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1 / Re: Bigstock changed their site layout
« on: November 30, 2012, 11:35 »
I just checked in to BS - The Footer thing is back!  I can't get the summary.  What were you guys messing with anyway.

Pond5 / Re: First Sale on Pond5
« on: September 11, 2012, 14:06 »
HELP!  How does one go about attaching a MR to a photo when uploading?  I can't seem to find a way to upload a release or atach it.  Also, how do we make an image EDITORIAL?

Thanks for your help!!!

3 / Re: the new DT
« on: August 19, 2012, 12:37 »
I have a very small portfolio - under 200 images, but I can't complain.
subscription            $0.35      maximum
subscription            $0.35      maximum
subscription            $0.35      large
subscription            $0.35      large
13 credits (2010)     $5.85      small
subscription            $0.35      maximum 
17 credits (2010)     $7.08      large
subscription            $0.35      medium
4 credits (2010)       $0.77      medium
10 credits (2010)     $3.46      medium

When I make a PNG file using PSE 10 or PS CS-5, I make my selection and place it on its own layer above the background.  Then I create a solid lyer (Black or White) above the background (Original Photo) and under the Selected object (i.e. Wine Glass or person).  I then delete the background layer and save as a PNG without Flatening.  It appears as a regular thumbnail, but when I open the file, I see two layers.  The plain white or black layer on the bottom with the Subject on the top layer.  To get a mask, I just click on the selection layer and then click on the CTL click on the object.  After I see the marching ants, I click on the Mask Icon to get a black andd white mask.

I can then use CTL and click the object (Isolated on its own layer) to copy and paste it anywhere.  If I'm getting it printed to a T-Shirt, only the top layer is prrinted.

Is this thype PNG acceptablea?  I havn't tried submitting this yet.  It seemed that the suggested method of saving as a clipping path was different and was saved as a JPG.

Is DT the only site that accepts PNG files?  That might be the best way to get the isolation accepted.  I tried saving as a clipping path a couple times, but couldn't get it to work.  When I submit something for printing as a PNG file, it comes out clean.

Other sites seem to take my subjects over white backgrounds as isolations even though the aren't .  I ddon't like to call something an isolation as it is rearely accepted.  When I put a selection over a white background, they usually reject it as "Stray Pixel/lighting".

DepositPhotos / Re: Very Disappointed
« on: August 12, 2012, 13:25 »
I dropped  DP about a year ago;  nothing moved and they were rejecting images that were already accepted by DT and SS. 

If a tree bears no fruit, I curse it (give it up).

Nicku's  theory didn't work for me.  100% of the images accepted by Shutterstock were rejected by IS and FOT?  ???

I'm only working with four sites now; IS and FOT aren't one of them.

Good point Perry; looks like we would have to consider buying a used Moving Van!  That is a deal breaker. :(

Looks like my memory banks are still working.

A review of the site indicates we need a 15ft. Blimp $625.  We already have the cameras; so may be we could figure out how to adapt the kite system (gimbal/support) for carrying the camera to the payload.  Anybody think it caan be rigged?

It would be cheaper than the $5,000 to $6,000 for the complete 15ft system by the blimp company.

What atre your thoughts Racephoto?  You seem to have a good working knowledge along these lines.  If we could do this we would dhave a breakthrougjh. ;D

I remember years back when you could buy a small blimp that actually had a small engine/prop for directing the craft.  There was a built in housing  for the camera.  The controls worked so well that the photog could use a remote wireless trigger with precision.  I wonder if that is still around.  Back in the eighties it went for around $1,200 USD.

My friend had a Cessna and used to take me up for some aerial work, but shooting through glass is a pain.

The kite thing definitely looks cheaper, but riskier.

Does anyone know if largecreek is a reviewer or a god?  How dare noobs enter into his kingdom!

12 / Re: How DT banned me permanently
« on: July 28, 2012, 11:24 »
Now I understand what it means when I read "Your sins shall find you out."

Assuming no technical problem like noise, color fringing or snapshot problems etc; it seems the reviewr decides whether or not he/she likes the image.  If not, they choose any reason to dump it.  That doesn't mean they are the true judge for all sites, but they may possible get it right once in a while concerning their clientell.

Other than that I have no idea.  Seems every photog submitting to sites experiences this to some degree.  Of course there are those so good that it only happens on occasion, and theree are those that experience it with every batch.

Print on Demand Forum / Re: Fine Art America
« on: July 27, 2012, 13:06 »
@stocktastic - The fee at FAA  is $30.00 per year.

I stopped uploading to them two years ago, but still get the same number of sales per month.  I only get a poultry six sales or so.  That is no doubt due to my no longer updating.  I got another sale today.  It was actually $.63 USD; most of the time I get about $.23 or $.27 per image.

I'm not sure if I have to delete my images one by one or if I have to request Support close my account?  Anyone know how to close an account with them?

16 / Re: DT responded very quickly. . . . .
« on: July 23, 2012, 13:25 »
Since Fotolia has already been warned about their willful disregard for the Regulations and Internal Revenue Code, it may be time to submit the infringement to the proper authorities.  If you send a letter of complaint to the Internal Revenue Service state the following:

1. The name of the Subject in violation, their EIN supplied on the 1099 they sent you and their address.

2. The alleged violation: Non-compliance with IRC section 6103(i)(i) which deals with the Safeguard of private information.  Not even employees of the responsible party are to have access to that information.  Only those having a need to know; such as Accounting Personnel, Legal Staff and CPA performing an audit.   Failure to take proper steps calls for a warning, and then penalties can be applied.

3. Request that the Problem Resolution Officer (PRO) expedite the investigative action so that the issue will be acted upon and finalized within 30 days.  Your basis for getting the PRO to initiate and control the action is predicated upon previous attempts to resolve the issue being fruitless.

Glad to see DT is on the ball!  I'm not sure, but if Fotolia is an overseas operation, it could pose a problem.  If they are based in the U.S, , then they are within reach.

The above information was secured from a reliable source in this matter.

Just my 2 cents.

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia Gotcha
« on: July 20, 2012, 14:55 »
I warned them of this infraction of Federal Law a few years ago.  They are liable for any intentional or unintentional leak of financial or personal information that is hacked if thy new of the problem and did nothing about it.

In accordance with IRC. Section 6103 (i)(i) anyone requiring your SS# or any other financial information is liable for securing it.  Plus the penalty for failing to comply is serious.

Perhaps this should be reported to the Internal Revenue Service since they were warned and allowed it to come back to haunt them again.

Print on Demand Forum / Re: Fine Art America
« on: July 17, 2012, 10:20 »
FAA is all about marketing yourself!  If you do a lot of tweeting and are on Face Book, you might snag some sales.  I have about 100 images on there, but doubt that any sales will result.

If you are primarily interested in integratring a printing service into your service work, then you might benefit by checking out MPIX.  For enlargements you could use FAA by putting a password protectcted Gallery where your client can order an enlargement.

I never had any luck with Zazzle, because those sites require a lot of time on the computer.  I prefer shooting pictures and less time on the computer.

Hope this helps!

I find Fot and IS impossible to deal with as they both reject 95% of anything I submit.  The other sites vary at time - accepting between 54% and 80%; except when a crazy reviewer rejects everything for the same stated reason - like "Fuzzy" or "Focus...". 

The main reason mine are rejected is the limitation of my subject material.  Going out on shoots for historic sites and travel type shots is on the bottom of the list as far as subject material goes.  That is why I no longer shoot Wildlife.  So I'm investing in some lighting equipment and will try some other type material.

DT, SS and BS give me meaningful feedback, and often advise me that they are not looking for the type image I have been submitting as they "have too many in their database".  So how can I say they are doing poor review work?  There are a couple of crazy reviewers on any site - like when 100% gets rejected.  That occasionally happens on SS.  It is consistent on Fot and IS for me, and the reasons are "Focus" or "Artifacts".

Hang in there partners, and don't give up!


20 / Re: SS review time over 4 days?
« on: March 20, 2012, 08:52 »
I don't know if I got one of the new reviewers ornot, but my batch of thirteen was reviewed within 24 hours.  I never got the e-mail notification of the ones selected and rejected.  I discovered that they were reviewed by accident.

I  happened to log into SS to see about something else conceerning one of my images.  Well the pending bin was empty?  So I went to "Status" and clicked on the "aI don't know if I got one of the new reviewers ornot, but my batch of thirteen was reviewed within 24 hours.  I never got the e-mail notification of the ones selected and rejected.  I discovered that they were reviewed by accident.

I  happened to log into SS to see about something else conceerning one of my images.  Well the pending bin was empty?  So I went to "Status of Submitted Photos"" and clicked on the "Approved Photos" tab and saw that my images were reviewed within one day.  I also went to the "Rejected Photos"  tab to get the reasons for rejections.  pretty nmuch the standard - "Focus or Focus not where it should be.."

So if you haven't heard anything, check the Pending Files.  If that is empty, chect Accepted Photos and Rejected Photos tabs.

Good Luck!

Whether you have and LLC or Sub-S or File a Schedule-C, you can be caught up in the Information Sharing between the IRS andd each State's Revenue Departments.  In other words when Lisa filed as a Sub-S, The State of Florida received information/statistics on the various Individuals and businesses that presented possible audit potential.  In Lisa's case, she apparently had high income from sales and perhaps a significant upswing in Depreciation Expense.  The Depreciation Expense icreasing significantly indicates to the State that significant purchases were made.  That is when the Sales/Use tax deduction becomes interesting.  If Depreciation Expense goes up sharply and the Use Tax deduction was relatively the same or nonexistant, then Florida would select that particular return for audit.   

All Federal Agents and State Auditors have to conduct a pre-audit as I pointed out above to determine the potential for an assessment.  Jusr remember - the Fed communicates with the State and vice versa.  It does get more attention if you have a Corporation of any type as compared to filing as an individdual.  By the  way - Individuals have to be aware of the test to determine if you are a business or a hobby!  Try not to show more than one loss out of every three years and you will lessen your chances of an examination by the Feds.  Lisa has no problem there! ;D

God Bless and have a great day!

22 / Re: New Shutterstock TOS update
« on: February 10, 2012, 11:16 »
Thanks to all of you for providing food for thought!

LisaFx - You hit it right; I am taking your thoughts and joining with you in opting out.

Though I rarely use a mofel, I don't think I have any that could be used in such a way for sensitive issues.  I jhave decided on one thing for sure.  Now that I have discovered other sites do not give us a chance to opt out of sensitive issues I will probably only upload any model shots to SS for their protection.

Ma y God bless you all and happy shooting.

General Stock Discussion / Re: More Stolen Images
« on: December 02, 2011, 11:46 »
That site stole my best selling image - "Golf Course at sunset".  You are right; the delete image doesn't work.  They took the image from DT with the watermark.  I'm thinking about sending the thieves a bill for using and distributing my images.  Then if they do not pay, I might consider getting a lawyer to work out the details. :-\

Has anyone had any success dealing with these thieves? 

DepositPhotos / Re: A little statistic
« on: December 01, 2011, 14:18 »
Deposit Photos isn't working for me.  They are provoiding less than .25% of SS and less than .5% of BS.  Could be my images just aren't right for that site.  I have been on there for over a year, and have uploaed a very small number of images for a test.

General Photography Discussion / Re: printing greeting cards
« on: November 11, 2011, 14:29 »
Considering that print media is dying out (i.e. postcards, calendars an posters), wouldn't that indicate that even Microstock is in danger?  I hope not! :o

I do know that photography is tough to sell at art & craft shows.  Some of the ones I was in cost me between $250 and $400 US D.  That was over 10 years ago, and I usually lost money since most buyers preferred water-color or Acrylic/oil painted art over photographs.  Especially wth digital cameras on the scene with Photoshop Elements in their homes.

We all need a little help from the Lord for this one!

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