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General Stock Discussion / is avopix part of ss?
« on: June 30, 2016, 14:01 »

is it a 3rd party of ss? it has links to ss image portfolio
but it also has non-ss images.

did anyone see this??? a woman was outraged that her photo that she posted (on social media fb i suppose) was outraged that someone took her photo and included it among many other women's photo which i assummed he took from fb without permission from these women
and put it in some "hot or not" article of his.

you should see the general consensus of the comments. one dude even said , "anything you put on internet is public domain".

huh??? no wonder our photos and videos from stock agencies are being used as "public domain".
i do not put the link here, but i found that article in msn news headline

General Stock Discussion / offset vs ss
« on: December 23, 2015, 07:56 »
So, what's happening with Offset??? has anyone from ss really made it graduated
ascended to that "authentic" upper class aristorcratically rewarding elder of ss???

i just took a look... at say, FOOD , and gosh, everything that would have failed with our regular
commonfolk curation is all there in full glory...
blocked shadow, LCV, clipped highlight, poor composition, etc

so, this is how you get to be "Offset". reminds me of all those buggers with Hasselblads
who take "authentic" non-stock photos.

Guess i will have to move over and hand my Hasselblad to my grand niece
to do all my future "authentic" photography so i can register her for Offset.
i like to feel she is well-off after i passed on to the great cloud in the sky
and she is making good use of my armoury of snapshooters.

anyone from ss succeeded to register ??? pls enlighten this common old foggie
what are we doing wrong that we cannot contribute to Offset???

Merry squishmas and Holy Hannukah  to all . Happy holidays... Gawd rest ye merry gentlemen
...and ladies of course, ... bottoms up for Henry!!!

i was just given a leaflet on Bitcoin . the book they gave me says it's like money without going through the bank. (bitcoin ...more value than 108 national currencies incl panama, malta,etc...
more likely become the value anchor of internet money and finance )

can we disregard this in the same way we did when digital cameras, mobile , etc???
or is this going to help us deal with money for our own indie sites??? esp now oringer is looking very much like istock.
love to hear from those more experienced in finance and dealings.

i just found a few interesting webpages on some of our famous ppl who are still with us on MSG...
2005  sjlocke IStock 864images 21271 dls
2008 dreamstime Yuri Arcurs 7769 38729 dls lisafx 3128 17649 elenathewise 5359 18250
istock lise gagnon 5404 548862 andresr 1894 93993
lee torrens blog 2007 09
flickr the outrageously successful photosharing site sold to Yahoo. everyone is waiting to see whether they allow members to commercialize their portfolio.

now i compare the numbers to my own , and i feel like drinking a very large jug of ale...
very very strong ale  :'(
i take it that those numbers are of Mr. Locke,etc at their early stage of microstock.

and today, we are still looking to Flickr to commercialize their contributors portfolio.
that's 6 to 10 years ago.
what do you think? has the business changed much?


i just stumbled into what SS has in Spectrum, where u sort images in shades of the spectrum , in case one needs to match one's publication or page with a certain color.
but i also found this one, which is just as awesome,
especially when one of the images there is mine.

if u r a buyers, i like to know if u use this? i ask because i wonder if knowing that these whatucallit???
color sorters??? is part of your criteria to finding our images. if so, maybe this, along with keywords,
is yet another factor one should consider. as already we know certain colours tend to be favoured as you peruse the top selling images.

still, it's something i can play with on a rainy day  ;D

General Stock Discussion / editorials
« on: July 27, 2014, 09:38 »
first post in donkey years  8)
been in and out of microstock since IS SS dt ft and some good ones that died with IS acquisition, and also editorials with dt, alamy. was there with Alamy since day 1 and had 100% approval where i had my editorials. but deleted my account after 4 years i noticed zero views. i wrote Alamy why certain portfolio get listed while others even with 100% approval are having zero views, got no answer so i closed my portfolio.

i know, from my own sales, that fotolia (before dpc) and dreamstime had the best sales with editorials.
ironically, they were RT commercial images that were used in editorials, which i googled and found..
used by named newspapers (NYTimes,Washington Post,etc)

today, my shift as i said is Events Photography. i have PhotoJournalism and was a stringer on spec in my 35mm days across the country. i only touched with micro because i travel alot and a painter told me i have nothing to lose to try SS,IS, and i got in and was pretty much happy with it, what little time i spent giving them images.

but i am thinking , by consensus, lifestyle micro is more or less saturated, and from what i hear,
my own peers are losing money with clones of their work. luckily for me, i did not depend on micro nor lifestyle.

still, we all profit with diversity and passive income. i like to hear from all their views of where editorials sell. i do not want to hear where xxx pays 90% or better % . 99% of zero is zero, and to me and you will all agree no doubt a waste of time when i can just go to say IS , SS, where sales are regular and leave my stuff there.

but there is really no site that excels in editorials. not the paporazzi stuff of movie stars, but editorials.. events, sports,celebrities making surprise appearances,etc..
bread and butter stuff that we used to make during the 35mm days.

i know, from my own experience here, newsmedia no longer pays anyone , ie. we get it all free from wire (Reuters,etc), and whatever left, we take smartphones from readers. actual quote from several editors i had while traveling across country.

but i firmly believe other papers still take stock photos, as i said, i have several stock photos that are still being used every year for the same contents (taxation, sporting event, awards,etc).

but ft, dt,is, ss, do not really sell editorials . Alamy say they do, but you don't sell NFA is they don't get your images viewed.  i know it was not seen, because the history said ZERO VIEWS.
i cannot see how that is even possible with any site. unless my port was not visible,
which could be possible too. who knows.

anyway, this is not an Alamy thread. so please don't tell me about Alamy.
please do tell me about where i won't be wasting my time uploading editorials.

SS take editorials too, but lately they have been wacko with credentials. not every sporting event concert festival etc requires credentials. what is held in public open to public do not require credentials, and i got this from many organizers across the country. you only require credentials when it is a paid entrance event or an event closed to only the press .

outdoors festivals,etc  do not require credentials because you are giving them free advertising if your editorials sell as stock photos and are used worldwide.

then again, this is not about Shutterstock. so please do not waste Tyler's webspace talking about Shutterstock credentials on MY THREAD HERE, CHEERS !!!  I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR INSIGHTS

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