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Hi Everyone. Been at this full time now for a while now (video) and trying to figure out pension ideas?
I've been putting a % away into crypto for a couple of years and that is doing OK. Keeping it long term for retirement.
I've been toying with the idea of either a private pension or second buy to let home for a future retirement investment too?

I'm also hoping my portfolio will see me right too as I'm hoping it will bring in $$$ even when I stop producing (if I ever do?)

What are other full timers doing in regards to pensions??? 

I had an email today saying I'm invited (hand-selected) - don't make me laugh... to help other contributors with questions and I'll get paid for every person I help. Shutterstock have teamed up with Directly?

Anyone else?
Not sure what to make of this?
I never post in the forums? Must be via sales that they pick people?

Hi all - I think the title says it all. Notice I say when and not if...
Love it or hate it crypto is here to stay and instead of being payed in dollars into paypal to exchange it to pounds to then buy crypto in dollars again (which I've been doing) and loosing a fortune on fees. When will our royalties be payed out in crypto?

It would be amazing to get the top cryptos as payment each month as an option.

What do you think? When's it coming?

General - Top Sites / Age Old Question
« on: November 29, 2017, 11:06 »
Ok, Ok I know this has been asked a million times, but I've really been thinking seriously about it lately and wouldn't mind some thoughts.

This is from a video background (think storyblocks)

So why don't the top 10/20 people on here (including me obviously) with portfolios over 5000 clips start their own site offering it as a membership site so people can download as many clips for a pre-payed amount each month?

If 20 people with 5000 clips join then that's a library of 100,000 clips (storyblocks size)
Not sure what everyone would need to put in to start something like this off? $2000? thats $40,000 to make a simple membership site.
We could start off slow and try to build it up to advertise etc.

Am i naive? I'm just not sure why this hasn't happened already?

I know people on here will be saying we couldn't compete against the likes of shutterstock etc, but word of mouth is the best method surly? We could start off with 10/20 people and then open it up for all and then really compete against the big boys?

What do you guys think?

General - Stock Video / Missing Videoblocks payment
« on: April 16, 2017, 02:50 »
Just wondering if anyone else has not been payed yet for March royalties?
Received my pond5 yesterday (on the 15th) but not Videoblocks.

The march royalties don't even show up in pending or previous payouts which is really weird. They show up in my sales History though. It looks like a bug to me? My next payout shows the sales from this Month (April) so March is totally missing.

Anyone else?
I've sent them a message so waiting for a response.

General - Top Sites / Thoughs On 4K Video For Stock
« on: March 29, 2017, 05:27 »
I've been uploading 4K video to all the major stock sites for a few years now and I'm beginning to wonder is it a bit to good for stock?

I get the 'it will future proof' your stock library but won't that be out of date after 10 years anyway? Fashion / concepts / technology etc.

I still sell much more HD content (although my portfolio is 90% HD) and although I welcome the extra $$$ when a 4K clip is sold it is a bit to far and few between for the extra work load it takes.

My main concerns:
Extra time to edit / render / upload must be 5 X compared to HD clips

I've now got a huge backlog of clips due to the upload sizes. I have fiber and upload 2mbps but I'm finding a batch of 35 clips all at 4GB takes several days to upload to each agency. Much longer to shutterstock as they are way slow at the moment. The same batch in HD would take 8 - 10 hours or maybe sooner.

Extra hard drive space is crazy. My study is now littered with external hard drives as I have to backup my backups.

What are other 4K shooters feelings? Do you think it's worth it? Maybe stock should just be HD anyway as I can't see mainstream TV broadcasting in full 4K for many many years?

General - Stock Video / Oasis 'Supersonic' Film
« on: November 21, 2016, 12:20 »
Hi guys, just wanted to pick your brains.
I was watching the new film 'Supersonic' the other night and was blown over to see several of my clips. they were at a real crucial and important part of the film too so was and still am so chuffed. I'm a massive Oasis fan and lived and breathed them back in 1995 when I was 17.

Anyway to cut a long story short how can I or am I allowed to kind of credit myself on my website about my stock being included in the film? Has anyone done this kind of thing before - to credit themselves?

OK so I've never done this yet but I've been thinking of it for a while.
When we go on our family annual holiday (normally abroad) I always take my video gear and can shoot up to 500 vids in 2 weeks. (I know it's my holiday time but I'm one of those sad people that just love filming) We normally drive over to France so I can lug around all my kit in the car. My wife and kids are really supportive and take star roles in most of my clips. I love getting up early and investigating the new landscape. Anyway.......
If I'm "working" whilst on holiday, can I put down any expenses against my annual income tax (I'm in the UK)
Has anyone ever done this?
Thanks for any advise

General Stock Discussion / Anyone With Google Adwords Experience?
« on: February 15, 2016, 16:57 »
I'm starting up my own video website selling a niche subject matter that I sell each day on a major stock site. I guess if they sell each day on a major stock site then why can't I do it for myself right and keep all the money:)
My site isn't ready yet but I've been playing around with google adwords spending $10 a day.
I've never done this before and looking at all the clicks I've had 99% are searching porn (which my clips are the total opposite) I then noticed negative keywords so put in all the filth I could think of. Anyway now I hardly get any clicks.
It turns out a famous porn star has a name that describes what I'm selling. So what . do I do? I've spent $70 on dirty folk searching for a porn star so not happy. Is it just a bit of tweeking with the keywords until you find a happy medium?
Anyone else have similar experiences?

I normally get within the first 2 spots so I'm happy with that but not getting the right people. Probably spotty teenage boys with no money.

I can't seem to find where I can upload my csv files into fotolia. I'm uploading a lot of clips and hoping I just can't find it rather than fotolia not having csv as an option.


Newbie Discussion / Video Footage Sales
« on: July 10, 2012, 15:15 »
Hi all! I'm new to this forum and pretty new to microstock, although I've been creating and editing footage as my occupation for years.
I basically wanted to ask a few questions and to join a good forum! (Ive been reading threads on here for a few months now)

I'm an exclusive footage contributor to one of the big agencies and started to upload footage around the end of December 2011
I'm really happy how things have gone as I've been averaging $600 a month since Feb this year (I'm beginning to think I could cut down hours at work to spend more time in micro-stock).

Feb / March / April was pretty similar in downloads and royalties. May was mental and I broke the $1000 range, but since then June was around the $350 mark and July doesn't look too much better? Is this up and down sales normal?

I read somewhere that the summer months are slow for picture sales, is this true in video footage too? and if so when does it normally pickup? September?

Also is there a forum somewhere only for video contributors?

Lastly when I joined the agency I became an exclusive straight away. Is this the correct move or should I upload my videos everywhere? What makes the most money? My portfolio has risen to 450 videos to date? The slowdown in sales the past two months have been a bit disheartening as I've really tried hard to make a large portfolio only to find less downloads!

Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me!

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