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Veer / Anybody else has a Veer phantom port problem?
« on: November 04, 2009, 03:15 »
Hi Guys,

Please note, this is NOT a question on image placement in Veer search results of approved images, but rather a port (and its images) not existing despite already having about 600 images approved for a few months.

I was trying out Veer's search to see how far down my images were in the results only to find out that my approved images just didn't exist in their results db.  I've tried using 5-10 keywords from my approved images to narrow down the results and still nothing.  I decided to check my port link to 'view all your images' ( and there are also no images.

Anybody else faced this issue? Or am i just using Veer (on AJAX steroids) wrongly?  ???

Newbie Discussion / yello
« on: November 04, 2009, 03:07 »
test test 123  ;D

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