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Hi everybody!

Yesterday I had my two first Els ever (on SS)! WOW! You cant believe how happy I am!  :D

The only thing I know about Els is that I earn more money for those downloads and that the person who downloaded it has some more rights... But what exactly is the difference between a regular downlaod and an EL? I still have the same rights on those photos, right?

Maybe this is a stupid question but Ive never tried to find out because I didnt think I would ever get an EL...  ;) And now I got two at once!!  :D

By the way, these are my two winners:


2 / Istocks image needs
« on: May 29, 2007, 08:38 »
Hi everybody!

In their training maunal Istock says that they dont need anymore images of dogs/ cats, flowers, flags, sunsets & clouds and so on. Does that mean that they always reject every image that contains one of those things? Or how strict are they with this? Is it still worth a try?


PS: I really enjoy this forum! Im quite passive here, Im mostly reading and not writing that much, but I think its a very nice atmosphere here! Thanks for all your great advices and information, Ive already learned a lot thanks to you all!  :)

Hi everyone!

On which microstock sites are you allowed to decide which prices you want to sell your photos for? There are several sites, arent there?


Hi everybody!

I was wondering if it matters if you upload seasonal images out of season. For example if you upload winter pictures during the summer. I assume that they wont get downloaded right away, but will they become more popular when the season begins or do you suggest to always download right before/ during the "right" season?

I think on shutterstock people choose the search option "newest first" a lot so there it would obviously be best to upload seasonal images right before/ during the right season, but how does it work on the other big stockphoto sites?

Looking forward to your answers! :)

General - Top Sites / Whats the best stockphoto site if...
« on: February 22, 2007, 06:58 »
... you upload images regulary (several times a month)?

... dont upload images regulary?

Whats your personal experience?

Looking forward to your answers! :-)

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