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Just read this on the Flickr Call for Artists group page:

"With a real swimming pool, every now and then you have to close it down, drain it empty, and do maintenance: clear out the bugs, fix the broken parts, clean everything, and then re-open all fresh and new.

Well, we need to do the same thing with the Call For Artists pool. As many of you are aware we have had some problems with not everything working correctly, such as not being able to review the submissions in order, and with some invitations not going out when they should.

So beginning Tuesday 9 March the Call For Artists pool will be closed for 6 weeks while we review all the submissions currently in there. We plan to re-open for new submissions on Tuesday 20 April. The Discussion board will remain open for any questions anyone has and to allow us to post any necessary announcements and updates until the re-opening."

My first set are stuck in the pool.  Fingers are crossed.

I appreciate your comments, they are very valid.  I can't wait until I can afford to upgrade.  I got these lenses (along with a couple others) for a steal, and think I can make a profit selling just a couple of them.  Hopefully in a few months I can make some upgrades.  I'd like a couple primes, maybe the Canon 35mm 2.0 or 50mm 1.4 to begin with.  And then maybe the 70-200 f/4L like you recommend.  Any others you'd recommend?  I appreciate the advice, being somewhat of a photography novice anyway, and having only very recently switched to Canon from Nikon, I have much to learn about Canon gear.

Microstock Charts / Re: Introducing Microstock Charts
« on: March 12, 2010, 14:19 »
Just signed up.  This looks very interesting, thanks for the hard work.  Now if only the site could separate photo and video stats, that would be killer!  :)

I recently got both of these lenses as part of stash of lenses I bought off of recently.  I don't see why I need both, so I decided to run some comparison tests using my new 7D.  Here are the first sets of results:

Does anyone have any advice regarding these lenses?  Do you have and/or recommend one over the other based on your own experience?  The Sigma seems warmer and softer.  It also has Macro, which I haven't had much experience with.  I'd appreciate any thoughts.  I know they are both fairly cheap and are both older models, but I intend to keep one of them for the time being.

Thanks, that looks good.  I'll try it using it this week.

I am interested in uploading more video to each of these sites in the near future, but notice that each of these sites have their own specific releases (SS has one for video, and another for stills).  Has anyone used a generic release (such as the Getty one? or a generic version of either of the releases available from these sites?) wit success at both sites?  I a hoping not to need to create multiple releases for each model at each shoot.



One more question?  do you find 30 or 24 frames/second (NTSC shooters, of course) video sells better?  I ask b/c the D300s only shoots 24p.

Thanks for your thoughts everyone.  The discussion is helpful. I am fully aware of the limitations of using a DSLR for real video work.  I have extensive experience with Panasonic's HVX200 and DVX100 series camcorders, as well as some JVC and Sony HDV prosumer models, and I realize the rolling shutter will be an issue.  I am interested in the 7D/5DM2 or D300s for simple stock video purposes - because of their low price tags and decent video quality, and either would be a good upgrade to my D50 for still photos as well.

Also, I think it's inevitable that Nikon will jump into the 1080p market sometime fairly soon.  Maybe I should wait until that point to keep my limited lens collection relevant.

New question: do any of you who submit video see any buyer preference for 1080p over 720p?  Do you sell enough 1080p to justify the need to get a camera that shoots it, or would 720p be enough?

thanks for the thoughts so far.  I think i am leaning toward the D300s or 7D over the D90, despite it's low price tag.  I definitely want something to keep around for awhile, and something that won't make me wish i had spent a few hundred extra bucks at the outset.  I've also been watching some good video from the Pentax K-7, which is also cheaper than the other two.  However its 3:2 aspect ratio at max resolution (video) would be irritating.

Hey everybody,  I am seriously considering a camera upgrade soon (i currently have a Nikon D50), partly to take advantage of the video features of these newer cameras.  I would like to focus on creating video for stock, in addition to my still submissions.  If you were in my position, with a Nikon and only a couple of lenses, would you upgrade to one of the Nikons or make the leap for 1080 on the 7D?  For those of you with any of these cameras, is the video output good enough for submission to the microstock agencies with video (ie iStock, ShutterStock, Pond5)?

I am seriously considering converting to the 7D, but am anxious to figure out if the additional price (for camera and a lens or two to start) is worth it.  Any thoughts would be very helpful.  Thanks in advance.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Anyone selling at Panther Media?
« on: January 18, 2010, 01:50 »
I been with them for over a year, but never got my whole portfolio uploaded because of poor sales.  I get a few here and there, but don't really anticipate bothering in the future.  It hasn't been worth the time invested, at least for me.


General Stock Discussion / Re: March 2009 earnings breakdown
« on: April 01, 2009, 21:38 »
FT   30% BME
IS   18%
SS   17%
P5   14%
DT   9% - lousy lately
StockXpert   4% - even worse
123   4%
Print Bus. Cards   2%
BigStock   1.5%
SV   0.5%

General Stock Discussion / Re: Are you working alone?
« on: March 31, 2009, 17:15 »
1. when did you started with microstock?  I uploaded my first photos in April 2006, but didn't spend much time until summer of 2007.
2. how experienced in photography were you when started with MS?  Not very.  I'd taken a few photography classes in college (digital and film), and had taken hobby photos for a few years.
3. is photography your only source of revenue? If so, how much of your income is microstock earnings?  Well, how shall I say this?  I'm a full time grad student (law), so microstock makes up most of my [meager] income.
4. are you working alone? If not, how many employees?  I work alone, unless you can count my two toddlers that hang on my legs when i try to work :)
5. how many photos a week do you upload?  Sadly, i don't get time to upload weekly, mostly on longer breaks in the academic year.
6. on how many sites do you have your portfolio?  the big six + alamy, and i have a few shots on a couple others to test the waters but don't see myself uploading to many of them.
7. do you upload to macrostock? If so, how much of your stock photography earnings are coming from macro?  Alamy only.  About 1/6 of my 2008 income came from a small segment of my portfolio on that site - i hope to get more up when i have the time.  (i know, i know.  I have the time to write this post but not upload.  ;) it's more of a stress relief mechanism than anything else.)

General Stock Discussion / Re: Sell someone other's pictures?
« on: March 31, 2009, 17:03 »
Sorry to threaten to hijack this thread, but I have a similar question.

My mother (who is fairly computer illiterate) is crafty and makes greeting cards from scratch (kind of like scrapbooking). I suggested she try selling them as stock and see what happens. Since she can't be bothered with the computer, I thought about uploading a few to my portfolios (with her consent/release) to see how they do. That should be ok right? If a person can upload someone elses artwork with a release, this would be ok too right?

You could do it, but it's not exactly the same as, say, a model release.  For most agencies (who require you to be the copyright holder) You would need an agreement that transferred (assigned) the copyright in your mother's cards to you.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Sell someone other's pictures?
« on: March 31, 2009, 17:00 »
Sort of a related question along the lines of the OP. Are you able to sell images that you have purchased say through an estate auction? I have seen some beautiful medium format negatives go up for sale at estate auctions and have often wondered if they did scan well enough would I be able to sell them (landscapes only of course) or would I only have them for personal use?

No, you cannot  sell these because you do not have a copyright interest in them.  Owning a physical item and obtaining the intellectual property for that item are two discrete and very different things.  Even if the item were in the public domain (because copyright had expired) you still could not claim that your were the copyright owner - which is what most agencies require.  In order to sell the image you would need to have the image licensed to you for that purpose or, preferably, have the copyright assigned or granted to you.

Adobe Stock / Re: FT rank
« on: March 09, 2009, 21:02 »
March 9, 2009

Overall rank     1540
7 days rank    1210

I don't suppose there is a way to find out what your rank used to be?  I haven't really kept track.

I haven't done much for quite some time, but i used the HVX200 and DVX100A back when i had the time.

This event looks like an amazing opportunity.  Are any of you going?  I wish I could (I am in NorCal after all), but I am in law school, scraping by on financial aid and microstock earnings, and have kids to feed.

I'd love to hear about it from anyone who attends, please post your impressions.  If you have tickets and can't go, i'd be happy to take them off your hands ;D

Adobe Stock / Re: Are you wishing Fotolia to be the new Istock?
« on: January 15, 2009, 01:04 »
As a very part time microstocker myself, i appreciate the sites that payout the most money to me on a monthly basis.  Since last May FT has consistently outperformed DT and IS (by a multiplier of greater than 4X most months) as far as my earnings go.  Only SS has been better or at the same level.  I have a similar portfolio on all but IS - which is a little smaller due to their upload restrictions/process.  I have been with FT almost three years, and they have definitely made some quick gains these last 6 months.  I hope they continue.

I understand the concerns about FT's contributor relations problems, but they have been sending lots of money my way (comparably anyway  :)) when some of the sites that pay higher percentages have been awfully slow and have earned me far less.

I appreciate all of your thoughts.  These threads are interesting.

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia sales? how have yours been lately?
« on: November 29, 2008, 19:06 »
most of my sales (as far as i can tell) are in the German market.  I guess their european site is doing most of the work at the moment.  The sales have been a nice surprise, Fotolia has actually been selling consistently better than IS or SS or DT for me over the last 5 months or so.

Adobe Stock / Fotolia sales? how have yours been lately?
« on: November 26, 2008, 00:08 »
I liked the IStock poll like this, and since my Fotolia sales have been rising like crazy since May, i wondered how everyone else was doing?

**i just realized this is in the wrong forum, can an admin please move it to the Fotolia section?  Sorry!***

23 / Re: Istock sales (+) (-) (=) -Poll-
« on: November 26, 2008, 00:05 »

Mine look just like this.  Istock has been tanking since April.  Fotolia's been going crazy all of a sudden.  W/o any new uploads my sales have risen about 20% a month!

25 / My first payout at PantherMedia
« on: November 01, 2008, 17:44 »
Just got my first $50+ payout at PantherMedia.  I have only had a few images (65) there for about 8 months.  It's hit and miss but might be worthwhile for some of you who haven't tried it. 

If you are interested you can use my affiliate link if you care to:


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