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Dissolve / New Dissolve Reel - Emoji Among Us
« on: July 15, 2014, 17:36 »
Hello everyone,

The creative team at Dissolve has done it again! Here is our latest video:

Emoji Among Us

As some of you already know we create these awesome reels/films/videos to promote Dissolve and the work of our amazing contributors. We have made many in the past and some have gone viral such as the "Generic Brand Video" you might have seen going around recently (at over 1 and a half million views currently):

Generic Brand Video

If you are curious, here is more we've worked on in the past:

Have a look and tell us what you think!

Dissolve / Introducing Dissolve
« on: July 02, 2014, 11:27 »
Hello from Dissolve!

My name is George Georgeadis and I am a filmmaker/storyteller and the product manager here at Dissolve. I work directly with our contributors and I am beyond excited to introduce myself and Dissolve to you.

Dissolve is a new stock footage website by some of the founders and original creative minds behind Veer and iStock. We are 100% focused on selling footage and specializing in supporting the unique needs of footage buyers around the world.

We are looking to work with contributors that are as passionate about stock footage as we are. We believe that footage is at the heart of great storytelling and we are inspired by the work of this creative community.

I am not only a part the Dissolve team, but also a filmmaker and an exclusive stock producer for Dissolve, so I would like to encourage you to ask me any questions you have about Dissolve, about shooting footage, how to become a part of the Dissolve family or anything else you want to know.

We are happy to be on MicrostockGroup to start a dialogue about all things stock footage, and to invite you to become a contributor. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Here's our site: dissolve.com

Here's how to become a Dissolve contributor: contributors.dissolve.com

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