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CanStockPhoto.com / Sales Balance not Updating?!
« on: March 16, 2011, 08:25 »
With about 700 photos online, never had more than 4 - 5 days with no sale. Strangely enough, no new sales for 18 days, i.e. since Feb. 27...

Did you experienced this kind of drought?

Interestingly enough, as I just noticed, there are large download (and, obviously, earning!) count discrepancies between figures at www.123rf.com/myfavimages.php > My Images and www.123rf.com/submit/commission.php -- even taking into account the refund to-and-fro download math at www.123rf.com/submit/downloaded_stats.php.

In other words, assuming the summarized download count at  www.123rf.com/myfavimages.php > My Images for my port equals to 100%, the Downloads Total at www.123rf.com/submit/commission.php shows only about 85% of dls, with earnings reduced accordingly (!)... (Just one example in order to be more specific: at My Images, an image has a statistics of 9 dls, while scrolling through the monthly stats at www.123rf.com/submit/downloaded_stats.php shows only 6 dls and no refunds.)

Needless to say, I have properly documented all the above -- and looking forward for immediate and efficient reaction from the 123RF side. Also, it goes without saying that I will not hesitate to be in touch with my copyright agency, should a necessity arise.

P.S. Just to avoid any misunderstandings: I use static IP for years and have no habit to download anything from my ports for free...

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