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I received a mail from Adobe informing me that after the 7th of June, Adobe Stock will only support SFTP.
How do I enter the Adobe SFTP password in Stocksubmitter ? I didn't see this parameter in the Stocksubmitter sites setting window for Adobe.

I didn't receive my iStock payment on January 25th. Royalties to be payed is above $100, so I should normally get payed. Last payment from iStock on my Paypal account was in November 2021.
Anyone having the same problem ?

3 / iStock exciting news : $0.00 royalties
« on: January 17, 2021, 07:21 »
Hi all,

Royalties report for December is available.

I was surprise to discover two sales with $0.00 royalties at "China FotoPress VEER / Porta".  It is not the connect royalties, it is not refunds; it is subscription sales with a $0.03 price; and 15% of $0.03 result in a $0.00 commission.
I already had $0.01 commission but I never had $0.00 royalties (excluding Connect).

However my RPD on iStock is much better than my RPD on Shitterstock : $0.62 vs $0.14 (in January). So, for me, SS is really the worst stock.

After last Canva "Good New" 3 weeks ago, I requested my account to be deactivated. I received I mail today from Canva saying it had been done.

Still I can see my images in Canva library when I do a search. Could it be because I also have my images on Istock?

Do you have similar experience?

Adobe Stock / Strange royalties values on Adobe Stock
« on: October 03, 2018, 15:11 »
Since Adobe changed the Minimum Payment Commission, I have some strange royaltys earnings for my images: 0.50, 2.28.

I don't see these royalties on Adobe Royalties page ( I have bronze rank.

Do you have the same kind of experience?

Discussion Franaise / Remboursement de la TVA
« on: June 12, 2018, 08:18 »
Bonjour la communaut franaise.

Voici quelque temps que jai une activit dauteur photographe, limit au microstock.
Pour me simplifier la vie, jai opt pour un statut Micro-BNC et franchise en base de TVA.

Vu le faible revenu que je tire de cette activit (moins de 2000 par an), cette option fiscale nest pas trs avantageuse pour moi. De plus, je veux renouveler prochainement mon matriel photographique.

Je pense donc passer en dclaration contrle avec dclaration de la TVA avec les consquences suivantes :
-   Pas de TVA reverser au fisc Franais (tous mes diffuseurs sont hors de France)
-   De la TVA rcuprer sur mes achats dquipement
Ceci impliquerait que le fisc me rembourse de la TVA alors que je ne lui verse rien. Savez-vous si cette situation est conforme la rglementation fiscale ?

Par ailleurs, je pense que je vais un peu galrer pour grer une comptabilit rpondant aux exigences de la dclaration contrle. Jai bien achet un livre, mais cest loin dtre suffisant.
Connaissez des experts-comptables et/ou des AGA qui pourraient maider mettre en place ma comptabilit pour le dmarrage de mon activit ( prix modr bien sr) ?

Merci !

7 / Did Dreamstime raise subscription payment ?
« on: March 16, 2018, 22:52 »
Since March 9, most of my subscription sales are paid $2.00 by Dreamstime instead of $0.35.

But, Dreamstime did'nt change their subscription price for the costumers (750 download for $180).
This is rather strange.

I just got a nice sale of $44 for an image on SS. I didnt even dream that could be possible  ;D

As I am relatively new to SS (I have less than $500 total sales) I only get 20% of the customer price, according to SS Earnings Breakdown. This mean the customer paid $220 for this image. But on, SS pricing maximum for extended license is $199 for 2 images.

Does someone has an explanation for such a difference between SS official pricing and the price for this sale?

9 / Mysterious duplicate sales on Dreamstime
« on: November 18, 2017, 05:42 »
From time to time (4 occurrences in 3 months) I had the same photo selling twice in the same day on Dreamstime. I do not complain  ;D, but I would like to understand this phenomena  :o.

I started uploading photos to Dreamsted 3 month ago and have a limited number of sales on it (40 sales for 300 uploaded photos). So, I dont think it can be two customers buying the same photos on the same day.

Did you had the same kind of behavior on Dreamstime and do you have a rational explanation on these duplicate sates? Is it mistakes from customers, mistake from Dreamstime or a "gift" from Dreamstime ?

10 / Press Credentials required by SS
« on: November 01, 2017, 06:21 »
I submitted a few editorial photos from a traditional festival in Bhutan. Theses were rejected by Shutterstock with the motive: "Press Credentials -- This image was taken at an event requiring press credential".
I am surprise because others sites accepted my photos and previous photos of the same event I sent to Shutterstock 2 months ago were approved by Shutterstock. And, from my point of view there is no need to have a press card to take picture in this kind of festival.
Is it a new policy from Shutterstock or did I get my photos reviewed by a bad mood reviewer?
Did anyone experienced the same kind of reject and did you find any solution to get your photos accepted (other than giving a press credential)?

11 / DT subscription Earning vs Fee
« on: September 24, 2017, 07:40 »
I dont understand DT subscription Earning vs Fee :
 - When I have a subscription sale, DT credit me $0.35
 - The customer fee for subscription is between $0.18 and $0.24 per image

How can DT make money ?
Or did I miss something ?

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