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General - Stock Video / New version for an old batch
« on: June 29, 2019, 12:00 »
I have a batch I shot a few years back of a pharmaceutical laboratory. Back then I gave the clips (all shot in log profile) a certain color grade, which today I find kinda bad. Nevertheless these clips are selling pretty well since then. With the tools I have these days (ie DaVinci Resolve...) I can give these clips a much better grade. Does it make sense to upload a new, revised version?? (the visual look will be completely different) Would it impact the sales of my old batch? Is it forbidden by the agancies?

Pond5 / Views to Sales ratio
« on: May 04, 2019, 14:01 »
Just trying to understand my situation -
Went through my statistics for the past 365 days -
I have an average of around 50 item views per day, and around 0.5 sales per day.
What's other people's numbers here?
I'm pricing my clips pretty high so wondering whether these prices might scare off buyers...

I might be just plain wrong - but take a look at this:


What's the deal?

Still can't figure it out.
All of my portfolio is presented in the "essential" collection.
none of my clips are in the "signeture" collection.
I'm trying to be as objective as I can here... some of the clips in the Signeture collection are indeed very good, at least as good as mine.
but some are, well, much much worse.

So -  What's the deal here?
Am I missing something?

As in every November, this week the sales are almost gone- It's Thanksgiving time.
Now - unlike Christmas or Easter - Thanksgiving is celebrated only in the US and Canada.
Which brings up the question - how dominant is the US media market in the Stock footage (and stock images generally) comparing to the rest of the world.
I see my statistics in Getty - The US buyers account to more than 70% of my sales.

** I shoot almost only video - but i'd like to hear from my still photographers friends here what's their imput on this...**

What's your take on this data?

So here is the deal-  I have a large batch of great clips I shot in a pharmaceutical labs I was able to gain access to, almost two years ago.
The clips are selling very good - BUT - Now I realize that the color grade I gave them at the time..well...kinda sucks.
I don't want to remove the existing clips - they are ranked very high at most agancies.
Did anyone here uploaded a new "improved" version of an existing clip? Will it be approved?

Thanks for any help...

iStockPhoto.com / Property release for a plane??
« on: October 08, 2018, 14:50 »
Just submitted a batch of videos of a crop duster over a cotton field. Nothing special. No logos on the plane. Pretty straight forward. Got the videos back for revision with a request for a property release. Now... Can't really understand if these clowns want a property release for the crop duster or the cotton field. Dear lord... Is there no limit to the incompetence of iStock reviewers???

I've been shooting videos of cityscapes for years now (mostly timelapse).
Lately, almost all of my videos with buildings are rejected by both Shutterstock and Adobe stock
due to " intellectual property" reasons. (of course the shutterstock reviewers had to show their incompetence by approving one clip of a building and rejecting 5 others of the same building...)
There are thousends of videos and photos out there of buildings. some of my best sellers are these kind of clips.
Does this mean we can't shoot any building anymore? is there a new set of rules for this?

VideoBlocks / Videoblocks collections - upsetting insight.
« on: July 31, 2018, 02:32 »
I was just browsing through the new "collections" part of the StoryBlocks site.
Came accross the "Medical Stock footage" collection.
Since I have many medical clips I wanted to see whether one (or more) of them were included in the collection.
To my great surprise I saw that out of around 80 clips un the collection - almost 30 are from the same contributors, same shoots, and sometimes slight variations of the same shots!!

Judge of your self:  https://www.videoblocks.com/collections/medical-stock-footage?page=2

Now I know there are thousends (if not tens of thousends) of great medical stock clips out there in Storyblocks.
How on earth did they curate such a misrable collection???
I sent them a mail - no response yet.

could they be curating only best sellers? (and by that promoting them even more...)
Could they be favoring some contributors over others?

What . ?

Just filmed my mother in law playing the piano. Just for the sake of it I recorded all the music. She played only classical music like Bach, Beethhoven and Mozart. As far as I know, there are no rights on music 70 years after the composer died. Two questions come to mind: first will my clips be rejected due to the fact that these pieces are played. Second is whether agancies like these kind of clips with sound? (the audio is in high quality recorded using a gun mic)

So this question relates to both video (which I do mostly) and pictures. Obviously some of our images are becoming good sellers right away - just a matter of uploading the right content at the right time I guess. But I have read some threads claiming that on most agencies content gets higher ranking as time goes by (again - assuming the content is of good quality). In my portfolio most sales originate from files uploaded on 2016. On one hand I was thinking my new files aren't selling. But should I just wait for the new clips to "kick in"? What's your experience?

Well, after the 2018 update to the Adobe CC - Quicktime PhotoJPEG support is GONE.
Now, this wasen't such a great codec - BUT, it was the only codec all the video selling agencies supported.
for someone who uploads to SS, P5, AS, Istock, VB - having to encode all files only once is mission critical.
Now, DNxHR is a much much better codec, but is not supported on SS and Getty.
H.264 is not supported in DCI 4K on Getty (I shoot all my video in DCI 4K)
I guess ProRes will be the best choice - but I haven't found a way to encode ProRes on a windows machine (anyone??)

Any thoughts will be welcome!

Both Fotolia and Shutterstock rejected a batch I shot of military aircraft and helicopters due to intellectual property infringement. I have quite a few videos like these which are selling well from last year. Anyone had their pictures / videos rejected too for this reason?
Obviously this is absurd... So from now on nobody will be able to buy images of aircrafts for commercial use?

General - Stock Video / The end of QuickTime PhotoJPEG??
« on: December 20, 2017, 05:52 »
In the new Adobe CC, they announced that support of legacy QuickTime codecs will be discontinued in the upcoming version.

"Support for import/export of legacy 32-bit QuickTime media will be discontinued in a future version of Premiere Pro. Transcode to a non-legacy format to continue using the media in Premiere Pro after legacy support has ended."

now, the most common codec in all agencies is the very old QuickTime PhotoJPEG.
We need a new codec that will be accepted across the board, since encoding to different codec for each site will be very time consuming...

Can someone map the codecs accepted in each agancy today?

General Stock Discussion / Moral dilemma
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:31 »
In the past few days, someone is buying my clips like crazy in Fotolia. I've had sales spike before, but this Something really unusual. All purchases are 4K, all kids of subjects...
Now the question is whether to report this to Fotolia and let them know, and ask them to look into it. It is not my fault if someone is hacking their agency... But someone else might ask for a refund eventually....
I might lose thousands of dollars on the other hand 🙄
Has anyone had something like this before???

Adobe Stock / Video contributor ranking
« on: October 13, 2017, 18:43 »
This issue was asked before, but it might have changed:
FT had the ranking system the same for both images and video (obviously stupid since selling hundreds of videos to rank up takes much longer than images)
I remember having more than 200 videos left to rank up, but today I suddenly saw I ranked up... (now it says I need to sell only 9,725 videos more for the next rank - hooray!!)
Could it be that they changed something? Maybe after all they rank up video contributors on a different scale?

So - it might come out as a stupid question - but I truly do not understand something very fundamental:

As far as video goes - What's the difference between iStock and Getty??

If getty is supposed to be the "Premium" agancy, how come when I search for clips with the same keywords like my clips in iStock,  find clips that are much much lower quality selling for absurd prices ($575 for this??: http://www.gettyimages.com/license/516315545) but my clips do not show up?

What am I missing here???

General Stock Discussion / Search results algorithm
« on: August 17, 2017, 05:41 »
So, I was wondering about this:
When a potential buyer searches for a photo/video in a stock agancy,
they abvously can filter the search result in three main ways:
Relevant/best match - I'll get there in a second
Popular - number of sales and/or views?
New - date of upload

Now where's popular and new are abvious - what does the "relevant" or "best match" mean?
Is it a mix of good title and keywords? Does it take sales into consideration?
Does it favor older/newer items?
What do you think?

Has anyone experimented with this?

General Stock Discussion / Market research
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:14 »
As contributors, what are the tools at our disposal for doing market research?
i.e. - statistics of how many times content was searched in agancies, popularity of images or clips (with view and download count) and so on.

Are there any tools out there like the sales tools (StockAgent, Microstockr) but for research? (Not keyword research)
And what information is shared by the sites?

Thanks :)

I see here that most people are saying iStock\Getty are not worth the time when it comes to video.
Weather it be the low commissions and the 4K pricing, or the horrible upload process.
I have about 400 clips there (small part of my protfolio)- making a little money here and there.
Just wondering if it's worth the time uploading the rest of my portfolio when I have the time (between shooting periods)
I mean - I already shot the clips. Why not put them for sale on another platform?

I'd like to hear some people's experiences from the past months regarding video sales there.

Just got some videos of F-35 aircraft rejected due to intellectual property issues.
After I requested explination SS reps told me they treat all national symbols as proteced elements, hence the national air force (IAF) signs on the plane wings are what caused the rejection.
I recently consulted an IP lawyer who specifically told me that all national symbols are Creative Commons.
I know for a fact that the american Eagle, or the Israeli star of david are not, and will never be, protected.

how should I deal with this?
They are abviously wrong...

Pond5 / The importance of collections
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:58 »
Just wanted to know how many of you are putting your footage into collections, and does it improve your sales?

Wanted to ask people here - what is your favorite keywording tool?

Pond5 / Collection or discrimination?
« on: July 03, 2017, 07:16 »
Just took a look at the collections featured on P5 home page.
Must say I was somewhat dissapointed to find that a very big part of these featured clips were from the same big players...
Hotelfoxtrot, AILAIMAGES, SPOTMATIK... all have a very large representation in these small collections.
No debut about it  - these companies produce some great looking and high quality clips - but with so many smaller contributors out these producing clips which are as good as any other  - one must ask why??

Why promote the bigger players with huge portfolios instead of the smaller contributors?
I might just email Pond5 to hear what they have to say about this...

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