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What do you think about tells your content scraped for AI?
Just heard about it today from 2 sources and at The INSANE Print On Demand News Nobody Is Talking About, 11:47 minute video,
by Wholesale Ted
Seriously: NOBODY talking about Midjourney's copyright lawsuit news, or how Zazzle has been sued for hundreds of millions of dollars!
I'm surprised so much of my content was scraped and I'm not a big player!
Sounds like more class action lawsuits of some resolve!?
I put in my most used by name in offering stock pics and vids and it found the most. Harder to find by main specific ideas so far

Just noticed tonight when researching ideas that Shutterstock has added new ratings on each picture in Popularity, Usage and Trendsetter values?
I can see why they do it, gearing more eyes to best sellers. It can inform copycats as a downside.
What do you think of it? I have not noticed it on any other sites yet...
I don't see it happening on videos yet...
It is interesting seeing shutterstock ratings of these 3 areas. I'm still trying to understand it and I ask Shutterstock to please share your rating recipe more

For the past week I have been trying to get GLstock to delete my portfolio and they won't respond to my emails. Do you think it would do any good to file a complaint with the New York attorney general? Anybody have any luck with this? Or, should I try something else? Thanks

4 is the one who is taking over bankrupt Crestock. The new owner wants to bring over the Crestock pictures In my portfolio and start selling them through the design pics websites. Does anybody have any experience with them? Im very reluctant Because all my commissions from Crestock were set back to zero with their bankruptcy. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks

5 / who uploads my images to Alamy?
« on: January 02, 2018, 21:31 »
I have been uploading only the best of my best to Alamy. But, tonight I noticed a bunch of my images uploaded to Alamy in my name that I did not personally select and upload. Who could be uploading these images of mine?
They are not listed in the 106 images I have uploaded myself, including a lot of Editorial images which I have never submitted to Alamy myself.
Kept searching and it seems that it is PantheMedia who is uploading these image of mine to Alamy.
I just find it so strange that they are not listed in my regular portfolio on Alamy but, seem hidden, somehow under the panthermedia name/umbrella?
My images listed under, Contributor: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo.
My name is listed under, Photographer: "MY NAME" and when I go to that collection of mine, instead of 106 that I have a link to in my "Regular" portfolio images, there are 396 images in Contributor: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo.
I wouldn't mind more sales through Alamy but, it would be nice to know what images of mine have been uploaded to them from panthermedia somehow instead of finding out by accident.
panthermedia most likely did announce the partnership but I must have forgotten.
Sure would be nice to be able to delete this post easier but, it may help some

Hi Everybody,
My DPP software wasn't responding so well this morning so I started looking for an update to my old version 3.15.0 of Digital Photo Professional or DPP and found dppm4.4.30 or Digital Photo Professional 4.4.30 that's been available since 03/31/16.
Since I'm in America I found it at
If you're in another country you would probably need to do a search on it, for example in Europe it would be found after going to

I just poked around inside it for a few minutes. OMG it sure is changed a lot, looks a lot different. It's going to take some getting used to. Will try to customize it to make it easier on the eyes. I did notice they had a couple of youtube tutorials of version 4 out in 2015 so I may need to check that out a bit and maybe search for other tutorials too.
I'm definitely saving my older version of DPP just in case I find the new version a bit much to adjust to at times.

What are your thoughts on the newest version of DPP?

I hope this helps. Best of luck to everyone.

Newbie Discussion / Do any sharpened photos pass Alamy QC?
« on: July 19, 2012, 20:38 »
Just wondering if any sharpened photos pass Alamy QC especially when you don't check the box that says you have not sharpened?

I was wondering if buyers ever get copies of model or property releases attached to the image or footage they are buying?
I've only bought pictures from one site about 5 years ago and I did not get copies of the releases as far as I remember.
Do some sites send them to the buyer automatically?
Or, are they all just kept private with the agency that sells the images or footage and only brought out if there is a legal issue?
My main concern as a stock contributor is to keep the model or property name, address, email, phone and etcetera private, known only to the agency that sells the content.
I would think the agencies would keep the personal information private but just wanted to make sure.

As a side note to those concerned about privacy; it's important to keep personal information out of IPTC / File Info / Metadata that's sensitive because some (not sure how many) do include IPTC information with licensed sales of images.

I see they are added to picworkflow distribution.
Just wondered if anybody sells through them or what your experience with them is like.

General - Stock Video / Are there partner programs for footage?
« on: February 12, 2012, 08:30 »
I belong to a few footage sites and am wanting to join more and was wondering if any of the footage selling sites have partner programs with other footage video sites for selling each others videos / footage like many do with pictures and images.
In other words, I am aware of this list for partner programs for images,
I was wondering if there is another list for footage just in case I don't need to join so many footage sites.

Print on Demand Forum / Any experience, sales with artflakes?
« on: January 18, 2012, 08:22 »
Just received an invitation to join
Anybody have any experience with them? What are sales like?
I poked around a little and found out they are a print on demand company founded in 2010
based in Berlin focusing on sales of print on demand Art prints, posters, and greeting cards of photography, painting, graphics, illustrations.
Worldwide Alexa rank is 29,013 compared to fineartamerica 5,777, deviantart at 130, zazzle 903, imagekind 21,192, cafepress 1,265, redbubble 4,215.

Some information from their site.
Free to join. Able to set own prices. Earn money each sale. Own storefront. Stats. Keep all copyrights. Language in deutsch | english.  Monthly payout. Quality products. Worldwide shipping. Money back guarantee.

I'm also on fineartamerica which seems similar but haven't had any luck with them yet with a very small portfolio.

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