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Off Topic / Image Editor (re-toucher) position available
« on: March 07, 2016, 16:40 »
PhotowebUSA is a premier hotel image service, providing the hospitality industry worldwide ​by ​distributing images to over 30,000 travel and booking websites.​
PhotoWebUSA is ​based out of ​Southern Colorado.

We are now hiring (USA only) Remote Image Retouchers. ​There are several positions open that will begin in May and end between November/December..

​-Extensive experience in image processing
-Proficient in ​Photoshop and Lightroom​ ​
-Detail oriented, self motivated,  able to produce high-quality work under strict deadlines

Equipment Requirements for Remote Editors;
-PC or MAC ​(​fast enough to run​ high volumes of images through​ Photoshop & Lightroo​m; ​​S​yste​m must be​ able to edit 20 mp RAWS quickly​)​
- Adobe Suite (Photoshop and Lightroom)
-​1 TB hard drive
 ​(must ​store copy of finished TIFS ​for 1 year from start date​)​

Each property of 16 images from RAW to TiFF pays $65

Please send Resume and a couple of samples of before/after images to;
[email protected]

We will be taking resume's for 2-3 weeks.

Our company is looking to hire some additional photographers. We have 2000 well known brand hotels needing shot. Email and send Portfolio link to [email protected] if interested.

We will contact you if we are interested in your work and tell you more about us. PhotoWeb the premier hotel image service, providing the hospitality industry worldwide with the finest in video, photography and virtual tours, as well as a syndication service distributing images to over 30,000 travel and booking websites.
PhotoWeb provides five-star quality in everything we do. We only use our own hotel photographers and the very best equipment and we make sure our clients receive the highest-quality imagery.

We are currently looking for sub-contract photographers to join our growing team.

You must have experience with hospitality, real estate, commercial or architecture photography and able to provide samples of your work.

You must be available to travel extensively from May through October.
You must have a eye for detail and be well organized. 

Equipment Requirements:
- Full frame DSLR
- Wireless remote trigger
- Minimum 21 mp
- Wide angle (non fisheye) zoom that is at least 17 mm at widest  (16-35 or 17-40 most common)
- Telephoto lens capable of at least 200 mm
- Minimum 3 full-power wireless flashes on stands (power of the Canon 580 EX or Nikon SB910 at minimum)

Photo fee (Range: $350 per day)
Per diem (Maximum: $35 p/d)
Mileage for personal car (IRS rate is 54 cents p/m)

Photographers hired are required to attend our 3-day photographer workshop in either Denver/Atlanta to have hands on training. Food, lodging, travel expenses paid.

I am thinking really? A week went by and no one responds to me about removing my images?? All the other companies responded to me in some way by the 3rd day. I have messaged them twice.
Why do I have to go through my images myself and remove them individually? Really???  At this rate I will get them all off before they respond to me.
PLUS.. they had some as free images but was when they had it as the 18 months deal not 5 years.. I better get ALL my images off... because the 18 months was up along time ago.

Just wondering what the norm is for Crestock these days. We got one that took a month from request to recieving our payout.


Article about photographer being arrested for being too tall. Some one felt threatened when they had their picture taken because the man was 5′ 11″.

What is this world coming to? what

You know I guess I had given up thinking that Crestock has put their head in the sand and does not address their members needs and wants or even answer any questions anymore.
No one knows who the staff is anymore.
I really think that the company had good potential and at one time seemed to be doing great but they have changed in a negative way.
Everyone is pretty hard on them and it seems that they would try to change everyone's attitude and want people to be proud to be a part of their agency.
I have not given up on them. I have not submitted to them in a long time though.
Kinda been sitting on the sidelines and waiting to see what happens.

Does anyone else have this problem? I am very upset. My model has contacted me once again about her images being used in a derogatory manner. She has been on TV and is a very busy model being on commercials and ads.

She is so not happy. At the same time, it has brought her a couple of jobs doing stock for us. I know that anyone purchasing images of people are not suppose to use them in any way that it will hurt the persons image.

Any comments from anyone??

Panthermedia.net / Registration system for PantherMedia?
« on: May 15, 2009, 00:16 »

plus a setup fee? Never seen this before.  Does this determine how many you can upload each day? Call me stupid but it did not make sense to me.

Photoshop Discussion / Water reflection plugin ??
« on: March 14, 2009, 16:56 »
Does anyone know what plug in is used to make this water reflection? I found alot of tutorials but they are all pretty cheesy looking. Here is an example picture of what I am looking for.      dolgachov uses them all the time.


The image was rejected for the following reason(s):

    * Composition
    * Over / Underexposed

The image was rejected for the following reason(s):

    * Composition

This was by Crestock
Now granted..they have been accepted by other agencies...and lately Crestock is rejecting everything I submit and I have a really good AR everywhere and did have at Crestock until lately when they started rejecting EVERYTHING.  Everything is straight.. used the ruler tool so it is not crooked and the lighting is not off at all. For night shots, they look great and have no grain or noise.

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