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I always have to wait a few days to get my answer, why is that? Is there any faster way of communication with you?

It is added across the entire month after the changes in September. Every day I have more money in MA. Lower amount during weekend. Same numbers appears after every update.  Those differences are present only in September, just to be clear. Same case with downloads, there are more dls in MA. Looks like IS is not showing something that MA see. I am starting with you because maybe there is some bug on your side but it is very likely that IS have some bug too.

Huh, I don't think that they are coming from subscriptions. Everything was fine until last changes from 4th September. After that there is almost every day $20 to $50 more on MA reports.

Yes I have reports after fetching stats and I will send it to you in the next 15 minutes.

Andrey? There is more difference every day. Where is the mistake MA or IS?

It is working now, but there are mismatch in daily and monthly summary. For September I have more than $200 difference between IS stats and MA stats. There is more money according to MA stats.

When MA will be able to count GI sales?

What is going on with updates? I can't fetch anything after last changes on IS.

Check your \Documents\Microstock Analytics folder there should be several database backups. First copy a whole folder in new location. Then check for MA_Database Backup XXX.dat files. The file that has bigger size will have all your data. Rename it to MA_Database.dat. Please let me know how this worked out for you.

Yes it worked.

Ok, I will try this when I get back in studio. I turned on my comp, started MA and it said that database is wrong and offered me to create new and send error report to you. I backed up whole folder and let it send you error report and pull all data again. Could you add a feature that I can exclude checking PP sales? There is a bunch of errors in it and I am not interested in PP sales especially when they are updated only once at month.

Now it lost my database  >:(

After every update I have randomly changed numbers. There's still something wrong Andrey.

Correction, it is not connected to the specified date it is connected to the last database update date. I am using it on 2 comps and on this one last date with bar is January 11. Summary is not accurate too and it is changing somehow after every update.

After last update I can't even see any new numbers in the chart neither the bars. Last date I can see is 9th of January.

It didn't solve problem. Here is print screen of two graphs from MA and IS site. Ok IS didn't yet updated last two days but you can see the difference. IS is showing about $200 more than MA and IS still don't have last two days on graph. There are correct data on My Uploads page.

It is not PP I have very few files there and it is a few bucks per month. Here I am speaking in thousands. I still can't see my Getty sales in MA.

Aftre new year has come, MA is not working well at all. I have some silly numbers for this and last year and every time I update stats, numbers are different. I tried full update too and I got a bigger mess in numbers. What is going on Andrey?

Full update solve statistics problem for the last 10-15 days now I will see if the stats update will work on the following period. Yes filessets disappear it is not a wrong scroll bar position, there is no scroll bar at all. I will send you a print screen. I still have errors in updates of stats, next update i will send you error report.

Here you can see it in attach.

GI sales are usually calculated around 25th of the month for the previous month so those differences are not from GI sales. For yesterday stats MA showing about $150 less than I can see on site.
There is no startup error message.
I already had one deletion of filesets due to version you released in mistake, then I copied database from another computer. Filesets are here but after a while they just disappear until the next restart of MA.

Those numbers wan't say much so I can write here. For Monday it is small difference on IS it is higher for $6,25 than in MA. On Tuesday there is $62,98 more on site than in MA but there is something weird, almost every time I update MA there is different number on graph. I guess that this is connected with an RC glitch on IS site. I sent you an error report from MA and you can see a large percentage difference there. File sets are still disappearing. Is there any chance to pick up stats on some quicker way for the current day or two? Some button for quick stats so we don't have to wait MA pick all stats for passed years.

Thank you

After all this errors on IS in last few days, MA is not calculating my sales correctly. I sent you an error report, there is an error showing some ridiculous mismatch for a few thousands percent.

 ;) I know where it is located. Every time I start MA it is 50 and I have to change it to 100 and it stays 100 until next restart of MA.

Current version does not save number of threads in preferences.

I have some issue here. My portfolio has some dls and I can see it on site, then I update stats with MA and when I made an addition through years I can see some 600+ downloads more than I have on the site. Site does not calculate pp and Getty sales in the sum downloads but i have doubt that I have so many pp sales which I opted out long time ago. Also I can see some mismatch errors when I collect stats (I already sent you that report). Please, could you explain what MA collect (pp,getty...) an is there any chance to separate those dls? Thank you.

- New version saves all major interface settings (graph and sorting modes and window sizes)

Yeah!!! Thank you!

Huh, previous version deleted all my filesets but you already know that from my mail. New version you pointed though email does not like old database too. It asks me to delete old database and create new one. Come on man, you can fix it :)

- Now I can see combined files tnx.
- Double click working, confirmed.
- Yes filesets not categories. I am not shure when but I will find out and inform you about that.

I am just giving you some suggestions what I would like to see as user.
Maybe you could implement that user can choose files per category photo/video/illustration/audio
Take a look at iStockRoyalties to find idea how to calculate estimates.

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