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General - Stock Video / New version for an old batch
« on: June 29, 2019, 12:00 »
I have a batch I shot a few years back of a pharmaceutical laboratory. Back then I gave the clips (all shot in log profile) a certain color grade, which today I find kinda bad. Nevertheless these clips are selling pretty well since then. With the tools I have these days (ie DaVinci Resolve...) I can give these clips a much better grade. Does it make sense to upload a new, revised version?? (the visual look will be completely different) Would it impact the sales of my old batch? Is it forbidden by the agancies?

Pond5 / Views to Sales ratio
« on: May 04, 2019, 14:01 »
Just trying to understand my situation -
Went through my statistics for the past 365 days -
I have an average of around 50 item views per day, and around 0.5 sales per day.
What's other people's numbers here?
I'm pricing my clips pretty high so wondering whether these prices might scare off buyers...

This old thread popped up, and I realized it might be relevant for some. Same old comments even 9 years ago... Race to the bottom, too much competition, evil agencies...

So, anyone still doing stock from the beginning of this thread (2010)?
As I was reading, I thought it was from this year. When I realized it was from 2010 I thought maybe that was all paranoia

Same here :)
As making more income requires more and more effort - the question whether all this will justify itself in 5-10 years always comes to mind.
I tend to divide the answer into 2 -
1- the demand for stock video will be on the rise in the foreseeable future in all aspects of the media - web, TV commercials, mobile apps and so forth...
2- As the result of the drop in video gear prices, along with the great video quality these cameras give, the amount of video contributors will rise greatly - and so will the amount of content they produce.

This will make our lives under the search engines tougher then ever.

What will make some clips stand out from the crowd then? I think it's a combination of: first and foremost - great and useful concept - a result of market research, and thought before shooting. Then - fine technical aspects - lighting, camera movement, color grading etc. 

What I would really like to know - if great content that sells well today - will still be up in search results in a few years. From my experience - even great clips slowly sink down the search results, as a well established stock agencies strategy.

Good luck to us all :)

This contributor RawFilms doesn't exist, so search results display footage from everybody instead - no conspiracy here.

So what's the catch then?

I might be just plain wrong - but take a look at this:


What's the deal?

Signature files are provided by iStock exclusive artists.
No more, no less.

OK - Thanks!
Seems kinda stupid to filter results according to the contributor agreement and not the content quality - but it is what it is...
It means that should a customer wish, they can look first at files that aren't available elsewhere.
Which might make sense if their website stated it that way. But instead it's shown as 'Lowest price' vs 'Best quality'.  ::)

Exactly my point :)

I can't sign in with my google account... Is that a known limitation as of now?

Signature files are provided by iStock exclusive artists.
No more, no less.

OK - Thanks!
Seems kinda stupid to filter results according to the contributor agreement and not the content quality - but it is what it is...

Still can't figure it out.
All of my portfolio is presented in the "essential" collection.
none of my clips are in the "signeture" collection.
I'm trying to be as objective as I can here... some of the clips in the Signeture collection are indeed very good, at least as good as mine.
but some are, well, much much worse.

So -  What's the deal here?
Am I missing something?

there is an explanation in his own website...

apparently they only charge a 'modest' fee for 'preparing', 'resizing', 'transferring' and 'improving' the PD clips... and it's all legal in the name of 'preservation'... but if by a 'slight chance' there is a copyright infringement... the user that downloads and uses the clip is liable and not the distributor. How convenient...

This whole thing makes me feel like such an idiot running all these years with cameras trying to shoot thousends of high quality clips.
He is defenitly smarter than us.
"Get your money for nothin' get your chicks for free"

"In 2000, Ray founded DVArchive.com, an internet based stock footage library with the intent of making the imagery from his extensive travels available to a wide variety of film and media producers.

Rays imagery of the world is now carried by most of the worlds major stock footage libraries including Shutterstock, Pond5 and Adobe Stock."


This blows my mind.
This guy has 1500 NASA clips on his website that he sells for $99 each.
This might be the best stock footage business model I heard of - Make huge amounts of money from footage that's not even yours.
If I was one of the American contributors here I would stop everything and RUN to find these Beta SP tapes in the NASA archives and give this man some competition...

NASA gives public domain rights to its media, it's only due to give credits for what I know

What your'e saying is if I give them credit I can start making money from all their archive footage??
Doesn't sound right to me.

General - Stock Video / Re: "Crossroads" on Shutterstock
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:40 »
Well - this puts an end to this debate (or maybe just starting it...)
I cannot find this situation not insulting (at best) and illegal (at worst)
It's one this to create a "select" collection - many agancies did so before (P5,Dissolve)
But to throw away all other clips from the first page, a place we worked so hard for so long to get to - this is just plain disgusting.
And these clips are priced at $399 a piece.

And above all - why couldn't they just tell us the plain truth - We are promoting our "select" collection clips on the account of all others. Sorry.

Just outrageous.

General - Stock Video / Re: "Crossroads" on Shutterstock
« on: November 26, 2018, 14:49 »
Just a thought...
If investing the right amount of money in purchasing your own clips. you pay 70% to SS obviously.
But what if investing, let's say, $1,000 brings you up in the search engine to a place that earns you $2,000?
What if this "crossroads" bought their own new clips a few times (maybe using a discounted clip pack), boosted their positions and now making more money?
Does this make any sense?
BTW - just thought about this - in the previous model of VideoBlocks - you could boost your own video rankings by buying them again and again, and only pay tiny amounts to the agency in the process...:)

General - Stock Video / Re: "Crossroads" on Shutterstock
« on: November 26, 2018, 10:01 »
I wrote to SS customer support. Here is the reply:

Thank you for contacting Shutterstock Contributor Care.

I understand that you have a concern regarding our search engine. I can certainly help you with this.

I would like to inform you that we have checked our search page and everything is showing perfect in the page. Just as returned search results are dynamic, so is the position of images within those results. It is common for images or footage to move up and down search results and also depends on the number of times that image or footage has been downloaded. Besides downloads and age, there are many other factors that affect the image position in search results.

Additionally, we perform regular tests of small modifications to the search algorithms to test results that increase downloads. These tests are typically released to limited segments of the overall customer population. If a test performs well over time, which typically means an increase in the total number of downloads, then the resulting search algorithm change will be applied to the entire site.

Search testing and analysis is a continuous process of small improvements that generally wont result in dramatic swings in search. Changes are carefully tested and evaluated to make sure that the overall effect on customer downloads and/or purchases is a positive one.

Customer demand, content differentiation, keyword quantity and quality, global holidays, seasonality and other factors will affect an individual contributor's day-to-day earnings. We recommend allowing a little time before evaluating the effect of changes to the search engine on your personal portfolio.

If the search result order has not been updated on your computer for a significant amount of time, it is most likely that your browser is reverting to an old search result that is cached. If this is the case we recommend you to clear your cache and cookies and restart the browser.

Thank you for your feedback and concern. We really appreciate it.

Seems to me like someone from the inside promoted this "crossroads" account, and never thought someone will notice. I don't buy the whole "they have good quality clips shot in Alexa" thing. Many other great contributors with equally great quality content didn't get to rule the first page of shutterstock as far as I remember. (been there since 2012)

General - Stock Video / Re: "Crossroads" on Shutterstock
« on: November 24, 2018, 13:13 »
I shoot with high end cameras all the time, but I don't write the camera model in the description, since I don't think it's relevant to the client.
Sounds not reasonable at all.

General - Stock Video / Re: "Crossroads" on Shutterstock
« on: November 24, 2018, 04:22 »
This is VERY very serious...
I'll write something to their support ASAP
How on earth could someone hack their search engine???

As in every November, this week the sales are almost gone- It's Thanksgiving time.
Now - unlike Christmas or Easter - Thanksgiving is celebrated only in the US and Canada.
Which brings up the question - how dominant is the US media market in the Stock footage (and stock images generally) comparing to the rest of the world.
I see my statistics in Getty - The US buyers account to more than 70% of my sales.

** I shoot almost only video - but i'd like to hear from my still photographers friends here what's their imput on this...**

What's your take on this data?

So here is the deal-  I have a large batch of great clips I shot in a pharmaceutical labs I was able to gain access to, almost two years ago.
The clips are selling very good - BUT - Now I realize that the color grade I gave them at the time..well...kinda sucks.
I don't want to remove the existing clips - they are ranked very high at most agancies.
Did anyone here uploaded a new "improved" version of an existing clip? Will it be approved?

Thanks for any help...

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Property release for a plane??
« on: October 13, 2018, 02:09 »
wouldn't say the problem is the plane design: a property release would not solve it!

So you're saying property release isn't needed for Boeing planes? Adidas shoes? Ford cars? I would think you need a property release for branded products. A plane is a branded product unless the manufacturer cannot be identified.

Well, as I see it - the answer to all of these issues is COMMON SENSE, which, in recent time has completely gone from reviewers in some agencies.
A serious reviewer needs to check and see that this plane has a very generic design (just to watch other clips around). When my IAF jet fighters were rejected I could understand. An F-35 stealth fighter is very recognizable from every angle.
It took me months of planning, coordination, getting up at 4am and travel to the field. Shooting, grading, uploading and tagging. For the reviewer - he/she just a click of a button - REVISE.
Drives me nuts.

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Property release for a plane??
« on: October 12, 2018, 06:49 »
Is a plane design treated any differently to a car? Even if you take the logo off a car image it will still be rejected, will the same not apply to a plane, boat, motorbike?

Well, aren't all the stock sites full of images and videos of planes and cars?
How can we sell these kind of images (for commercial use) if no one can shoot cars, planes and such?

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Property release for a plane??
« on: October 11, 2018, 13:40 »
Just submitted a batch of videos of a crop duster over a cotton field. Nothing special. No logos on the plane. Pretty straight forward. Got the videos back for revision with a request for a property release. Now... Can't really understand if these clowns want a property release for the crop duster or the cotton field. Dear lord... Is there no limit to the incompetence of iStock reviewers???

Should I bother to answer? You've already decided they are incompetent clowns and you are right.

Are there registration numbers on the plane? Is it pained any special color scheme? Anything else besides the plane and a crop, like a building or a tractor that could be recognized? Show a frame so anyone here can take a stab at the why, otherwise everything is just a guess. What keywords did you use, any that might be trademarks or protected?

The footage was shot on purpose against the sun, so the plane shows no colors or markings whatsoever...
Here is a link to the same shot on SS:

iStockPhoto.com / Property release for a plane??
« on: October 08, 2018, 14:50 »
Just submitted a batch of videos of a crop duster over a cotton field. Nothing special. No logos on the plane. Pretty straight forward. Got the videos back for revision with a request for a property release. Now... Can't really understand if these clowns want a property release for the crop duster or the cotton field. Dear lord... Is there no limit to the incompetence of iStock reviewers???

Adobe Stock / Re: Minimum Payment Commission Increase
« on: September 29, 2018, 15:26 »
These are great news alright.
But what about us - the video contributors?
We have our flat rate without any increase - at least not a feasible one.
The numbers of downloads on this rank system are WAY off for video.
Why can't we have our own ranking system?
 I have hundreds of downloads a year - so only a decade or so to the next level. Not too bad :(

Adobe? Anyone?

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