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If you have been on DT for 4 or more years I'm sure you have images over 4 years that have never sold. DT will ask you to pay to have them Re keyworded or give them away for free or delete them from DT.

My choice is to delete then as I can see no profit from giving them away.

I guess DT does this to make room for new images ...... But if the were good enough to be approved in the beginning .... Why delete or give them away Now??

If after 4 years they (DT) feels the images are not going to sell ... I can see their point somewhat. But they are wrong about never selling as I have the same images and 1500 more on BigStockPhoto and I have images 4-5-6- years old being sold for the first time every month.

So my question is: What do you do about this (if your a DT member) and why?


Image Sleuth / Stolen images by the thousand!
« on: July 23, 2011, 06:57 »
Check and see if your images are being sold and or given away for free on this site. Mine is on the index page "Ghost House" it was stolen from my listings on ebay. (My member ID on ebay is "Lcjtripod"). I have tried to get the site to delete it and the person posting it. No luck, no replies to me at all. On my ebay listings the title of this image is "Haunted House"

I have found many stock photos on their site like Penguins, etc that i know belong to folks on MSG.

Check for yours and if you can close them down .... bless you!

Thanks!! Larry

No red or green up and down arrows this month for the earnings ratings?

When do we get them back?

It is my number one reason to visit this site.


The big up loaders are finding out that you can not pay models and others to put the images on sites. They are losing money. The fix is: Stop uploading and paying people and just collect your earnings from each site.

I uploaded zip from Jan 1 this year and did not stop earning money at all.

That is my thoughts on the big up loaders.

The micro market has already been ruined by dirt low prices, each site trying to under sell the others and pay the photographers less to cover their losses. They make less and we make less. Many of the sites will fail and go broke very soon. Another bad point: Free images on every site to attract the low payers or no payers to the site. NONE of my images are free on any site and never will be. Thousands more are stolen every day and the sites do next to nothing to stop it. Ever hear of a image theft being fined or put in jail for copyright theft? NO. So why pay?

When I sold stock photos in the 50's 60's and through the early 80's NONE sold for less than $100.00 for RF images and RM sold for $200 to $5,000.00 per image. Calendar and greeting card companies never paid less than $500.00 for an image. Book covers $250.00 and up. Now they get them for less than a cup of coffee.

The Internet ruined it all. That is why I have lost nearly all interest in up loading any more to any site. I can sell Cd's full of images on Ebay for $25.00 per each for low res shots RF and not give a crap what they actually do with them. They do not get my best, only my rejects the ones I did not ever try to up load. Junk.

Sorry to sound sour but those are the facts. I for one just don't want to work for 5 cents an hour.


No arrows all blank earnings ratings this month again.

Oh well, I bet that most are down.

For me my only up sites are DT and BigStock all the rest are in the gutter.


Will BigStock earn a spot as one of the BIG FOUR with a big push from Shutterstock?

Where do you think BigStock will rank in the big 6 by December 31 of this year?

My guess is #4



General Stock Discussion / September = Three year LOW for sales!
« on: September 15, 2009, 14:38 »
Downloads For the month (September) so far ....

DT 7 dl's will be 14 for the month at this rate. Last month was 44 dl's
BigStock 6 dl's and will be 12 dl's for the month at this rate. The worst in over three years!

Am I the only one having a crappy month?

How is your first half of this month?


Tried all day to upload to DT and no luck. both FTP and Java not working.

Anyone else?


9 / New search options on BigStock .... GREAT!
« on: July 08, 2009, 08:56 »
You will find some new search options on BigStock and I for one just love it! Great for photographers and buyers as well. Try it!

Copied below from the BigStock site:

New! Multi-View Search Results
Now BigStockPhoto gives you a variety of ways to locate the image you need: Standard Search, Hot Images, Popular Contributors and Most Downloaded. While you are viewing results, try changing your results view to "Hot Images" or "Most Downloaded". Your search results will change and clicking between search results buttons is a great way to see more variety of images within your search results.

If you don't see image results you like within one view - try a new image results view instantly. Play around with it!

Here are explanations of these important ways to view your image results:

Standard Search:  Our standard search algorithm. This takes into consideration the words you entered, and a variety of other things like the image's keywords, title, how many times it was downloaded, etc.  

Hot Images: These are images that match your search terms and have been downloaded a lot lately

Popular Contributors: These are images that match your search terms and are from our most popular image contributors.

Most Downloaded: These are images that match your search terms and have been downloaded more than any other images.

10 / 8 hour approval time at BigStock today!!!
« on: May 26, 2009, 17:47 »
What a surprise! I uploaded 4 images this morning and 8 hours later all approved. I think they set a new record for review times at BigStock. I have had less than 24 hours before and at the longest 19 days after Popular Photography gave them a nice write up.

Good work BigStock team!


Price your own images are already on BigStock. I could not find any information on the BigStock site as to how to do it or who can do it. I only found it on one photographers profile. The photographer is Andres an excellent photographer by any standards.

He has several hundred images on his port that he priced.

The photos are identified by a light blue P in a circle on the thumbnails.

Check his Newest Images to see them.

I found the prices up to 90 credits for a 13.7mp image (photo ID# 4328828)

Does anybody know anything about this?

No info on BigStock and nothing on their forum either.

????????????????????? ???


BigStock is now in the big six. Congrats BigStock you earned it!

I know as a member of BigStock I have had bad words to say about them from time to time, but all in all I still like the management and the site in general.

My problems with them have been mostly remarks by reviewers. (I don't think they still work there as the bad mouth remarks have disappeared.)

If you are not on BigStock perhaps you should be. I'm sure they are aiming for the top position on the totem pole. ;D


General Stock Discussion / How do you back up your images?
« on: December 27, 2008, 20:19 »
Just a bit curious how other photographers back up their images to protect against total loss!

Me: I back up all RAW files to a DVD or CD then a copy goes to a safe deposit box at my bank. And I also have an exact copy at home. (Note: I ONLY shoot RAW.)

I had a studio burn down and lost over 250,000 images. Mine and customers from commercial shoots as well as weddings etc. I learned my lesson.

I do not trust any web site to keep my images safe for me.

Your thoughts?


14 / Advise on DT Please beefore I upload to them.
« on: December 15, 2008, 13:10 »
I know that every site has it's do and don't do policy's.

Advise on image types they do not like or like best.
What is the most common reasons for rejects?

Selling options: Subs, sizes, etc.

I do not use FTP so I up load via single image 10-30 at a time as their software allows.

If you look at my BigStock port you will see what I like to upload. I know Like and should are two different things.  ;D

Thanks a bunch in advance!


15 / Is this the reason for slow sales at BigStock ??
« on: September 26, 2008, 13:25 »
37% LESS visitors in the last 3 months!

.. and my sales there reflect about the same change downward.

Anyone else going down hill with BigStock?


This photo was accepted by some and rejected by one.

Is it a stock marketable shot?

"School children on a class outing with their teachers."

I thanks you for your comments, good or bad.


17 / Underscore on some of your images. Why?
« on: August 25, 2008, 19:12 »
I have noticed that some of my images on FP are underscored in the thumbnail view and I would like to know the reason why. At first I thought it would be images I selected for my profile page but many of them I did not select them and they are underscored anyway.

Must be a reason. But what?

This is one that is underscored.

And this one is NOT underscored??


July 28 was the last refresh for the site.... that was 8 days ago! They claim to refresh twice a day. Yeah right! I'm King Kong too!

I put a notice on their very dead forum not really expecting an answer as to why..... well, you guessed it, I did not get one.


Oh who cares anyhow! I do not think they care very much about their photographers.


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