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Recently I cannot submit anything to Dreamstime, it does upload normaly to the site but not going with submit procces any further.
All i get is processing releases... no errors in log

Anyone with that problem?


Hi, i discovered that agency 15th Jul 2019 and after uploading around 300 photos i earned 12 Euro till end of that month by selling 21 photos.
So of course i got exited and start to upload my portfolio. But as i uploaded more sales was going down not up..

July           12 euro   21 sales
August        4    with 6 sales
September 1.18 with 3 sales
October      1.18 with 3 sales
November 0
December 3.31 with only one last sale and no sales since with portfolio of 5000 photos...

Anyone have experience with that agency?
At this point i stopped uploading there but i did continue till march hoping something will change.


Hi everyone! Recently i uploaded some 3D Ilustrations of covid19 virus concept and got it approved and started to selling. So i did some more and got rejected 2 times series of 6 3D renders for

"Objectionable Metadata: Metadata contains potentially objectionable or offensive language."

That is description- Coronavirus 2019-nCov novel coronavirus concept resposible for asian flu outbreak and coronaviruses influenza as dangerous flu strain cases as a pandemic. Microscope virus close up. 3d rendering.

And keywords - 3d rendering, antibiotics, background, biology, china, corona, coronavirus, danger, disease, epidemic, flu, flu strain, health, illness, infect, infection, medical, medicine, microbiology, pandemic, pathogen, pathology, sars, science, sickness, symptoms, vaccine, virology, virus, wuhan

The only thing i would think of is "coronavirus concept resposible for asian flu" Could that be ? if yes thats just dumb.

Remember that first series of renders was approved no problem with the same captions. And the captions was mostly copied from best selling illustrations.

Just to add all photos went through no problem in other 5 agencies.


Thanks guys for replays, I did remove "resposible for asian flu outbreak" from description and left "China" and "Wuhan" in keywords.

So i guess it had to do something with Trump calling it China flu after all... I suggest to censor every word he ever said in public haha.

Well I got approved anyway.

Just gave a try for a last time to try on Canstockphoto and thats what happend :

"Content containing nudity requires model releases with government photo identification. This identification must contain the model's date of birth. File is not unique enough for acceptance."

And thats the photo: 
My acceptance here is 1% And other five agencies that i have my portofolio on is between 90-100%

Feels like reviewers are just bots.

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