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Shutterstock.com / unique phrases - keywords question
« on: March 14, 2015, 06:53 »

As part of a project I am working on, I have been writing functionality which parses embedded IPTC image metadata.

With respect to this I am currently specifically focused on the different ways in which multi-word phrases or unique phrases are used.

This question relates specifically to Shutterstock. Item 6 of this article at Shutterstock talks about unique phrases.

6) For multiple words where you would like to create a unique phrase, consider using quotation marks. Example: clay pot. Depending on whether quotation marks are used, this phrase can be understood as two separate keywords or one keyword. In response to clay pot our search engine would only return an image if both clay and pot are separate keywords associated with the image. Now, if someone wanted to treat this keyword as a phrase, they would place it in quotations, "clay pot. The search engine would then return all images where the phrase "clay pot" was used as the keyword. It does not return images which only used the individual keywords clay and pot.


What I am seeing when I search for clay pot using quotes seems to be images which seem to have clay and pot as keywords - but seemingly no images including the exact unique phrase. As if the search quotes were being ignored.

Can anyone explain what it going on or help me understand this better ? Perhaps someone who has specifically used a unique phrase in quotes at Shutterstock. Is it that the unique phrase "clay pot" is there but is not listed in the visible customer facing keywords ?

StockUnlimited Brings The Netflix Model To Stock Imagery, Starting With Vector Graphics

Instead of limiting users to a set monthly allowance, StockUnlimited charges a $9.99 flat fee ...

... If it wasnt for the team behind it, Id likely have serious doubts about the companys plan, which flies in the face of the established (and highly profitable) business model in the stock imagery world. The companys chairman and lead investor is Andy Sitt, who also founded the successful stock imagery service 123RF. StockUnlimiteds CEO is Christian Toksvig, the former head of business development at Getty Images. These two clearly know how this market works.

Currently, StockUnlimited only features vector images, but the plan is to expand to photos and videos in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

unsplash.com is a side project of Montreal based pickcrew.com. It has a similar feel to VSCO Grid but is not mobile specific.

I know that not many here like free (Creative Commons - Zero) content. But there is some wonderful photography there and it is worth a look - if only to see where things are going.


Jo Ann Snover linked to this public investment research/opinion a while back on another thread.

What do they mean by midstock ? What is midstock in this context ?

Predictions and guesses: What will happen and how are you planning to take your work forward ?

BTW: here is the thread which I started this time last year. 2014: your image market predictions & personal resolutions ?

Interesting blog post here explains an issue which Leica have now responded to and which seems to potentially affect all Leica M9 models.

The issue relates to sensor corrosion which is apparently being caused by wet cleaning (i.e. with isopropyl alcohol). An apparently somewhat confusing response from Leica so far.

The ISSUU app is really worth knowing about.

A while back there was a discussion about magazines - and especially the more obscure hip fashion and lifestyle mags which until recently tended to be available only in capital cities. Now they are all (well many of them) available legally free for the iPad. Plus much of the mainstream stuff too.

ISSUU is back on iOS now and is based on free. It's the whole world of magazines. Also - it looks like a good platform for people who want to publish their portfolios.

If you have got an iPad and you like magazines then you want this app. IMO it is going to be a revolution in the same way in which YouTube was.

PS - also allows downloads for reading offline - e.g. on flights

I've had this for about a week - I came to it via a portfolio which someone sent me. It has taken me a few days to realise just how great this app is. It takes a while to find starts finding stuff.

ISSUU has been around for ages on Android. But I think it is the change of model which has brought it back to iOS that potentially marks the big change.

I am not normally bothered with camera reviews because gadgets tend to be boring. But I enjoy Kai Wong's Digital Rev camera reviews from Hong Kong.

This review of the new Fuji X100T is interesting and I think worth sharing. They have filmed it at the street protests in Hong Kong. It is not a definitive camera review - and it is certainly not pretending to be a definitive piece of journalism. But it is quite interesting. I never saw a camera review which had the potential to also be a little bit of history.


Hi. I wonder whether anyone can give me the long story short with respect to which licences are required when using icon sets in iPhone/iPad applications. The specific case is with respect to enterprise - i.e. small distribution essential private releases (not on the App Store). However I am also interested to know whether there are additional licensing implications if an app also later goes to the App Store and potentially gets more downloads. For example - can a licence later be upgraded in the event of a longer run ?

Please :) -- I know I should read the terms and conditions - but I have very poor attention and completely glaze over whenever I start reading the long complicated licence conditions (an if this, then this flow chart would be brilliant but none of the sites seem to offer that). I am mostly likely interested in iStock and Shutterstock btw (but am also open to suggestions if anyone wants to recommend any other sites they like which perhaps have easier to understand licences).

Also - if anyone knows a site which offers RF icon sets in PNG format then I would be very interested to know about that too.


Most people here will know that the flickr - Getty partnership ended some while ago.

iStock has introduced new guidelines with respect to the need for releases for multiple logos and crowds scenes. Quite interesting.

Article here: http://www.istockphoto.com/article_view.php?ID=1736

Dreamstime.com / Dreamstime - spammers, hacked ?
« on: April 22, 2014, 10:27 »
11 identical promotional email messages sent a few minutes apart from DT. Where I briefly had an active account (9 years ago IIRC).

Have they been hacked ?

Alamy.com / Alamy launches Stockimo - upload iPhone pics directly
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:52 »
For uploading iPhone shots directly from iPhone to Alamy.


What will happen and how are you planning to take your work forward ?

Site Related / Subscribed to Premium here - Nothing happened
« on: November 23, 2013, 05:29 »
So I subscribed to / supported this board via the $25 Paypal option. I got a receipt from Paypal for the transaction but nothing changed on my account. Is that normal ? Am I missing something ? Do I need to do something else ? I am concerned that the donation has not been received.

Software - General / Nik Analog Efex Pro / automatic updates
« on: November 16, 2013, 10:00 »
I noticed today that Google Nik Collection for Lightroom has added a new edit-in plugin called Analog Efex Pro which has automatically appeared on my system.

Fair enough. But - does anyone know how to turn off automatic updates for Google Nik ? I'm running OS X Mavericks. I would prefer to choose when to install updates since I do not want something potentially breaking my setup.

Obviously has not been installed or updated via the normal Mac updates process.

Site Related / Smilies & emoticons - I propose monthly limits
« on: November 13, 2013, 12:00 »
I propose a monthly limit of, say, 2 each. They're really annoying when over used.

That is all.

Silicon Alley's First Billionaire Aims To Dominate Images On Web

This story appears in the October 28, 2013 issue of Forbes

Jon Oringer marches along the gutted 21st floor of the Empire State Building and ducks out a window onto a deck to pose for a magazine shoot, snapping his own photos as the photographer snaps photos of him. Starting this winter, the entire floor (and an identical one below it) will play home to Shutterstock ... to turn Shutterstock into the worlds largest marketplace for buying and selling images. Right now that title belongs to the Carlyle Group-owned Getty Images

Interesting new interview with photographer Kevin Russ at vimeo.com/73498057. I really like and am also interested by his distinctive work. He definitely seems to be about telling stories and seems like a very nice guy.

Also there is this earlier short film about him at Vimeo: Kevin Russ | A Travelling Photographer - by Max Monty

EDIT: you will have to copy and paste the first link - I tried to add a proper link to the page but for some reason either Vimeo or the forum software here was adding lots of superfluous junk and messing up the formatting. Sorry about that.

I expect that lots of people saw this two part interview with Jonathan Klein of Getty Images at South By Southwest when TechCrunch blogged it almost a month ago. But I don't think I have seen it linked to here - and it addresses lots of the things which people here are interested in. He speaks very well and seems to have a clear vision.

The interview is in two parts. In the second part he specifically talks about Pinterest, school projects etc.



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