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I know this sounds like a dumb and silly question, but i have been pondering

"What happen if POWERHOUSE ISTOCK illustrators like Kbeis Istock, Nokee Istock or any other great illustrators actually decide to become independent and start selling their fabulous works on the top 3 and middle tier?

Will they actually dominate the market and other illustration contributors, and have an edge over others?
If so, why did'nt they do that???? Cos they feel robbed of their work values???

Anyway, after a few days thought, i decided to get back to SS and reapply my acct. Surprisingly, I am back on the 2nd day after applying. But I havent upload anything yet. :P

Dear fellows,

I would like to know

Does the 30% tax only applied to sales/download from USA only or overall gross sales for a NON-US citizen? I am from SIngapore.

Shutterstock only tax 30% from sales/download from US, but not for other regions.

Does this apply to other stock agencies like fotolia, dreamtimes or any other agencies that required W8 form as well?

Thank you!!!!!!

Dear fellow Illustrators,

I would like to seek advise from veteran stock illustrators here whether should I join the rest of the agencies?

You see, i have joined Istock on Jan 2013 and became an exclusive in 2 months time. I was delighted to become an exclusive at first but somehow the 30% royalties for exclusives seem like a joke to me. So I left and join GL and other microstocks site that offer 50% commission.

During this 2 months, sales were not as good as i expect like Istock. It seem to me the traffic at this sites are moderately low.

Right now, i am considering whether should I join the top 3 sites and the rest of middle tier and best 4 low earners?

If i am a photographer, i would not hesistate to join all the sites but for a illustrator, it's kind of a ego thing.
Illustration takes years to hone yr craft and plenty of moment to create a good artwork. Selling yr artworks for 30 cents is hard to swallow. But with money dun come yr way, then what the use of having Good skills?

Can any ones advise what the advantages and disadvantages of selling at other agencies in the long run?
Does selling Raster version of yr vector work at all sites a good move or a bad move? Or is it wiser to sell yr vector  at all sites?

Any advise is welcome and I really appreciate yr suggestions.

Istock exclusive programme is overhyped and over rated. I was disillusioned into getting 45% commission and in the end i was getting 25% which is no different from 15%. I was only paid 18 buck for artwork that is price $75 which is frustrating.
Istock is too greedy for having lion share.

Anyway, i decided to quit Istock at the end of this month.

Can any veteran here kindly provide me a list of agencies that offer 50-50% commission in vector illustraton?
Would kindly appreciated if anyone here help.

Hi folks, I m a newbie here and i have joined Istock 3 months ago.

Few days ago, i received a mail from istock offering an exclusive program and now hesistating.

I wished to seek advice from former istock exclusives here, if i joined their exclusive program, does it mean that I am being offered 45% full commission???

The answer that I received from Istock is not very clear, they just said 30 to 45%, never giving me the actual commission figure.

Actually, the greatest surprise that i received from istock is that 70% of my artworks which is selling for $15 to $25 previously have been upgraded to Vetta collections and now selling at $45 to $75.
I am happy that istock valued my designs, but at the same time i m worried that they may not sell as well as before since it is very costly.

And one thing, does istock really check yr files on other microstock sites? I see that some istock exclusives are selling their files on other sites as well.

Any advices are welcomed.

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