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If Jon Oringer of Shutterstock ( donated his annual salary of $4,598,580 to image creators who produce the products Shutterstock licenses, and divided it among creators based on the number of images licensed, how would that benefit image creators?
AND YOU CREATORS ARE STILL UPLOADING YOUR WORK you must be joking, no employee is worth nearly 4.5 million dollars.

Wow that are really laughing all the way to the Bahamas.

Come On you lot wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

SIMPLE. external hard drive!

Here is a screen shot from the Kraken images website.

Off Topic / Re: Trump has the rona
« on: October 06, 2020, 18:46 »
what we have to remember here is that the USA is a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, when you look at the stats, 4% of people have passports, 50 or 60 million people do not have health care, this is a country where if you are taken to hospital the first thing they ask is if you have health care.
The so called democracy, states make is nearly impossible for people to vote, in some states if you have outstanding fines, you can't vote.
The last Pres election was rigged using BIG DATA to manipulate voters, right done to blocks in suburbs, not cities, this is how desperate they are, if yoy think I am kidding look up "voter Deterrence".

Come on, wake up.

Selling Stock Direct / Re: Google images licensable tag
« on: September 06, 2020, 18:52 »
I just had a look at the video and by the look of it unless you have your own site all you are doing is promoting stock libraries and to no financial return on our part, except possibly licensing that image but once the clicker has got to the library they could increase their search and license an image from another contributor, so again the only corporation thatj benefits is the Stock library. Imagine the amount of time it will take to do this to everyone of your images, go out and shoot images, don't waste your time.
Now if the stock libraies pay you to do it say .20c an image it might be worth alook at.

Selling Stock Direct / Re: Digital downloads on Etsy
« on: August 06, 2020, 07:57 »
Etsy used to be a good place, it has now turned into JUST ANOTHER ripoff site, thet not only charge you to up load images but once you sell something they HOLD THE MONEY for quite sometime.

7 / Re: Dreamstime increasing royalties
« on: June 06, 2020, 23:18 »
I have been with Dreamstinme since the early 2006, I have had images withy other sites that promised the world and delivered nothing.
My images from that time are still being licensed, they pay on time and if the images you have with them are exclusive you get a better %.

8 / Re: Crestok has just filed for bankruptcy
« on: May 07, 2020, 18:00 »
Well you can rest assured that ALL of us creatives will get NOTHING.
The administrators will get the bulk of funds.

9 / Re: $3.36 for a Hyperlapse clip
« on: May 06, 2020, 17:57 »
What WE as contributors have to remember here is yes you got a measley $3.36 for a clip, SS probably on the same day sold hundreds of OUR clips, they also got at least $3.36 per clip and are laughing all the way to the bank, getting upwards of $500 from those clips for doing nothing other than hosting them.
WE are a gigantic cash cow for these corporations and they love us, The GIG economy has nothing on this mob, talk about robber Barons and Pirates.
And as afar as OUR value they don't care because WE have GIVEN them millions of clips and images to do with as they LIKE, they set the RULES not US.
To add insult to injury there search engines are set to return WHAT they want the end user to see, adding even more control over OUR creations.

Well I have got that off my chest.

Please all stay safe.

Does not matter what version of payment THEY choose for us, we all have to remember that IT IS OUR creativeness thats makes these sites and without our creative skills and hard work they would be nothing. We as contributors to these sites should group together and demand a fairer share of the REVENUE that OUR images generate for these multinational corporations that treat us with contempt.

Shooting with the GH5 is great but it is unweildy and to have a better control when shooting run and gun, I need to add at least a cage and then you start to stand out in a crowd. Perhaps it is because I came from a stills background and am used to doing all my shooting through a viewfinder not on a display.

No I don't want to have a 5 inch display.

"I earn enough in stock to be equivalent to the average professional white collar full time office job in the United States", then forget about your own site shoot more images, concentrate on your core business which to my mind is shooting stock.
It is a full time job just running a site let alone promoting it and then shooting NEW images because that is what you will need.
A couple of years ago there was a Finish/Swede, that had over 400 thousand images online, he had a whole studio behind him and he pumped out images full of people all model released, I think he was called Yuri Acor. He had his images on every stock library.

Good day to you all. Can I avail myself of this forum's extensive knowledge and skills.
I come from a stills background but want to shoot video and I thought a GH5 with a 25 mm lens and a gimbal would be fine but soon realise that I actually need to add a 5inch monitor. i'm not a young fellow anymore and this ends up being heavier than my D800 set up.
Can I ask is there a camcorder that I get get that will shoot REAL 4K and at 60 fps, that will be light enough for me to handle and also travel with and when shooting not freak out the local population or law enforcement.
I have done a lot of Professor Googling, coming up with some good info and also some conflicting info. In the end I thought the horses mouth is the best place to get this, so here I am.
The videos will be mainly for travel stock. I am not adverse to buying second hand. and would like to spend around 1-2 thousand Aussie.
Thanks in advance.
David May

Photography Equipment / Re: Is Ebay a Waste of Time?
« on: July 06, 2019, 19:26 »
My experience of doing business on eBay is that it is full of untrustworthy buyers, scammers. eg, I was selling a Hassleblad digital camera and lens etc. I had an offer to send it to an address  in California, so I googled the address and it was a derelict building on the edge of town.
And in Aus, all buyers want to do is beat your price down, auctions no luck.
We have a thing called Gumtree which I think is world wide, that is not as bad but still issues with buyers.
In the past I sold an item to someone in the same city, during the sale process they winged about pricing because they had lived in singapore and how bad Australia was, then once the item was delivered they complained to eBay about the product and I did not get my money for weeks, after contacting eBay on numerous occasions and had some kind of restrictions on my eBay account. There was nothing wrong with the product this person was just horrid.
The way I do business on these platforms now is I send the item when the money is in my bank account, not just on PayPal or cash on delivery.
Really sad that a few bad people spoil it for evryone.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Deceased model
« on: July 06, 2019, 18:33 »
I personally think if this person is not a family member then you should ask their falily for their feelings.
And if you are generating income from those images you should stand by your original contract.

Adobe Stock / Re: Puzzled by video rejection
« on: September 06, 2018, 17:47 »
For me stock, both still and moving iarea bit like retail one never knows what will get approved and what will get accepted.
Perhaps AS uses software to check images and not a human being.

As I was told a longtime ago, don't worry about an individual image, if your images are being accpted other places. "JUST keep shooting and uploading".

The more we shoot the more we learn about our craft, just a shame the people that have control of our images are not as passionate as us.

David May

I closed my account over a year ago and again it was about the so called brief's they sent out.
I spent a couple of days shooting images for this particular brief, uploaded my images, waited, waited waited and guess what the images they said were chosen had NOTHING whatso ever to do with the brief.

There has to be a niche in this modern marketplace for an ethical organisation that can do this surely.

Thanks for the link, and yes all my AS images are there.

Much appreciated.

This "Some of our editorial customers report usages to us over a period of time" sounds like the company has already got your image and they only pay for it if they use it or am I reading this wrong.

I really like the concept but unless it is operated in a similar manner as Stocksy, were the original owners had great contacts in the advertising industry, I am sad to say I don't think it will work.
I do not know for sure but I reckon they have agreements with agencies that they are the first port of call for images and a lot will be shot as if the photographers are contracted by the agency, so that they get there bases covered and then the other work is the cream on top.

Hello, I'am a swiss director who has some Switzerland related footage, turned with a Gh4 and an Inspire 1 drone.
I would upload the files but I have to trim the footage.
Can someone suggest me the best export setting for uploading on pond5 and videoblock?
Thank you.
Best regards,

Me and my husband using these 4K export presets in Premiere Pro, they are accepted by all stock sites I know (except Istock but they doesn't worth much of your attention). I guess the settings are pretty much the same to Premiere CC.

The screen shot yu uploaded is really thoughtful but is there any chance that you could up load a higher res file when I look at it I am unable to read any of the detail.
Really appreciate your sharing.

I am a Newbie to Video.

David May

General - Stock Video / Gear Confusion
« on: January 22, 2017, 00:20 »
Can anyone please kick me in the right direction.
I want to start shooting stock video footage and am trying to find gear that will give me 4k @ 30fps, hopefully if not full 35mm frame then close to it.
I shoot Nikon and have a d800 and a number of good quality nikon lens that I would like to be able to use.
Got very excited about the d500 but it is dx and so my fx lens will be out of sinc with the camera, ie 50mm becomes 75mm etc.
I really like my 800, so  should I just keep the nikon and buy a high end point and shoot with a fixed lens.
I am getting the end of my tether here.
Have gone through Canon xc10, panasonic, sony, all of these are OK but one has to give up one or two features.
I don't want to make a feature film, just shoot good quality 4k stock.
Can someone please stop me going around in circles.
Thanks guys!

General Stock Discussion / Re: Uber vs microstock
« on: October 31, 2016, 17:29 »
These companies are just following the already successfuliy established stockphoto market for their company structures, how we have allowed ourselves to be  truly shafted by companies that have NO interest in photography commercially or artistically they just see us as a GREAT source of CHEAP labour. We are just not desribed as that. Can you imagine a Barrister, Accountant, Surgeon working for an organisation that tells them that they will take 90% of the fees they charge and not allow them to work elsewhere, then sell their services to third and fourth even 20th parties, and then saying you will only get paid 50% of what their services are paid for.
Or and when someone steals your images (services) they say, it's to hard to procecute.
And worst of all they HIDE behind corporate business structures.

How about this a a bit of an alternative, Photographers that have their own online offerings gather together in a cooperative way and promote each others sites with some form of central locations where image users can go to search and then license the images they want.
Limit contributors to say less than 5000 images with NO similars.

Just my 2 bobs worth.

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