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1 / Shutterstocks New Editor
« on: May 17, 2011, 11:09 »
I just used the new editor when pushing through my uploaded images.

The keywords were picked up and appeared in a gray box.  You are able to type in a new keyword or two under the visible keywords appearing in the gray box.  At first everthing seemed cool.  When I pushed the images forward for review, I was told that all images had errors - I had to enter at least 7 keywords.  All of the keywords appearing in the box had to be retyped or copied from my IPTC section of my files and pasted  under the grayed box.  Apparently the uploaded keyword wer rejected, because the commas were dropped. 

Did anyone else have this problem?  How do you get the keywords appearing in the gray box to work or get accepted?

Thanks for any help!

2 / DT upload problem - using WS_FTP
« on: August 05, 2010, 11:18 »
When I try to upload files to DT, my uploader indicates that the files are being sent, but DT doesnt show them in the Ufinished Bin.  Apparently the aren't being received.  Has anyone else experienced this recently (8/6/2010).

Video Equipment / Sofware / Technique / Canon SX20 IS
« on: February 12, 2010, 10:06 »
I'm thinkin about getting my bride a new camera, and am wondering if anyone out there has any experience with the Canon SX20 IS?  I am wondering if the 720P HD video function is adequate for video stock clips?  I can't afford the D5 Mark II for a kick around camera.  This puppy goes for about $359 US.

4 / Can't seem to upload images to IS?
« on: January 20, 2010, 14:25 »
I haven't been able to upload anything for a few months, but finally got back into the swing of things. So I attemped to upload some images to IS, and everytime the image failed to get through?  I see the barrs at the bottom moving very slowly to the right.  After it appears the bars moved fully across indicating 100% uploaded, the bars dissappear, but nothing happens.  So I go to "Upload" again, and the number of images allowed to be uploaded remained unchanged.  I can't find the image anywhere.

Is it possible that I am frozen out due to a very small portfolio?  They haven't told me I am fired or anything?  This is really frustrating.


Anyone having trouble passing your images through after uploading?  I uploaded using FTP, and everything worked fine.

When I started passing through the uploaded images (12 total), I was stopped at five and was given a message:
"Due to heavy uploading, submitters are limited to 50 in a 24hour period.."  In addition I was informed that there is an 85 hour backlog in Review.  Wow; DT must be busy!


If you are having trouble generating a DVD from your Editing Software (Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus, Pinnacle, Easy Video or any other application) you can try burning the DVD Image or ISO files to a DVD using ImgBurn.

Instructions and links can be found at ; scan down the thread for the post addressing this approach for burning AVCHD to DVD.

It might be better if you go directly to alwyn's web site directly at

Scan down to the bottom of the page and print out the instructions on those links.


I have been using Magix Edit Pro 15 Plus.  It does everything great  on Win XP.  It will run on Win 7 - only problem is that you can't burn a DVD in Win 7.  It crashes.  Come to think of it, evry video software I try fails to write a DVD in WIN 7.  I spent 3 days editing something only to find out I couldn't burn the DVD.  I had to redo it on my older computrer with Win XP. ???

Can someone recommend a good video editing software that actually works with Win 7?  Sony Vegas is too complex and Easy Video failed to write the DVD when I tried it out.  ::)


General Stock Discussion / Major Crash - Need help!
« on: July 22, 2008, 09:37 »
I just had my external drive go toes up due to the USB plug coming disconnected as a file was being written to it!  As a result, The drive can no longer be accessed.  So I lost all my image files saved between 4-2007 and 1-2008.  After some work, I got the computer to recognize the DR, but I cannot access it.

I think either 123RF or YAYMicro enables us to download our own files as a backup in case of such emergencies. 

Can someone advise which one it is and how do we do it?

I have a new Exteral DR on the way, so I want to back up everything ASAP.  In a couple of months I'll get a second External HD to back that up.

Any help would be appreciated!

123RF / New Reviewers or new Quality requirements?
« on: June 06, 2008, 10:48 »
Did 123RF get new reviewers or are they trying to get tougher than iS and SS?

I just uploaded 15 images that had been accepted by SS and IS.  Of the 15 images, only 5 were accepted.  All ten rejected carried the same reason - "Lighting/Composition".   ??? If 123 is going to start that level of quality level, I'm going to call it a day.  I can't believe that SS and IS reviewers don't know good compposition and lighting when they see it.  No wonder newbees find it difficult to get the understanding of what these sites want.

I had an acceptance rating of 85%, but it appears that I should figure on 35-40% in the future.  Guess the rule of thirds isn't the rule here,  When I shoot, I keep the grid turned on to line up my subject so it falls within the rule of thirds.

Might be time to consider just uploading to RM sites.   Only thing is - sales come very sloooooow on those sites.  ;D 

Anybody else feel as though they are walking through a mine field?  ::)


Now that I have finally been accepted after two years and many attempts, I have several images that were rejected as part of a batch that failed to generate 7 images acceptable in the batch.  If I want to resubmit the images that have no stated reason for rejection except that they were part of a batch, what should I say in the Reviewer's block?  Also would it be a good idea or should I just forget them?


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