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There is a little green dial below my name, it used to be right round to the, err, right, now it appears to have gone the other way. I have no idea what it shows but I am doing far less well at it now than I used to , apparently, whatever it is. :-\

General Stock Discussion / 'Crisis of Proliferation'
« on: October 06, 2015, 04:04 »
I read an interesting little article by Stuart Maconie ( UK writer and DJ) in last weeks Waitrose magazine (upmarket UK supermarket), about a well known French academic  called Jacques Attali. He wrote a book in 1977 called "Noise: The political economy of music" where he predicted a future where there would be so much music and it would be so easily available that it would cease to have any value. He called it the coming 'Crisis of Proliferation'. Maconie then went on to describe the current situation in the music business, looking back to the 1970's where a record in the charts could sell millions and provide a decent pension plan, and comparing that with a successful band nowadays who, despite worldwide acclaim were struggling to buy a one bed flat in London.
Ring any bells anyone ? Sounds much the same with the image industry.

General Stock Discussion / Contacting an artist on Shutterstock
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:19 »
I've found a Shutterstock artist selling what I consider to be a copy of one of my best selling images and, although I've told IS ( useless), and just contacted support at Shutterstock ( still waiting a response) I'd also like to contact the artist directly. Is there a way to do this, like the iStock sitemail?

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