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Adobe Stock / Adobe Tax Form link is broken
« on: December 28, 2022, 09:45 »
I'm sorry to bore everybody with a tax form question. But the link to my Tax Form on adobe is broken. It is saved on an old Fotolia url, which is now dead:

Has anybody had the same problem? - and solved it?


Symbiostock - Network Building / I need help on some basics
« on: October 17, 2013, 04:49 »
First issue

There is something I can't figure out, even though I've been reading a lot, and it might be my lack in the english language  ;)

I have a site where I have filled out all - or nearly all - according to the "Symbio Getting Started Guide", and my site also have found its way to the "Cascoly Symbiostock Network List" - so far so good.

At this point I can search and find my own images from

If I go to a fellow Symbiostockers homepage and search, I can't find my own images - is that because I haven't connected with the site?

Next issue

I'm sure I've figured out about downloading the Symbiocard, and sending and recieving, but what is the common way to get in touch?

Do I just write to a person and ask if we should connect?


PS: I have a portfolio around 700 but stopped at around 100 to figure out the basics

First of all, what a fantastic idea and what a fantastic program/theme.

I've been setting up a small shop made in Joomla, but yesterday I closed it and made one in Symbiostock instead. Everything is going great, but then I have a couple of issues with the Large filesize.

1. I have always uploaded my photos with 240 dpi, and then the sites have scaled them after their needs. Does this mean I have to redevelop all my photos to meet the 300 dpi in Symbiostock - or is there a smarter way to do it?

2. When I make a test buy of a Large photo and download it, it will have .html in the end of the filename: for instance 22-large.jpg.html. If i remove .html, the file is fine?

3. I read in a post at this site, that the files is sitting at wp-content/uploads/symbiostock_rf_content, but that only seems to be the microphoto and the watermark photo. Where is the Larger photo?

My site is at and I am looking forward to just start uploading - and renaming  : ) - all my photos. I believe this is gonna be huge.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

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