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After Storyblocks's dead i decided to subscribe another site.
What's the best site for videos sellers in your opinion?
I like Adobe to, but i've a lot of editorials so it is quite limited for me. ::)

Hello, I'm beginning recently with Fotolia (I make videos).
In what language should I index the videos for inserting tags?
On other sites I insert the keywords in English, but in Fotolia I can use my language. What do you think is better? Some of you have done some tests?

Before this summer, I started a collaboration with a drone operator.
From May to now I have uploaded more than 500 new clips, some of them really beautiful.
The problem is that my income has increased very slightly.
I would like to figure out how much do I have to wait to get an estimate of the actual sales potential.
Is it too early to say?
I work with p5, vb and shutter.
I need to understand because I have to see if, maybe, I did something wrong with the tags, with the description or, simply, clips sell less than I expected.

Hi everyone, nice to met you.
This is my first post here, even if I read this forum from long time. I'm not very good with english, so I apologize if I'll wrong something.
I'm a videomaker/director and I started to shot microstock footage about an year ago.
Now I work with shutterstock, pond5 and videoblock and I'd like to implement with another site.
I shot mainly drone footage or footage with model.
I'm torn between Fotolia, Motion elemens and iStock. What is the best choice in your opinion? Which one of these (or other)? Or maybe it isn't worth it?

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