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Good day to you all. Can I avail myself of this forum's extensive knowledge and skills.
I come from a stills background but want to shoot video and I thought a GH5 with a 25 mm lens and a gimbal would be fine but soon realise that I actually need to add a 5inch monitor. i'm not a young fellow anymore and this ends up being heavier than my D800 set up.
Can I ask is there a camcorder that I get get that will shoot REAL 4K and at 60 fps, that will be light enough for me to handle and also travel with and when shooting not freak out the local population or law enforcement.
I have done a lot of Professor Googling, coming up with some good info and also some conflicting info. In the end I thought the horses mouth is the best place to get this, so here I am.
The videos will be mainly for travel stock. I am not adverse to buying second hand. and would like to spend around 1-2 thousand Aussie.
Thanks in advance.
David May

General - Stock Video / Gear Confusion
« on: January 22, 2017, 00:20 »
Can anyone please kick me in the right direction.
I want to start shooting stock video footage and am trying to find gear that will give me 4k @ 30fps, hopefully if not full 35mm frame then close to it.
I shoot Nikon and have a d800 and a number of good quality nikon lens that I would like to be able to use.
Got very excited about the d500 but it is dx and so my fx lens will be out of sinc with the camera, ie 50mm becomes 75mm etc.
I really like my 800, so  should I just keep the nikon and buy a high end point and shoot with a fixed lens.
I am getting the end of my tether here.
Have gone through Canon xc10, panasonic, sony, all of these are OK but one has to give up one or two features.
I don't want to make a feature film, just shoot good quality 4k stock.
Can someone please stop me going around in circles.
Thanks guys!

Dreamstime.com / comission not being paid at correct level
« on: January 24, 2011, 01:09 »
I am having a strange experience, one of my images has sold 5 times, in one place on the site it says it is a level 2 image, my commission has only been paid as a level 1 image, which it is obviously not. Anyone else having this problem, I know it is only a few cents to me but across the site photographers could be being duded out of a lot of money.
I have emailed DT and they say it is a level 1 image which it can't be, according to there specs, ie 1-4 sales is level 1, 5 and above are level 2.

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