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Shutterstock.com / Re: Very low video sales
« on: February 23, 2021, 04:59 »
Everest, you are totally right with saying this:
#There are not so many options on the video front and buyers can search in 5 minutes at the gig 4 and locate the file if it is there. Now if they subscribe at shutter you get your 1$ and loose 39. Not a winning proposition under my point of view.#
AND!: #Buyers are very price conscious nowadays.#

I asked Pond5 for some information about different things and ONE they always repeat telling me - advised me: Have in mind, buyers looking around to try cheaper files.
Not like other agencies like Alamy or other contributor say, that buyers are to lazy to look around. That might were right in the past, but NOWADAYS for sure much more have to look for cheaper files.

The advice from Everest is only good as long our videos (images) have not many competition on SS. If there are to many competition, then it might be no matter where to upload. But as more not uploading good files to SS as more benefit.

Very interesting! And thanks a lot for sharing these information.

It would be interesting, if following strategy would be good or not:

Lets say, we can find out ourselves, which photos we took are better shots and which just usual. For the usual one I would follow the upload ones and go strategy and directly to ALL agencies.
But for the better photos it might be interesting in separate uploads to different agencies?
For example: Upload to Zoonar, Photocase, Alamy first.
After 3 month upload to Adobe, Dreamstime
After another 3 month or much more time upload to 123rf, deposit, iStock, (shitterstock).

Of course we have to have in mind, if that photos already getting unpopular. so it would only work for photos, which will be still popular after a year or so.

I know it is also about how agencies sell!

Yaymicro / Re: Yay reopening??
« on: January 28, 2021, 10:20 »
After delete all videos and photos on your portfolio, write yay every three days, that they should defenitly delete and remove all files from your portfolio AND from all other agencies, where they also sell them for example Alamy and agefotostock. AND tell them you will keep the forum updated if they do it or not. With that way my photos were finally deleted and removed all. You can read about it also in the other thread:
Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas

Yaymicro / Re: Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas
« on: January 26, 2021, 10:06 »
Thank you for your more information.

Alamy on agefotostock:
I found my own from Alamy and the ones I upload via Wirestock (smartphone photos) on the Alamy link from agefotostock. But I think, they were not upload from yay to agefotostock, but from Alamy to agefotostock. And that is okay.
Interesting: Little bit different prices, but okay! AND: My model released photos are only for sale in editorial. I checked again on Alamy and wirestock: Still model released = commercial.

My profile name from Yay on agefotostock doesnt show any photos. So it might worked well and they do not (any longer ) excist there. Could be also that they did not get YET there, because I just upload photos on yay a few month ago. (Background: I wanted to support one more of the smaller agencies, which are fairer with the commissions, but less sales. Well, it is frustrating that even some of these agencies get worse for any contributor.

Yaymicro / Re: Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas
« on: January 26, 2021, 07:46 »

I just wanted to give an update, regarding my images on agefotostock. They finally deleted them (after 4+ years selling my work against my will), and it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

After YayImages just ignored me for weeks, and later misunderstood my request (fx. they wrote "Are you able to login to your dashboard and view sales?" when I clearly started with "I deleted my acccount in 2016..."), I contacted agefotostock directly. They also ignored me for some weeks, but then I was told, they have the right to sell my images, because they have a contract with Yay. They just did not believe me  :(

In the end about a week ago Yay finally contacted agefotostock and they deleted my images, but they also told me, according to Yay, I just contacted them recently about this problem (implying I am a liar) and they knew nothing about my account being deleted in 2016 even though I send them the e-mail confirmation from Yay (from 2016) in which they assured me to delete my images and that they also contacted their partners, agefotostock and alamy to notify them about deletion.

So now my images are not on sale anymore, but Yay ignores me again, regarding my earnings for the last 4 years. Very frustrating.

So my advice for anyone thinking about uploading to this agency: STAY AWAY!

Indeed bad experience. Nice to hear that finally you solved the problem.

agefotostock and alamy?
How can I find out if my images are online there?
You know, they removed all my images from my portfolio on yay finally, but we never know, if they also did it on their partner sites. So, I want to prove it.

I did not reupload, too. But I saw them online on my portfolio. So, I do not know, why they asking me to do it.

Shutterstock.com / Re: The Shutterstock customer search!
« on: January 26, 2021, 03:57 »
Pond5: 1 free video and now (new) 1 photo free weekly, no problem! And that are videos or photos signed from the contributor for following advertisments like that or including abonnements.
The really good thing of it is: If you go to the free clip, directly below are similar clips shown from the same contributor for sale. So it is also an advertisment for the contributor! Great idea.

The 50% off for photos ends on 26 January, today!
I have no idea how it works: They just cut the 50 % from pond5, so pond5 does not get anything just that advertisment or it is shared with the contributors. So if you set a price for 10 $, instead of getting 5, you get 2,50 while that advertisment time.
But it is still good, because it is set for a limited time and we contributors could react if we want: increase the price. But I am okay with it, if it helps to attrack buyers for photos on pond5, which is badly needed, but I also can accept pond5 decission to focus on videos. But this 50% off for photos is a sign that they might focus little bit more on photos, too. So, hands up!

I want to apologize my fault when I wrote this:
# No idea either, if this is something like promo.com, where our photos and videos are offered for free. #

I was not thinking enough when I wrote it. Of course Getty and Shutterstock are not giving our videos and photos away for free on promo.com. From Getty we get that connect payout or how ever they call it. But indeed  long time nobody here knew, if they are totally for free. Well, we get something for it, even it is nearly the same like nothing. But right: I was wrong!

And the two other websites here: I do not know yet, but did not directly thought they use our images for free, because our artist name or file numbers are shown. Maybe just another kind of connect? But this time from other agencies? Well, we never know and we do not know, where else our images are offered in which kind ever.
It is just little bit frustrating that we have to research it on our own, then investigate on our own, because some agencies dont give us that kind of information anywhere before that. But on the other side I can understand them: There might be to many websites -  not only affiliate ones. It would be to complicated for us contributors to understand it, because we do not know anything about business and how it works.

I found one of my (really not best) images as thumb for a free images/vector/video site called icon0.com:

I am curious, where did this website get my photo? This photo - who wonder - never get sold. but here used as thumb to pull interest for their site.

So I went there, but could not find that photo on that site! Strange, isnt it?

If you go there, you find free images on their own site, but also 123RF, deposit and shutterstock. I tried to fin some photos from me, but could not find any. Maybe you can find your photos there for free?
I have no idea, how this site works. No idea either, if this is something like promo.com, where our photos and videos are offered for free.

On the main site of icon0.com you can find another website with free images/vectors called vecteezy.com. Funny: Contributors get paid 5 $ per 1000 downloads!
Also on that website I could not find any of my photos.

So, this is just to inform you, if you also never heard about these two websites. And if you know them and can tell us more about them, let us know.
Seem like both websites working together.

Here the links:
This link shows up 123RF, deposit and shutterstock. Seems like they got my photo from 123RF

The main site of icon0.com with the link to vecteezy:

And here vecteezy:

Yaymicro / Re: Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas
« on: January 21, 2021, 05:56 »
As promised, here my last update about removing all images from Yay:

I just proved it today and YES, Yay DID remove all my photos as asked for and I can still log in in my account.

So it works at least if we push them many times to do it.

I would suggest other contributors should do the same, if they want Yay to remove their photos.

Maybe I will still use my account on Yay for my worst photos, which surprisingly getting accepted on several agencies. If they did not get a sale after one year - (who will wonder), then I upload them to Yay and Canva, where I do not care if i only get pennies or nearly nothing for it.
Another year later I might upload that bad photos on a free pic site, just to prove if indeed there are buyers out there, using them.
But I will use another profile name, because I do not want people know about my bad photos LOL

Yaymicro / Re: Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas
« on: January 18, 2021, 07:15 »
Fast reply from YAY:

# Hi

This should have already been processed, as the index was recently moved to a new server and now has started to update every week. I'll investigate with IT today as to why the photos you deleted had not been removed.

Kind regards #

I keep you update

Yaymicro / Re: Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas
« on: January 18, 2021, 04:34 »
I just wrote Yay again and tell them to pressure them by regular report, if they started to remove my photos or not.
So I keep this thread on the top.
I hope, this works and Yay starting to remove my photos.

The other contributors, who have the same problem and even see there photos still online after closing their accounts years ago, keep on update here, too.

If Yay wants to get trust by contributors again, they should react and remove the photos.
It is little bit aggressive, I know, but I am not a shame to do it.

Pond5 / Re: Sudden massive pile on of views on P5
« on: January 18, 2021, 04:16 »
Just a guess:
They sent emails with a promo:
 50% for photos.
MAYBE most got it around that date and just check if there are photos which they might buy, but at least they didnt in the most of time?
BTW: The promo is until 26th this January.

10.000.000 accounts on Promo and we are wondering that sales goes down everywhere?

Yaymicro / Re: Yaymicro - Legal solution ideas
« on: January 14, 2021, 14:37 »
13 days ago was the last time from many times I asked yay to remove all my images from there website/my portfolio.
I deleted them already one by one BEFORE that, but until now they are still online.

A little bit surprising was their last email:

# Hi

Yayimages had previous owners (2 years ago) that had sub licensed some content. We have not forged any new sublicensing partnerships because acquiring our own customers is more of a priority.

We can close your account if you like. Its not a problem.

Can I ask which agency has the best model for you and the best sales volume?

Thanks.  #

1. I just uploaded my images a few month ago, so should not have any commection to the old subs he is talking about.
2. Could it really be a good agency, if they ask ME, a newbie in stockphotos with only a round 500 images there, which agency has the best model for you (me) and the best sales volume? That is a beginner question, isnt it?
If I would have an own agency, I would look around and find out about my competitors BEFORE I open a new agency. Seem like Yay has indeed no strategy at all.

okay, thanks for your opinion. Seems the best I should do.

Off Topic / Re: stock photo reviewer job
« on: January 14, 2021, 03:26 »
I guess at eyeEm many reviewer will leave eyeEm soon, because it is getting frustrating for them now compared with the time before they got a new boss and payment levels.
Reviewer who did not work there before might take it easier. So might be soon you could get a job there?
But the problem is: I guess most reviewer on eyeEm are also the group of owner. But the new boss with stockphoto background might be from Getty, so I would be careful.

I just got an email reply from eyeEm which shows that they are not (allowed) to be that kind anymore. And if there really kind replies in the past were real - and I guess that, because they really took care on their artists - then the new rules for replying might frustrate them and getting depression from it.

okay, might be the best advice.

In kind of business account: PayPal rules for that like lower fees also works for Indonesia or only for selected countries?

Hello fellow,

I am in the lucky situation that I can decide to create PayPal account in Germany (19% Tax?) or Indonesia (15% tax).

I submit my images to several agencies. Would you advice me to create one account for all agencies or depends on the agency, sometimes a German account would be better and sometimes an Indonesian account?

AND: When it is better to create a business account and when a private?
I am still new to stockphotography and it will still take a long time for any first payout. So i might start a private account first and later .... well since what amount I should change to a business account? (I think it will be just a dream and will never get so far to a need of a business account)

A friend of mine, also a photographer, contacted Getty/iStock and asked them about promo.com. He got an answer, me not yet.

Here a part of the answer from Getty/iStock:

#Your content is not being used for free.

Your Connect statement will provide the royalty information.#

Followed from two links. I read them carefully and understand now much more about it, but there was no example of promo.com. So I only can get an IDEA what we might get. But at least not for free, but might be for 0,0000000001 penny for each use.

And Getty/iStock wrote:

# Our contract with Promo.com is confidential.

We have not been receiving any other tickets from other Contributors regarding this same matter. #

no comment.

Thx for clarify!

shutterstock, eyeEm, yay and now deposit. All down down down.

I guess most of you did get the email from deposit about Updates to contributor royalties on Depositphotos.

I checked their link, which said to clarify the differences between past and now, but I could not figure it out.
Can anyone explain me, what are the differences?

Here is the link, which shows - for me - nothing new. Well, I thought the lowest commission would be 0,22 and not 0,25 - which would be better now. But in another thread others only got 0,14. Confusing!


# It all depends on your port, and crucially, how the algorithm ranks your files in the search order, which can be different depending on when you upload. For example, if when you upload, the algorithm is favouring new files, you're in luck. If it's favouring older files, your files may never get traction. #

And how can we know, which one the algorithm rank favouring at the moment? new or old files?

I tricked out myself LOL

On iStock I have a different name thatn on eyeem or getty ofcourse!
I checked again and indeed ALL my iStock photos still appear on promo.com

Any updates?

I wrote to iStock, but did not get any answer to this,. But they answered another request already. That alone is already interesting.

Very interesting: iStock seems react on my request about promo.com! I wrote them that many contributors proving now a law suit against them, if that is not legal offer all images for free on promo.com.
Yesterday I checked again my images there and it seems like all my iStock images disappeared now. That is for me a sign that it was illegal.

I know many other contributors here alos wrote a request to iStock and Getty. Any answeres yet or same experiences like me: images disappeared oon promo.com?

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