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Newbie Discussion / Can you give me a honest opinion please....
« on: February 06, 2012, 14:16 »
Hello all, I have been doing  microstock since about the end of september, and have now got images on 9 sites  including the top 4, with some sites having more images than others...If any of you have a couple of mins to spare could you click on this link to my portfolio on one of the sites and give me a honest opinion  to wether I am going in the right direction or not..    I feel that my more recent images are getting better..i am trying to vary things and are looking forward too the good weather returning so as I can get some more outside shots done and uploaded..

Also I have been selling a few images of late but find that if I try to search them on a couple of sites they don't show up.

thanks for looking at this post and I would appreciate any advice..


Hello All, a bit of a newbie question here.... I have my own website with my own general photography, nature / motorsport etc images and wondered is there any reason that I shouldn't make a seperate gallery and call it  (Stock photos or similar )and then  upload say a hundred of my images that are also uploaded to several different stock sites ( I would watermark the images to try and stop them being nicked ) then put a link on the gallery going to all of the stock sites trhat I upload too..hopefully pushing a few more views and hopefully sales from my stock sites..

firstly is there any reason why I am not allowed to do this. second is it a good idea to do this or would I just be wasting my time.. ( oh yeah, I wouldnt be selling any images from my own site ..just displaying them )

Thanks  Steve....and merry xmas to you all..

General Stock Discussion / newbie question on RF images
« on: December 17, 2011, 09:51 »
hello all, This might sound like a daft question but is there any limit to how many stock sites that I can upload the same RF  images to..

from what I understand you cant upload a image as rf on one site then upload the same image as rm on another site, which I can understand..

also I am very new to this but am willing to put some time into it testing the water, so if it is ok to upload RF images to say 10 different sites , is it worth it  ? as I said I am just testing the water at the moment and maybe it's better to go exclusive later..

I would be greatfull to hear your veiws on the above.. many thanks, steve.

123RF / 9 days and still pending..
« on: November 26, 2011, 06:22 »
As the title say I have had a few images uploaded and pending for 9 days this normal with 123 RF..  ???


Hello all, as the title says when you upload images on canstock how long can expect before you start to get views...not a problem but I uploaded my first batch of images a week ago and it looks like I have had 1 view..

as I said not a problem just interested to know how things work..

cheers Steve.

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