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Microstock Services / Online offshore retouching services
« on: September 23, 2011, 05:57 »
Hello all,
Does anybody have any experience using online service for image retouching (for example, clipping path making)?
Usually these are the offshore companies with production center in India or Bangladesh.

I am trying to find one for me to do object isolation for product shots.

Currently I live in India and several times got phone calls from several such companies (I have absolutely no Idea how the got my phone number).

So far I have contacted one of them - www.clippingpathindia.com, (I think they also made several phone calls to me before) and was really dissappointed. This is a small review of how they work with potential clients.

Despite the price of $0.39 for clipping path displayed on their website they quoted me "a little bit" higher price of $3.99. Also they have requested an advanced  payment (again, their website says that invoice is sent only after the client accepts the properly done job). I know very well that in India if you want the job done well do it yourself pay only after the job is finished so I could not agree to this condition.

Of course I have asked why the price is different - for that there was no answer.

But at least I got the answer for my second question "Why you want and advanced payment from me despite the fact that your website says different?" - an the answer was brilliant (I will quote it): "Yes you are right we accept payment after the job is done. But for you its different because you are from India" (though from my name and surname it is absolutely clear that I am not Indian)

So how am I supposed to trust such company that don't trust potential clients from the very beginning? Their attitute to a new client is absolutely unaccpetable and quite rude...

So I am still in search for good retouching offshore company with reasonable prices and good quality of work. I have contacted some other companies and still waiting for quote from them. The problem is that the prices displayed on their websites are "for illustrative purposes only" :) and real prices are higher.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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