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Yaymicro / The image of the week is almost chromotherapy!
« on: July 22, 2013, 17:46 »
The image of the week is almost chromotherapy! And it's also a free lesson about how to use colors!


Sylvia - Yay Team

Yaymicro / The image of the week is based on a metaphor!
« on: July 01, 2013, 00:26 »

In simpler terms, a metaphor compares two objects or things without using the words like or as. But how can we use it in photography?


p.s.: Have a good week! :)


"Enjoying your photography and earning a living at the same time!" Find out more from the photographer himself:  Peter Titmuss, featured in the British Press Photographer of the Year award and World Press Photo Exhibitions!


Sylvia - Yay Team  ;)


More, it shows how we can have a group image with paying only one person! :)


What do you think?


Beside all technical requirements, shooting with models is not easy at all! The image of the week comes to help us with a great and simple example of how to do it right.


Hope it helps,
Sylvia - Yay Team

The simpler, the better!

Beside the questions regarding war and violence, the image of the week is a lesson about what a good image could and should be!


So, we have a new image of the week! About animal rights...


Sylvia - Yay Team  ::)

Yaymicro / A new post about vectors on our blog!
« on: March 31, 2013, 15:42 »
Hi, everybody!

We plan to dedicate a special space to vectors on our blog. So, we have a new post meant to explain to our customers what's so great about vectors:


p.s.: We are also waiting for any questions/suggestions! :)

Hi, everybody!

Guess who's back?! Our blog! And it's here to stay and answer to any question/topic photographers and designers might have!

We don't want to have a blog but a place for meeting each other and for finding answers to questions in order to grow together.

Microstock is indeed a dynamic environment and the way to success is a two-sided road. So, let's meet!

Do you have questions regarding pictures/vectors? Do you need a direction in your work? Or do you want to know what sells best and how? Here's the place:


Sylvia - Yay Team  ::)

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