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An Alamy Photographer has taken a photograph of a famous Nadav Kander portrait of David Lynch at an exhibition and it has been licensed to the Big Issue through Alamy.

You can read about it here

I'd advise the photographer that made this silly mistake to call him ASAP and apologise before he sues you!

What is the fastest way to accurately keyword a large archive with software? I have approx 10,000 files to do.

So far I've found,


Any others worth considering?

I was shocked to find this shop called LILAxLOLA reselling tons of shutterstock files as downloadable digital files and making huge amounts of money, upto $1000 a day. (total $368,000!)

It's disgusting that this is allowed. It costs a lot of money to produce special photos for some lazy stay at home designer to resell for huge amounts of money.

Check your files are not on there, I noticed tons of Shutterstock files there. I emailed Etsy and they took my files down quickly.

Report the shop on the Etsy home page, bottom left where it says: "Report this shop to Etsy"

Also report to Shutterstock. This thief must be stopped!

General Stock Discussion / Print on Demand license.
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:04 »
I have noticed some print on demand sites using micro pictures on their websites.

Do all the micro agencies request clients purchase an enhanced license to do this? Or do they only pay when a print is made?
It looks like on Shutterstock you definitley have to use an enhanced license.

Do any of the micro agencies allow digital downloads/prints with a standard license?


Stocksy / Stocksy seeing huge growth!
« on: June 04, 2016, 04:17 »
"Stocksy has reported another year of impressive growth with gross sales of $7,928,745 million in 2015. That is up 126% from $3.5 million in 2014. The great news for image creators is that Stocksy paid out $4,323,735 in royalties. Thats 55% of gross revenue collected. In addition, because the company is a Co-Op, they were able to pay out an additional $200,000 in dividends to members who sold images during the year." Pickerell.

I'm looking to buy a smooth tilt and pan head for my GH4? I have the Manfrotto 701HD but when I pan with this I get jerky footage. I have read this is a GH4 issue, Im not too sure if its the GH4 or head that causes this jerkiness?

Also can anyone recommend a quality slider, Im looking to buy one with smooth transition, does that mean a motorised one?

Thanks for tips.

General Stock Discussion / Corbis photographers options?
« on: February 12, 2016, 14:30 »
I'm curious what Corbis photographers are going to do now? What are the options?

With the transfer of files to VGC/Getty I feel images will be lost in on the Getty website, placed in low ranking collections like photo library resulting in low sales.

There does not seem anywhere else to go? Alamy possibly but for lower sales. Specialist travel libraries like Robert Harding, but I was told sales are low there.

Are there any other good options?

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