English Text"

a sign saying "Boulangerie" (and translated, as if that were necessary) "Title / Keyword Trademark: "

Print on Demand Forum / Any deviants out there?
« on: February 08, 2022, 15:06 »
Have any experience with  seems similar to FAA w ability to drop ship prints & merchandise but also support for NFT

Lightly used, with slide adapter

$350 + s/h based on location from Seattle 98105

I'll list on ebay as a private item to get the ebay 50% discount on Fedex shipping

Off Topic / AI translation
« on: August 06, 2020, 18:08 »
The basic meaning is preserved in my simple test quote with only slight changes that didnt destroy the meaning.   I then tried it on a more complex text (from my online review of Red Mars )with some unusual words:

... hard science is matched by explorations into human existence, following the attempts by many of the 'first hundred' Martian settlers to opt out of the cycle of capitalism and global exploitation that sees the earth searching desperately for resources off planet.  Various forms of anarchism and communalism are attempted,  hampered always by interference from the global transnationals that run earth.  Red, Green and Blue take on vivid and metaphorical significance as the factions vie for control of the planet. "

english --> polish -->  english
hard science is accompanied by the exploration of human existence following the attempts of many of the "top hundred" Martian settlers to abandon the cycle of capitalism and global exploitation in which Earth is desperately seeking resources beyond the planet. Various forms of anarchism and communism are attempted, always hampered by the interference of global transnational organizations that rule the earth. Red, green and blue take on a vivid and metaphorical meaning as factions vie for control of the planet

With only minor changes, the result is actually better than the original. the only loss of meaning is changing 'first hundred' to 'top hundred' but significance of the difference is found elsewhere in the book

english --> punjabi --> english

There is a combination of rigorous science through discoveries in human existence, following the efforts of many 'first hundred' Martin settlers to break out of the cycle of capitalism and global exploitation, which is desperately looking for resources outside the planet. Attempts at various forms of anarchism and communalism are always thwarted by the intervention of global transnationals that run the earth. Red, green, and blue are clearly and figuratively important because these factions are motivated to gain control of the planet.

Finally a passage through several languages very far apart on the family tree

 english --> punjabi --> samoan --> english

There is a combination of complex science through human discoveries, after many Martin '' first attempts to stay out of the circle of capital and exploitation of the world, are being sought enough things from outside the planet. Attempts at various forms of anarkism and communalism are often thwarted by the actions of the transnational worlds that operate the world. Red, green, and blue are clearly and symbolically important because these elements are driven to gain control of the planet.

This time there are significant distortions and some meaning has been completely lost

Selling Stock Direct / Digital downloads on Etsy
« on: June 28, 2020, 16:21 »
Anyone have experience selling digital downloads thru Etsy? When i looked a few years ago, this wasn't an option.

Off Topic / Turkey tour in Sep
« on: March 11, 2019, 19:32 »
Magnificent blue tiled mosques and Ottoman palaces; ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins, pure turquoise seas, rocky, forested mountains and spectacular geological oddities -- Turkey is all this.   Our 16 day journey will encompass all these features, walking and exploring traditional and classical sites and seldom visited areas. 

In Istanbul we tour the Byzantine masterpiece of Hagia Sophia,  the Blue Mosque,  Justinians underground cisterns, the sprawling opulence of the Topkapi Palace, and bustling Covered and Spice markets. We drive and walk along Alexanders route through Lycia, and visit fascinating museums holding wonders from 4 millennia. A sense of adventure is required some of these areas are not visited very often, and we may adjust the itinerary due to local conditions, weather or unique opportunities. 

Our friend, Lutfi Atay, is licensed as a guide by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and is a professor at the University in Canakkale.  He has been our guide for previous trips and will be with us throughout this trip. Ive visited Turkey for 20 years and will escort this trip. We stay in 3-4 star hotels, often with 2 night stays. All meals are included (except dinner in Istanbul)  We travel in an air conditioned, private minibus.

Pre- and post-trip extensions visit the Green Mosque of Edirne, the Datrdanelles, Troy, the silk market of Bursa, and a relaxing cruise on a gulet (Turkish yacht)

Further details and pricing for this 16 day trip are at

While not specifically a photography trip, there are plenty of opportunities, and the itinerary often can be adjusted if you don't want to do the scheduled tour

<p>Enlaps Tikee timelapse camera   - like new - $400
<li>Retail price about $600

<li>Unique camera includes solarr pane;l to enable long term timelapse sequences.  Save to SD card then upload to the cloud to process timelapse. 

<li>Online user manual:

Just launched, partly as outlet for my portfolio over the last 15 years of travels to Turkey.  Will be producing an 8x11 photobook, ebook and DVD

Please pass the link on to anyone who might be interested in backing the project

Symbiostock was created to allow independent artists to run their own photography websites while forming a network to cooperate in searches. The Symbiostock Global Network expanded this concept by searching images from all Symbiostock sites This is a free service available to all Symbiostock sites. Now we can also include images from non-independent artists who share the Symbiosdtock goal but maintain their images on non-Symbiostock sites. This requires an extra step in collecting an integrating data from multiple platforms. 

A $25 registration fee adds your site to the global database and indexes your images and keywords. Those images will appear in searches, and will display a thumbnail of your image. When searchers click on your image they go directly to your site. You retain full control on pricing and licensing, and, of course, retain 100% of any sales. When processed, your images will remain in the global network for at least 1 year, or until you request their removal, or your site is no longer functional.

We can currently accept Photodeck based sites, and will be adding other platforms as requests are received.
Most sites will need to be updated to reflect new images added, and update or delete older images.  Updates are available in several ways:
+$15 for a one time update
+$30 annual fee for quarterly updates
+$60 annual fee for monthly updates

Updates are processed around the 5th of each month.

Until Jun 30, 2015, artists can join for the reduced fee of $70 for setup and 1 year of monthly updates - an $85 value

Contact us by PM to get started

Symbiostock - Development Area / Interactive Galleries
« on: July 27, 2014, 16:59 »
I've created a new feature gallery feature using the Global Search.  You can use it in 2 ways -- from the Global search, or embedded thru html

From the global search:

Choose Gallery display and select one of the Co-op sites.  As with the standard search, you can use the result to make static contact sheets.

Embedded Url
You can also embed a gallery in your sym site, or external website by using the special link:

http: //

Replace myword1 and myword2 with the words you want to search.  If you only want to search one word, then delete the string 'word2=myword2&'.  Enter your symbiostock site. Test the url and then insert it in html like this:

"<li><a href=http://>Urfa men[/url]"

And you can place this anywhere that accepts html


I also added it as a text widget that will display in the image page sidebar under the 'download now' button




A complete solution to organizing, displaying,  sharing and selling photography fore individuals.  It allows amateurs or professionals to build a portfolio while eliminating the need for web design skills.

Builds on Symbiostock, concentrating on making it easy to present a quick review of a vacation or a detailed slideshow.  Sample of current bare-bones prototype system at

General Stock Discussion / gallery needs & wish list
« on: April 19, 2014, 21:24 »
Do you currently use a gallery generating app or software to display or sell your photos?  if so which one? 

what would you like to see or be able to do that current offerings don't permit?  I'm looking to see if there's a niche being missed with a simple gallery app that doesn't reuiqre any hosting by the photographer

Symbiostock - General / Symbiostock Co-op Launched
« on: February 11, 2014, 08:42 »
Designed for photographers with smaller portfolios or who want to test Symbiostock without investing a lot of time and effort, we're launching a special service. Leave the web design to the web designer.  Focus on your real work creating images. When you sign up, we'll install your basic website, using customized names, logos and descriptions that you provide.  All you need to do is upload and process images.

We provide:

  • -- Wordpress installation with Symbiostock database
    -- all hosting costs
    -- basic Symbiostock website, ready for uploading your images
    -- basic set of configurable categories
    -- author information setup
    -- inclusion in the 2 global search networks
    -- membership in the Co-op search
    -- network integration and inclusion
    -- basic home page setup
    -- 30 days email and website support for uploaing, processing and editing your images.
    -- detailed monthly financial reports
    -- special access to all features on for 1 year (A $10 value)
Cost: $25

You, of course, retain all copyrights to these images, and you are responsible for any required model and property releases.

Royalties are paid on the following scale:
  • 1-50 images    70% royalty paid
  • 51 - 250 images    75% "
  • 250+ images   80% "

Please note: this is a basic installation with default prices, license and categories.  All these are changeable by you, or we can assist for a small consuting charge.

If interested or to ask additional questions, contact [email protected]

Symbiostock - General / Symbiostock artists collective
« on: January 21, 2014, 18:48 »
From the start, it's been suggested that there be a way for multiple artists to contribute to a single symbiostock site

trying to gauge the interest, for those who haven't yet started their own site, would you be interested in a site that allowed you to upload and maintain your own images, but that would otherwise handle all technical details, hosting, SEO, downloads, paypal, etc, etc?

such a setup would likely pay 90% of $ received to the artist  (this would also open participation for those who cannot open their own paypal account)

in addition to new artists, those whi already have sym sites might also like to participate -- eg, someone whose sym site specializes in food, might find it a good place to sell travel, etc

ideas? suggestions?

Symbiostock - Development Area / more promoted keywords?
« on: September 07, 2013, 14:33 »

promoted keywords are being underused -- there are only 1300 promoted keywprds in the network, out of a potential 20,000 being used - and many of these are used multiple times.  which means most searches will not find a promoted keyword on ANY site

we could easily increase promoted keywords to 50, and increase # of networked sites to 20 without any significant decrease in search time


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