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Illustration - General / Call for illustrations
« on: March 09, 2011, 11:19 »
A friend of mine works as a benevolent for a NGO, and she currently works on a flyer to explain (and fight against) torture. She needs a few pictograms to illustrate the following four concepts :

1. Violence : Acute pain, with injury, blood, shouts
2. Intimidation / forced confession : To threat, to fright or to hurt in order to get information
3. Arbitrary detention : Arrest without ground and without a judicial decision to maintain the detention
4. Lack of care in prison : No medicine, no visit of a doctor

They need to be plain, explicit and easy to understand pictograms, rather than detailed illustrations, as they will be about 1.5" x 1.5" thumbnails on the flyer. For the same reason, they don't have to be vectors, bitmaps are ok too.

I already made a few searches, but those are very specific concepts. So if you have some pictures in your portfolio that could illustrate those concepts, feel free to link to them in this thread or send me a PM.

Note that this is not a call for free stuff. Although the NGO she works with doesn't have a huge budget, they can afford a few microstock images.

Please also note that this is not a call for discussion about torture, NGO's, or politics either.

Thanks in advance for your help !

123RF / Does 123RF really pay 50% ?
« on: September 16, 2010, 08:26 »
I checked 123RF's FAQ, and it still says :

Sample Credit Download Calculation:
A customer downloads a Ultra High Res ($3) version of your photo.
You'll receive = $3 50% = $1.50 from that sale.

Nothing specific is said about EL's royalties in the FAQ.
So I guess we (should) get 50% of all credit sales, standard and EL's.

Today, I had 3 PEL sales (Print Only EL) which earned me $10 each. How can an PEL sold for 50 credits earn me $10 ?

Being in France, I can only see the credit package prices in euros, and they sell from 0.89/credit for a 56 credits package down to 0.68/credit for a 7400 credits package (I didn't consider the lower 2 packages, as a sensible buyer would by at least a 56 credit package for an EL). Based on today's rate, it converts to US$1.16/credit and US$0.89/credit. So a PEL price ranges from $44.5 to $58 depending on how many credits were bought.

So my cut for those EL's is somewhere btw 17% and 22%. Far from 50%.

As I said, I cannot see credit package prices in US$. But let's say they sell for the same amount in $ as in (from $0.89/credit to $0.68/credit). It makes my cut btw 22% and 29%. Still far from 50%.

And some of my standard credit sales (not EL's) earnings, considering they represent 50% of the price paid, would correspond to $0.57/credit to $0.65/credit, which are below the cheapest credit price available.

Did I miss something or do some of you see the same discrepancies ?

Off Topic / Confessions of a photographer
« on: June 30, 2010, 15:52 »
Joe McNally confesses his photographer's sins to Father Bob (Krist).
I particularly liked (coming from two nikon shooters) :
- they should canonize you
- oh Joe... that's blasphemy


General Stock Discussion / Sygma bankruptcy
« on: May 21, 2010, 11:22 »
After Gamma in 2009, it's Sygma (Corbis) agency's turn to go bankrupt :
(in french, sorry, didn't find an english article yet)

Image Sleuth / Stock Images on FlickR
« on: May 04, 2010, 18:18 »
Once more, I found one of my images on FlickR. Other images in the same gallery look like typical stock images. Maybe one of yours is there :

I tried to send a copyright infringement notice to FlickR but they redirect me to a Yahoo (France) form that I have to fill and send by tracked snail mail. Any other way to send an online notice ?

(I don't have a FlickR account, so can't leave a message to the user)


I'm not an iPhone or iTouch user myself, but thought this review could be interesting for some of you. It's an iPhone app that allows to fill and file different kinds of releases that can be "hand signed" by the model or property owner on the device's screen. A picture of the model taken with the device can be attached to the release.

Don't know if the releases would be accepted by the agencies, though. And the review doesn't say if it's available in other languages than english.

Canon / 5D and 7D movie trailer
« on: March 09, 2010, 19:38 »
Here is the "City of Lakes" official trailer, filmed with 5D and 7D.
More infos and making-of videos on Pacific Pictures page


General Photography Discussion / Free, no-battery exposure meter
« on: October 13, 2009, 09:42 »
I just found a link to a simple tool that will "help you learn how to read light conditions and learn exposure to the degree where you don't need a light meter".

All you need is a printer, some paper card, a craft-knife, a ruler and some glue.

And it even comes in two flavors : standard and mini !

Off Topic / Micro Publishing
« on: April 01, 2009, 13:35 »
Some of you certainly already know about book print-on-demand (POD) companies like Blurb, Lulu, etc.

Now for those who secretly dream of creating and publishing their own paper magazine with a glossy cover, HP labs launched MagCloud, an online POD service that takes care of the printing, promotion and diffusion of your mag. You still have to create it in whatever layout software that's able to output in PDF format, following MagCloud's recommaendations for page size and bleed margins (see their Publisher Guide).

Basically, publishing a mag is free. The mag will be sold to your customers at the base price of $0.20 per page (production cost) + shipping. Then you can specify your desired markup on sales, which MagCloud will transfer to a Paypal account (min. payout = $10). You may even include advertising in your mag, to help finance it. You can keep your mag private, if it's just for internal use (club, association, company,...). Then you can buy each copy for the base price of $0.20/page. (see the publication TOS)

For now, they only ship to US, Canada and UK, but they should add more countries later.

Who will be the first to publish "Microstock News" or "Microstock Weekly" ?


Off Topic / Adobe Cards
« on: November 08, 2008, 08:33 »
Just for your eyes' pleasure :
Patiently wait for the flash animation to load, then move the bottom cursor slowly and enjoy !

You can also move the cursor fully to the right and watch the entire animation, but it's fun to interact with it !

Cameras / Lenses / D3 shutter release in slow motion
« on: September 21, 2008, 20:46 »
An interesting animation showing the Nikon D3's shutter release, step by step. Wait until the complete loading of the pictures, then move your mouse over the picture (left / right) to go backwards / foreward :

Also interesting to read how it was captured !

Cameras / Lenses / Deep inside a Canon 10D
« on: August 07, 2008, 18:32 »
An interesting video showing (in 3D) all the parts inside a Canon 10D :

Off Topic / NYC location scouting - any NewYorker here ?
« on: May 17, 2008, 08:54 »

I'm going to NYC at the end of the month. I try to plan my stay and find some nice photo vantage points, knowing that photography is the main goal of my trip.

I'd like to shoot twilight/night views of the statue of liberty from a location where I could frame lower Manhattan buildings in the background. I exclude shooting from a ferry as I expect very low shutterspeeds at that time of the day. Looking at the Google Earth screenshot below, it seems the best location should be somewhere on Jersey's east coast.

Does someone here know if this place on Jersey is accessible and open to the public (it seems to be some kind of industrial area) ? If it is, what is the easiest way to go there at twilight (and go back to midtown Manhattan afterwards) ? I won't have a rental car, I'll just use public transportations and taxis. Does this place have a name, so that a taxi could drive me there ?

The Google Earth measure tool indicates a distance of ~6.2 kms (3.85 miles) from this part of Jersey to lower Manhattan (the statue being approx. in the middle). I guestimate I'd need at least a 200 or 300mm on a canon crop body to get a decent framing of the scene. Am I completely wrong ?

Thanks for any information.

123RF / 123RF new prices and licenses
« on: March 04, 2008, 08:33 »
123 RF announces new credit packages, new extended licenses and new download sizes :


16 / FeaturePics search
« on: August 31, 2007, 04:57 »
I just tried a search on FP, and found a strange behavior.

From the home page search box :
I typed "dollar" : only irrelevant results
I typed "red car" : the same irrelevant results

From the "advanced search" page :
I typed "dollar" : only the first page with relevant results. Next pages are all irrelevant images. Same behavior for other searches.

I don't know since when it's been like that, but I didn't have a single sale in the last month.

I contacted FP about it. Waiting for an answer.

17 / iStock referred members
« on: August 28, 2007, 09:19 »
Hi all,

I now have 5 reffered members (4 new ones in august) who seem to be referred buyers as I earned $10 for each of them.

What I don't understand is where they got my referral link from ? I've never left any referral link anywhere, be it on personal websites or discussion forums. Do our referral links appear automatically in search engines ?

Or is it that when a buyer's first buy happens to be one of your images, you are considered as the referrer ?

Not that I'm bothered earning more money 8), but I like to understand how things work, just out of curiosity.


Hi everyone,

I need some advice about exclusive image pricing and contract.

I have been contacted by a client after they have seen one of my images on several stock sites. This image would fit their needs, except that they need an exclusive one for the software packaging they are designing (the image has already been sold several times). So they asked me for a quote (proposal?) about creating one or more new images in the same style (it's an illustration, not a photograph) that would be exclusive to them.

I tried the Stock Photo Price Calculator at and the average price for "Packaging / Major illustration / 10.000 or less" is $1350 (I still don't know their print run, but I will of course adjust for it when I have more infos).

These prices are assumed for non-exclusive reproduction rights, but I think that if I can sell one picture for such money, I'd be happy not to sell it elsewere, that's much more than my average sale on Alamy, and to be honest, creating this kind of image is not very time consuming. Do you think I should charge even more, considering it's for exclusive use ? I'd be bothered missing the sale for being too hungry...

Any advice on what terms I SHOULD include in the contract for such a sale, apart from clearly indicating that I remain the copyright holder and limiting the use of the image ? Any link to a standard contract would also be apreciated !

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts, advices and experiences as photographers or designers.


New Sites - General / WARNING : Credit card fraud from Latvia
« on: October 06, 2006, 07:11 »
Hi all,

After the recent image theft issue, I have been victim of another fraud.

I noticed on my september bank account statement a fake 139 USD credit card transaction originated from Latvia (LVA), on Sept. 13th, which is precisely the day I signed up at Galastock last month. Of course, I never gave any credit card info to them, but they had my paypal id (my email).

Coincidence or not ? I would advise all of you to check your recent credit card activity, just in case...
I had to file a complaint to the police dept. for fraudulent use of my credit card, then make an opposition to my credit card at my bank, which confirmed the Latvian origin of the transaction, but they didn't have any more information.

Sorry to bring bad news again, and maybe it's not related to Galastock (though these issues, both originated from Latvia, at the same time period, make me really suspicious) but I thought I had to make this public warning for everyone's sake.

Take care,

New Sites - General / Image theft
« on: September 28, 2006, 16:47 »

My first post here.

While searching for my name on google, I found some of my pictures credited to someone else. By following the link, I arrived on Fotolia and found 18 of my pictures sold by another contributor there >:(

I've already sent a feedback to Fotolia's admins, but as I have also recognized some pictures of other photographers I know, I just wanted to pass the info so you can check if some of your pictures have been robbed too.

Here's the link to the robber's portfolio :

All the best

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