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iStockPhoto.com / New IStock subs plans... This is what you earn:
« on: September 19, 2015, 03:30 »
Ok i will show 2 examples of the lowest subscription plan 


1 month, 35 eur -10 essentials images 10 x 0,28=you earn 2,80 USD (2,40 Eur aprox) and Istock earn 32,60 Eur

Exclusive, signature;

1 month, 85 eur -10 signature images 10 x 0,75=you earn 7,50 USD (6,50 Eur aprox) and Istock earn 78,50 Eur

Is this true??

Is like depositphotos... or worst...

Trust them because they offered a fair commission and I could produce images of that style. You judge the message that I received today.

In the coming days, FotoArabia will be rolling out significant changes to our products, pricing and contributor payments. This is an update on what were planning.
Introducing subscriptions

FotoArabia will soon introduce new subscription products for buyers looking for regular access to images. Subscriptions will be offered as either 10, 25 or 50 image downloads per month.
Simpler products and prices

As we continue to grow, we learn more about our buyers, and we are evolving our products and prices to reflect this. Multiple image sizes will be replaced with just two easy-to-understand sizes: web-resolution and print-resolution. Image credits will also be replaced with simpler and more user-friendly image download quotas, for both package and subscription purchases.

Prices across all products will be lowered slightly, and package and subscription purchases will offer incredibly good value for bulk and regular buyers.
Exclusive content will pay higher

Our sales volumes in the past months demonstrate a clear trend: content exclusive to FotoArabia is much more popular with buyers than content also found on other websites. Many of our buyers are already users of generic stock services and are therefore able to find this content elsewhere.

To reward contributors who take the time to submit exclusive high-quality content to FotoArabia and to encourage our contributors at large to do the same, contributor pay-out rates for exclusive content will remain at 50%, whilst the pay-out rate for non-exclusive content will be reduced to 30%.
Payment processing fees to be shared

Up until now, FotoArabia has covered all payment processing fees associated with buyer purchases as well as transfers to contributors. As the volume of payments made on the platform continues to grow, it is now becoming significant. FotoArabia will continue to pay all fees associated with contributor payments, but processing fees for image purchases on the website will now be shared equally between FotoArabia and the contributor. This additional cost will at most be 3% of the value of the purchase.
Upload offer ends

We currently offer $0.25 per upload to all contributors. Our upload offer has been received with great enthusiasm and contributors have taken advantage of the offer by uploading tens of thousands of Middle Eastern and Arabic-themed images in just a few short months. A big thanks to all our contributors! By the end of this week, were ending the offer and we will no longer be paying for regular uploads. We may introduce new offers in the future, but for the time being, well take a moment to consolidate the content that weve received and work to ensure that our buyers are able to find the high-quality images that they are looking for from our growing library.

We look forward to working with you in the coming days and weeks, as we roll out these exciting changes. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our update further, please dont hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards,
- The FotoArabia Team


because 95% of sales are $ 0.30: Fake subscriptions

Possibly already been spoken or written in forum, but using the issue of dollar club fotolia is hot and "shop shot" is hot i open this topic to remember what the fake packets subscriptions that create industries stock to not pay us a fair commission.


5 images 37 eur / month you get 0.30$ of 7.44
10 images 52 eur / month you get 0.30$ of 5.20
20 images 58 eur month you get 0,30 $ of 3.38 
... you want speak in dollars? its worst than DPC

This kills their own credit packages and  other pages on demand sales as we receive Shutter of 20-30% or 50% Pond5.

I put this new topic to newbies not enter this website and to Depositphotos do what it has done fotolia: ensure at least 25% of the actual price of the image.

Sory my english

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