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Shutterstock.com / Model Release Question
« on: October 04, 2007, 21:15 »
Hi all,
Quick question on SS model release.
On the bottom of the release there is this: Photo ID's Exactly what is this about? Do I submit a copy of the model's Id? Or my? Do I take a picture of the id on top of the release form? Help!!!!
Thank You.

General Stock Discussion / Geckostock any downloads?
« on: September 27, 2007, 22:46 »
Hi all,
Anyone that is submitting to Geckostock getting downloads?
I have submitted many and many have been accepted yet no downloads. Any comments?

Hi to everyone,
This is only my second post since I originally found this site about a year
ago, but like many others I read many of the post from others and try to obtain as much info as possible. Now to my reason for the post.
I would like to receive advice, comments and ideas on how to best
sell my images on different sites. I have about  120 images spread out to about 12 different sites.
My time at the moment is limited for shooting and processing eventhough I have been going to Mexico and have captured many images with many been stock oriented. I would like to add about 10 per week to my portfolio.
It seems that on SS I get most of the sales which is logical because of their market approach but on other sites the sales are lower.
Now this is my dilemma I seem to have the same images on all of the sites. Should I:
a. Upload more exclusive material to sites like istock and geckostock
    images that are not available on SS possibly even removing some from SS
b. Concentrate on SS and work on volume to add sales
c. Reduce the amount of sites to maybe 4
I'm not trying to go pro anytime soon, just enjoin this partime experience. But maybe in time who knows!
Thanks for taking time to suggest ideas and thoughts

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