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I don't know what Crestock is up to. But a word of warning to you all who have contributed and closed your account there:

I contacted them a few times last summer to ask them to close my account and delete all my images (only 6, but still...). It took ages and several tries to get them to respond. Finally I got a reply that they would delete me and my photos. Great.

Or so I thought. Today I got an e-mail from them telling me that they sold one of my images. What the f**k! My images are not theirs to sell! They are supposed to have been removed more than 6 months ago! I don't know if they think I should be grateful for the 25 cents I've made on the sale. But I'm really angry that THEY made any money at all from images that they have no rights to. Isn't that what's considered as stealing?

So I suggest that all of you who've had their portfolios removed from Crestock log on to there to see if it has magically appeared on their site again like mine seems to have.


2 / How to leave Snapvillage?
« on: June 03, 2009, 06:09 »
Hi all!

Does anybody know how to close ones account and remove all images from Snapvillage?

Since the site is dead and they already have let me know I will not have my images moved to Veer, I want to take them off the site. Snapvillage is still searchable and I don't know anything about when they will close it down completely. I can't find any information about this on their site.

How have you done with your content there? Should I just keep everything as is until it disappears by itself? What do you think?  ???

General Stock Discussion / Heard of Colourbox?
« on: March 17, 2009, 02:59 »
Hi there!

A client of mine subscribe to a stocksite called Colourbox. (
I've never heard about it before and haven't seen anything about it in this forum either. Does anybody here know anything about them? Is it a Micro or Macro-site? Is it worth the time and effort to try to be a contibutor there?


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