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1 / Color scheme in pictures
« on: May 13, 2020, 06:38 »
I just discovered that a buyer can chosse a color scheme in his search for a particular picture.
For example - searching for a yellow tulip I can click the yellow box in colour scheme.
And it gives me only yellow tulips. And just one single page with pics (not hundreds as usual).

How can I get my yellow tulip on that page beeing a photographer?
Using the word "yellow" or "color" in keywords or description does not make my yellow tulip appear on that page.
What do I have to do when uploading and tagging? Where does that color scheme take its information from?

If I would be a buyer I would much love that colour scheme thing.

Now I want to get my own pics to appear there.

2 / Payout Alamy - cleared balance
« on: March 18, 2020, 03:57 »
I had a few sales with Alamy several weeks ago (altogether 235 $)  but they dont show up in my "cleared balance" so I cant aks for a payout.
How long does it usually take with Alamy before one can ask for payout?
Thats what my account says since several weeks:

Balance brought forward:    $94.10
Total sales:    $0.00
Commission / charges:    $0.00
Total payments to you:    $0.00
Balance carried forward:    $94.10
Cleared balance:    $14.23
Next payment date:    Not due

Ive been submitting pics directly to microstock agencies like SS, Adobe and Alamy for a year now.

I recently signed a contract with easyfotostock (part of agefotostock) in Spain and now discovered they sell my pictures on Alamy using their own pseudonym as photographer to be credited. Meaning my name will not be credited on those sales, although I have the copyright.

I didnt know they use affiliate programmes and I couldnt choose any of the affiliates as well. I also cant delete my pictures on their site.

I want to sell my pics directly not through that agency and I will terminate my contract now.

Is this common? Do agencies sell pictures they dont have the copyright on under their own name with no credits or mentioning the copyright holder?

I always thought I own my copyright and have to be mentioned when selling through stock angencies.... Am I wrong?

I wrote to Alamy about that subject but they responded I have to talk about that with agefotostock, they use the pseudonym given with the photo.

my picture with my name

And this is how they sell it

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