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1 / Your Shutterstock Q1 results
« on: May 09, 2014, 09:36 »
Shutterstock recently reported its 1st quarter results.  In its report it noted the number of paid downloads was 29.7 million and the number of images in its collection (end of period) was 35.4 million.  This means during the quarter the number of downloads as a percentage of its portfolio was 83.9%.

How did your portfolio do in Q1 as compared to Shutterstock overall?  My Q1 downloads as a percentage of my portfolio size was very close to Shutterstock's overall results at 83%.

2 / Strange Deactivation by Istock
« on: November 20, 2013, 10:08 »
I received this email from Istock:

Dear iStock Member,

 After serious consideration, we feel that the adult oriented content in this file (18234425) is not suitable for our broad Royalty Free license and we have decided to remove it. Please note future uploads of similarly explicit content may be rejected.

 iStock Content Team

Attached is the image in question.

Does anyone think the current Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover would be rejected for lighting if it as submitted to microstock sites?

Here is a link to the cover:

New Sites - General / Zoonar & Paypal
« on: September 24, 2010, 08:19 »
I just received a payment from Zoonar via paypal.  To get this payment I had to accept a paypal fee (about 4%), like I would if I was making a ebay sale.  Has anyone else encountered this.  I have never had a paypal fee for payment from any other microstock site.

Has anyone else had problems with uploads to 123rf and BigStock lately using ProStockMaster?  I uploaded 5 images on Sunday and 5 more on Monday but they never show up on the 123rf or BigStock, other sites work fine.

7 / Best selling images in 2009 at Dreamstime
« on: December 18, 2009, 12:58 »
See this link.

It is interesting the the top selling image is from some one with a portfolio of under 400 images.

General Stock Discussion / Best place for copy space?
« on: June 26, 2009, 12:49 »
Where is the best place to provide copy space in an image?  I am guessing the "rules" are different depending on whether to image is vertical or horizontal.



I had the image below rejected at Istock and DT because of lighting.  Also, a different shot of the plant taken at the same time was rejected at SS because of lighting.

How does one improve the lighting when taking a shot with diffused lighting from an overcast day?  Is there something I can to when processing the image that would help?  It seems like images taken in this type of lighting is a crap shoot, some times they are accepted and other times they are reject because of lighting.

Thanks Mark

10 / Forgot to upload model release . . .
« on: June 08, 2009, 20:38 »
I just uploaded a video to Istock, but I forgot to upload model release.   I cannot find a way to upload it after the fact.  I was not allowed to cancel the video upload either.  Is there a way to upload the release or do I have to wait for it to be rejected?


11 / Price adjustments at Dreamstime
« on: May 28, 2009, 13:51 »
Below is part of post from Achillies:

Continuing its steady ascendant trend, Dreamstime has registered a 90% traffic growth rate in the last 12 months according to third parties that provide web analytics. Similar results have been registered for all other parameters as well: number of registered users, buyers, submissions and images online (while the waiting time gets close to 0 now!)
While a strong positioning has already been secured within the market, our aim is to continue growth at the same if not even higher rates.

We've just released a price update, 9 months after our previous adjustments (credits 2008). This is not an update of the pricing in credits, but of the credit value itself. The credit amount required for image download will not change. Subscription plans will also stay the same.

Full details can't be provided here, due to the dynamics of the purchase tool, but most of you will already see updated royalties for the latest downloads. A few examples are in the above graphics. As you can see, for the lower volumes, a non exclusive photographer will receive $0.84 instead of $0.50 per credit. A 5 credits image will bring him $4.2 (up from $2.5) while the exclusive will receive $5.01 (up from $3) .

Overall, adding discounts and additional credits, the price update should translate in over 30-40% increase in sales and royalties. Coming right before the summer season, we expect this to bring better earnings for everyone and record months for most contributors.
Although this is a significant increase, we still continue to provide the best prices for buyers!

The actual thread is here:

12 / Upload limit increased at Dreamstime
« on: May 13, 2009, 11:25 »
The following announcement on dreamstime website:

May 13, 2009 (09:48)
Contributors: Upload limit is now increased from 100 to 150

13 / New Upload Limits at BigStockPhoto
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:53 »
Below is from FAQ.

Why are you restricting the number of uploads to my account?
In order to manage the number and quality of images that are submitted to the Approval Queue, we have to place some restrictions on uploading. These have been revised as of May 2009.

If you are uploading good quality images, that are marketable, you will have no limits generally. But if you upload a lot of images and delete them (this wastes bandwidth and server space) or you submit a lot of images that are low quality or not very marketable, you will have some restrictions, which will be removed if you take the time to learn what is going wrong with some of your images and how to improve your shots.

These are the current upload retrictions that you might run into, updated May 2009:

New users with less than 15 total approved images are limited to 15 images in the Admin Approval Queue at a time
Users with an approval percentage of 50% or less are limited to 10 images in the Approval Queue at a time
Users with an approval percentage of 70% or less are limited to 20 images in the Approval Queue at a time
Users with an approval percentage of 85% or less are limited to 40 images in the Approval Queue at a time
Users with an approval percentage of 92% or less are limited to 50 images in the Approval Queue at a time
Users with higher than 92% approval percentage have no limit.

Images that are uploaded and deleted will also lower your rating. Deleted images count the same as declined images.
An approval rating of 50% means that half of your images were approved, and the other half were deleted by you or denied. A rating of 95% means one out of twenty images is not approved. So it's a ratio of approved images compared to all images that were approved, deleted or denied.

Remember, uploading images and deleting them affects your rating too, so please take some care not to upload images you don't intend to submit. Thanks again.

If one takes a picture of say a cell phone and removes the logos, can the image be used for microstock since some one with knowledge of cell phones could easily identify the phone as a model XYZ made by company ABC?

Newbie Discussion / Tax deductions for trips
« on: December 29, 2008, 10:49 »
I live in the US and I am wondering if I go on a trip and take pictures that could be used for microstock would any of the trip expenses (mileage, motel, etc.) be tax deductible.  How about a trip to a high school sporting event, trips to relatives (my in-laws live in a very scenic area and I could use my parents in active seniors shots).

Any guidance in this area would be appreciated.



Newbie Discussion / Hiring your children
« on: December 29, 2008, 10:48 »
I live in the US and I am planning to hire my children (ages 13 and 14) for my new micostock business.  Some of the work they may do could be modeling, helping set up a shoot, taking photos, keywording, and uploading.

Does anyone have an employment agreement they use for hiring their children?  How much should they be paid?

My 14 year old would like to take photos and submit them to mircostock sites, but as far as I can determine you must be 18 to do this.  If I hire her, wouldnt I get the copyright to the photos she takes so then I could legally upload her photos?  Is there any verbage I should add to the employment agreement so that I get the copyright ownership?



Newbie Discussion / Starting a microstock business
« on: December 29, 2008, 10:46 »
Hi Everybody,

I have been reading these forums (and other mircostock resources) with much interest for a while now and I am planning to start a microstock business in January as a sole proprietor.  I live in Minnesota, USA.   I am planning to buy a Nikon D90 and a Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8 D lens to start off; eventually I may buy an 18-200mm VR DX lens (I have read this a very good lens).  In the mean time I can use by daughters Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 DX and 55mm - 200mm f/4-5.6 DX VR lens that she has for her D40.   As far as software goes I am leaning towards Capture NX 2.

I have number of questions that I will start new threads for; any comments on the camera, lens, and software choices would be appreciated.  Also, what internet speed would you recommend?



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