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I found many of my images there on sale.
They used images I have on eyeEm and their partners, Wirestock and maybe more.
First I thought eyeEm sells them as posters, but from the beginning strange: If I only refresh the page with an image from me, the contributor name changes each time. Sometimes also if I only select another kind of poster, for example Mural, but never my name as contributor.
I searched again today and found many I uploaded via Wirestock and I did  direct search for my name, but then only the ones I uploaded via Wirestock with accidently my name as keyword included appear.
Images from my POD-Sites seem not appearing there.

Did they steal the images?
Are the sizes they sell big enough?
I even do not know for how much they sell it, because it is set to Brasil language (Portuguise) and money.

Without any information from eyeEm to the artists, I just found out that eyeEm now also offers big subscription plans and so follow the trend of so many agencies.

I just got a sale via Getty with a revenue of 49 or before tax 58 $, which means somebody baought it for the full price of 499$ on Getty. eyeEm got the 20 or 23 % from Getty and surprisingly I still got 50% from eyeEm. However: I was thinking about leaving eyeEm after their new payment structure, because eyeem itself seems to sell nothing and that new cuts from the already low % from Getty makes it not worth anymore to upload to eyeEm and hoping to get it on Getty market. now I was happy that I did not leave them and got a 49$ revenue, which I for sure would not get anywhere else. But still disappointing: 10% from the sales price.

Now this new subscription which means cheapest sales price for 4.50$, means for most of us a revenue about 1$ instead of 25% from 29 or 99$.

Adobe Stock / Adobes new REGION strategy and plans
« on: August 05, 2021, 10:35 »
I think it is clear what the vote is about.
There are two threads or more, where it already got discussed.

Photo Critique / What to do with these photos?
« on: August 02, 2021, 08:52 »

it need long time until I uploaded these photos - now only on Pond5 available.

The reasons are/were:

1. Mostly not sharp photos. Who would buy it?
2. But after I saw these photos in big on my laptop AND watched each minimum 5 seconds, suddenly I saw a market for them! But am I right with it? Or does still 1. refuse all my ideas about it? Then I rotated that photos: and more and more I saw these photos could be attractive for this:

game backgrounds, which has different rooms in a fantasy world or a science fiction genre.

But I might be totally wrong with my idea.

What do you think?

And IF you think it could be saleable: WHERE on which agency I should offer them? Well, of course except shutterstock which AI review will never accept them, even if I upload them 1000 times. LOL
And Most other agencies will reject them for same reasons, just because not sharp, noise and so on.

I am curious to know your mind. Thx in advance!

* In real there are not many photos, but I cropped them, rotate them in any kind to show, what could be done with them.
** Photos were taken in a cave.

And here they are:


As one contributor here mentioned, he got not to less sales on alamy via wirestock, too.
I had a sale of 3$ on shutterstock - one of my worst images I am not caring about LOL
Adobe: Mostly editorials without people sells not bad for me.
But until now no sales on dreamstime and pond5 (images).
Does anyone had sales on the last two agencies via wirestock?

And did anyone already got sales via extra channels (which is mostly Canva)?

123RF / Clipdealer no reseller from 123RF anymore?
« on: May 28, 2021, 09:36 »
Well, Clipdealer is not a big seller and if you sell directly via Clipdealer, you have to force them to pay you if you reached the payout. But Clipdealer is/was also a reseller from 123RF
Not long time ago - maybe 3 weeks(?) - I still could see all my images from 123RF on Clipdealer, too. the funny and interesting thing: I was able to see, how many views my images got on clipdealer and if sold, they would be also listed.
I just wanted to make another short research on clipdealer, but now I cannot find any of my images anymore.
AND: Strange: If you click on any other contributors name: Mostly no image appears anymore, but sometimes they appear.
It seems like 123RF quit Clipdealer as reseller and all these contributors, without listed images were selling via 123RF?

Would be interesting to know, who quit from whom. would be funny if Clipdealer was the one, who does not want to sell images from 123RF anymore.


I just want to make a calculation for myself. Maybe later I let you know about my idea.
For that I need the information as follows (I forgot to save that info in the past, sorry):

BEFORE shutterstock changed everything in June 2020:

Lowest revenue for contributors were 25 Cent, isnt it? (Lowest level/ 20 or 25%?)

That time already exist subscrition which were that cheap -if used - and shutterstock paid 25 Cent to the contributors, then shutterstock makes a minus.
Which subscrition THAT time was just okay for shutterstock in that way, that they did not have a minus, but plus min, if paying the contributors that 25 Cent?

Does anybody here remember that?

To make it short:
How much a customer had to pay per image, if using the best subscrition and contributors getting their 25 Cent and shutterstock earns without minus.

I hope, you got me LOL


I am thinking about creating my first own website/homepage.
Any suggestions, where I should do it nowadays?
There are so many.
Of course I would like upload as many possible, but if there is a limit and the CEO is good or any other thing, then I would start with that limited one.

After building that website, I want to concentrate on social medias too.

Or should I do it the other way around? first social media, then own website?

I do not want to pay anything in the beginning.

Hi folks,

I have very strange experiences today with searching anything on Adobe.

I searched as normal, means Adobe can see that I search from indonesia.
In another browser I set VPN from USA and Netherlands, but same results!

Is there a new issue if we search on Adobe?

First I wanted only search some of my images. But even if I search for example locust: In the past many many images appear, now only very few. Or Bakso just two images, even only from me there should be more than six.

Please check somebody, if you have the same problems right now.

Yesterday or 2 days ago, many checked images appear from different countries. Means even the results were different, but still appear many. And now?

I have some photos which are good for 3d backgrounds or as backdrops for phantasy films or similar genre.

Where should I upload these photos?

I could imagine Pond5 and Adobe could be good for it? Or is there any agency which is perfect for these kind of photos?
With other words: Customers who search for that kind of photos prefer to search on which agencies first?

General Stock Discussion / Our dream agency!
« on: March 25, 2021, 11:43 »
All agencies would offer this:

1. New images on the top (first third) for 90 days, then directly the best sellers, most viewed.

2. Customer search:

a) Life search: We can see, what customers are searching LIFE and with which keywords!

We can see what customers were searching for in the last

b) 24 hours

c) 7 days

from most to less.

Collection views also listed and collection getting a ranking by views too. Here also NEW collection AND just new changed collections shown up directly on the top of a search - before the single images appear.

Best: We can click on a search keyword (real time/24h/7 days) and see:
1. Which images and collections are shown for the customer.
2. another link: All images we upload and includes that keyword, got listed for us as contributor.

With this information we can do a lot. not only changing relevant keywords, which we might forgot, but really relevant. And on this agency the changes appears DIRECTLY!
What are customers looking for? We can upload or take shots of it.



It newly exist on one agency, which changed so many things in the last month. Great job!

The problem is:
It is a POD site: photo4me.com

And we know, they are mostly sell images from UK. But they are working on expanding to US too.

I write this here to tell you, there are still agencies caring much on their artists and make it better for them. Something positive - needed in this time, isnt it?

Of course: For bigger agencies it will never be possible to do the same. But it would be nice, if some would try to follow this just partly - maybe with that 7 days ranking of keyword searches.

Adobe Stock / Ranking
« on: March 25, 2021, 11:19 »
Yes, again.-)

1. Ranking of images
Well, for Adobe it is clear: The first 30 days are the most important for getting a good or bad ranking of our photos. To maximize the chance for a good ranking we need:
accurate good keywords (max 49) and the keyword order (first weights most, second... and so on to 10th) AND best these first 10 keywords are used also in the title. (Just to break it down in short.)

A few month ago I got the information that Adobe wanted to change something:
(Sorry, I cannot remember well, but if I am not wrong, it was an email to the contributors?)
Because in the past NEW images got more weight and shown on the top, the best seller images got their competitors from these new images. That is it what Adobe wanted to change - if I remember right. They changed the system/algerhythm in that way, that the best seller appears on the top and the new images much later.

If that is right, then uploading new images could be a waist of time, especially if competing images (same motif/theme) are to many.
In this forum one or two mentioned that they still get good sales from old images, but nearly no sale from new images. Could be that the result?

Then all the good advices above about keywording and so on is for nothing, because it does not count anymore?

2. Portfolio Exposure:
As a normal contributor the exposure from Wirestock will be much bigger of course.
Just an extreme example/question:
If you have a portfolio from only around 500 images and no sales yet, should it than better to upload via Wirestock to get a bigger chance to sell anything. (We are not talking about quality of the image, just exposure/ranking)

3. Ranking of accounts/portfolio:
How much does it influence the ranking of images - beside the keywords and exposure? And which agencies known that they do rank accounts in which way ever?

4. First 30 days important for ranking ono all agencies? (and google?)
Adobe = 30 first days important for ranking. which other agencies could say the same? I guess Alamy is different, Pond5 told me it needs more than two month until the ranking is clear (footage AND photo). What do you think? What about DT, SS, DP, 123RF, iS?

Many questions again. Hopefully soon I will have learned more.
Thx in advance.

I found one of my (really not best) images as thumb for a free images/vector/video site called icon0.com:

I am curious, where did this website get my photo? This photo - who wonder - never get sold. but here used as thumb to pull interest for their site.

So I went there, but could not find that photo on that site! Strange, isnt it?

If you go there, you find free images on their own site, but also 123RF, deposit and shutterstock. I tried to fin some photos from me, but could not find any. Maybe you can find your photos there for free?
I have no idea, how this site works. No idea either, if this is something like promo.com, where our photos and videos are offered for free.

On the main site of icon0.com you can find another website with free images/vectors called vecteezy.com. Funny: Contributors get paid 5 $ per 1000 downloads!
Also on that website I could not find any of my photos.

So, this is just to inform you, if you also never heard about these two websites. And if you know them and can tell us more about them, let us know.
Seem like both websites working together.

Here the links:
This link shows up 123RF, deposit and shutterstock. Seems like they got my photo from 123RF

The main site of icon0.com with the link to vecteezy:

And here vecteezy:

Hello fellow,

I am in the lucky situation that I can decide to create PayPal account in Germany (19% Tax?) or Indonesia (15% tax).

I submit my images to several agencies. Would you advice me to create one account for all agencies or depends on the agency, sometimes a German account would be better and sometimes an Indonesian account?

AND: When it is better to create a business account and when a private?
I am still new to stockphotography and it will still take a long time for any first payout. So i might start a private account first and later .... well since what amount I should change to a business account? (I think it will be just a dream and will never get so far to a need of a business account)

I guess most of you did get the email from deposit about Updates to contributor royalties on Depositphotos.

I checked their link, which said to clarify the differences between past and now, but I could not figure it out.
Can anyone explain me, what are the differences?

Here is the link, which shows - for me - nothing new. Well, I thought the lowest commission would be 0,22 and not 0,25 - which would be better now. But in another thread others only got 0,14. Confusing!


Adobe Stock / Wanna get free images from Adobe? Here you are!
« on: January 03, 2021, 00:57 »
Wanna get free images from Adobe? Here you are!

I just searched for images from Parangtritis beach there and they do not have them there for free, but Adobe sponsors freepil.com. So search results on Adobe are published, where you can get 10 free images.
Well, only the 10 free images - no problem! But interesting that these 10 free images are not only offered to buyers on Adobe itself.
So, it is not a big sale out from our images, but just good to know.
And as I stated in another thread already: Not only we contributor suggest other contributor NOT TO offer images for free on that free stockphoto sites. Agencies do not like to see it too, if we offer same images for free on other sites. RIGHT and GOOD decision. But on the other site, seems like many agencies (not Adobe) offers our images for free on different sites and in different kind of subscirptions/plans and so on.
They do not want us to offer them for free, because indeed it is a competition, but they do it on their own. Well, what to say about this? (Again: I still not find our images for totally free via Adobe or their partners (yet).


Does anybody rename filenames with a text like a title for getting better SEO / ranking / google ranking?

Deposit advice to do it.

AND about copyright / producer information:
wirestock blocks all photos which have copyright information - just found out myself. And other agencies just change it to i.e. NAME-adobe or they take out of the copyright information - see other threads about this.
In this case, what are you doing?
For wirestock take the information of copyright out to get it uploaded - and same for other agencies, who might not accept files with copyright information?

Most dont touch the producer field, which at least still shows, who did the shoot. Is that really enough for us contributor?
And in case of google for the future, which needs the copyright information. Does it mean, we have to stop uploading to selected agencies who not caring about our copyright information to get a better ranking on google?

Hi members,

I have two questions about RANKING:

1.) RANKING of portfolio on each agency

I could guess that might be Adobe could be on example for ranking portfolios with an intern algorytme. For example: You have a midlle big or big portfolio, but did not sell anything yet, then they might flag you and if similar images got uploaded from other (good seller) contributors, they would be ranking higher than the one who did not sell anything yet.
I would like to know, which agencies indeed doing that?
Really most of them?
I submit to eyeem, Pond5, Alamy, photocase, 123RF, deposit, dreamstime, Adobe, (bad pics even to SS),

I am thinking of deleting bad pics on the better agencies, if it helps to push my ranking.

2.) How to find out the ranking of an image?
I should check it for each agency AND on google, isnt it?
As more general my search keywords and my image displayed on the first site for example, as better the ranking is?
As more specific my search keywords as more the ranking only says something about the unique theme and not really about the real ranking. Right?

How do you find out the ranking of your images. Which way are you using?

Thanks in advance for your replies and experiences.

And if you have any advice beside following ideas, let me know:
For example: Bad ranking: checking the keywords, saleable image, better delete might be.

New Sites - General / Wirestock new Instant Pay Program
« on: November 21, 2020, 08:29 »
To let all contributers know, I copy an email I got from wirestock today and my answer. On one hand I might be interested, but I am very suspectful. In my opinion it is much more important that wirestock should improve their keywording first and give the contributer the control about the images by getting viewed on which agency each image gor really online and with which keywords and which keyword order.

Here the email from wirestock:

Dear ...,

We are happy to inform you that your portfolio has been selected for the Instant Pay Program.

You have 26 photos that have been listed for more than 4 months and have not generated any earnings. We would like to improve this and include these photos in our Instant Pay Program. The program allows contributors to receive advance payments from our new partners - Freepik, as well as other Instant Pay partner marketplaces.

You will receive a one-time advance payment of $4-5/image from each agency that selects your images. This means that you can potentially earn $88.4 (26*$3.40) and even more if multiple agencies select your images. Please note that the images may be listed for free download on the agencies that select them. Periodically, we will review your portfolio and send more photos with low sales for Instant Pay.

If you wish to opt out of the Instant Pay Program, please email us by 28 November 2020.

Wirestock Team

Btw: Just one week to decide - to short in my opinion!

Here my answer to wirestock:

Dear wirestock team,
To be able to decide if I want take that chance or opt out, I need more information!
Which 26 photos are selected?
After that period time they will get changed with others of my portfolio or kept there forever? I get one time money or after that period another time?
I need a full list of the agencies which might select them and at least really select which photo.

You give your contributor only one week to opt out without enough information. That's bad.

You should also let me know easily, where all images at least really got accepted and online!

When you will organize that? Thats  more important than try new things.
And at least: even if I found my images online on each agency after long time research:
On alamy I cannot prove if you selected the right 10 most important keywords or the right order on Adobe.
After 1 month keywords are not that important anymore  - for example on Adobe  - and the images getting lost.
You might remember that I asked you to change the keywords for many of my images. You did it for the most of them, but very late  - to late  - after 1 month +
That means: because of your bad and wrong keywording that images didn't get any chance for sale.
And now you ask me me for giving them away for free.

I would prefer to delete them all and upload them again to give them a real chance for sale in the important first month.
But your keywording is still to bad and a few reviewers from you are to lazy to follow instructions from the contributor.

My advice for you:
Learn hardly for your skills like keywording first and find a way to show contributers each image got online at which agency with which keywords and order of keywords.

If there is any link with more information about your Instant Pay Program, please send me.
Only because I know about Adobe new free pic section/action, I can guess that Adobe could be one of that agencies, but Adobe changes the images after 1 year.


General Stock Discussion / shedule time for (re)upload images
« on: October 23, 2020, 05:56 »
A long time an idea growth in me which belongs to the right shedule time for (re)upload images to the agencies.

Last weeks I got so many more reasons to think deeper about it.

For example:
After 30 days, images, which were not sold or viewed enough times, will get lost in ranking. That means, if we have images which have to compete with other similar images, our images nearly lost the chance to get sold or viewed after that 30 days.
With other words: Delete them would be the same like keeping them. Of course we do not delete them - much work for what?

Why not delete them and upload them another time again?

The idea behind:
Mostly NEW images get viewed and sold - except a few images, which get sold regulary. Would be interesting to research if these regulary images also started to get sold in the first 30 days.

Lets explain it with an easy example:
We upload Christmas images in summer! Who will be surprised that our images do not get sold or even viewed in summer, isnt it?
In October/November/December when the buyers are looking for Christmas images, our images from summer went down on ranking and will have nearly no chance to get viewed or sold.

We always surprised about images got sold even we think they were bad images. But we also always surprised about many of our good images also not get sold.

It might be that we uploaded them in a wrong time or we were just unlucky that in the first 30 days no buyer were searching for that good images.

When i started in November last year, like many of us, I started with flowers LOL and uploaded them directly in November! Totaly wrong!
Should I delete these images - only the really good ones and upload them again in February, when the buyers searching for flowers for the market starting in March?

There are agencies where we easily can delete images and upload another time again. But might these agencies see what we are doing and might block that images?

For some other reasons I deleted some images on deposit and uploaded them again a few month later. Some images, wich did not get sold after the first upload suddenly got sold in the first 30 days after the second upload.

I hope, you get my idea.

Could it be a good idea to REupload the better images?

BUT BEFORE THAT we should check the ranking of these images first.
Some of my images which never got sold, always appears on the first page - on each agency AND on google. These have a good ranking already and should not neccesssary to REupload again. AND even many seemed to view them, but they did not get sold. Even I think also, they are not that good.

But all our own favourite images, who did not get sold a long time: Should we delete them and REupload them again - my flowers for example in February/ March?

I am glad to read your opinions and would like to get an answer from MATT from Adobe too. But because it is not only an idea for Adobe, I posted it here in General Stock Discussion.

I am confused about street art, murals, graffities, because Alamy and Adobe seems to accept them sometimes for commercials and most other agencies accept them only for editorial or even do not accept them at all.

To be safe in any way, best is to upload them just for editorial.

But would you try to upload them, as commercial if there are agencies out there accept them for commercials? And as editorial at that agencies who only accept them for editorial?

If the artist of the street art makes problems, who will get the problem? Me, or the agencies who accept them for commercial?

I am planning to upload many street art images from Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. (As I found out, not to many people buy them, but I keyworded them already, so why not upload them?)

On the other side: Who will buy and use them for commercial? I guess, mostly they just use them for editoral use even if they are set for commercial use, isnt it?

Hi members,

I got told these keywords are very important and should defenitly used if it fits to an image:

background, copy space

But when it really fits?

A background which is indeed an image with just yellow monochrome color - of course!
But what about the images which have on subject in focus:
- with blurred background - I would still agree, if there is enough copy space.
- with not blurred background which could be many green leafs - really? What is here the background? And how it could used for a text?

And what about copy space?
When it should be used? Maybe if there is 30%+ free for text?

And as shown above, background and copy space often used together. When it is best to use these keywords and when it is better not to use them.

I am pretty sure that in the beginning sumbitting images to agencies, I overused these keywords.

Until now I am not totally clear in all cases, when it is better to use them and when not.

I saw a list in this forum from most used keywords from buyers and was very surprised that copy space was even not listed! Strange!

And my last question in case of keywords:
Should we always use the keywords horizontal and vertical?
Some agencies automaticly paste them, but for sure not all.
Or should I follow the idea from wirestock? They only use verticalif it is a vertical shot. But if it is a horizontal shot, they do not write it in their titles and even not in the keywords.

Thank you in advance for your experiences and advices.

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