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Thanks for the reply!

I can look through the creative commons sites. I just didn't want to end up with photos that got stolen from a photographer and then were put up for free.

If anyone would be interested in licensing their photos, please let me know.


I'm a stock illustrator who also sells on Zazzle. Are there some photographers here that would be willing to license me some people photos (for money) that I can use to create "photo template" products? Any product that I create would be meant for the buyer to replace your photo with their own before purchase.

I'm asking directly, because I only want to get images where the photographer would be comfortable with my using their images on Zazzle. I'd like to pay you directly and know that all the photos have model releases.


For me, pancakes and collard greens. Not necessarily together.

Thanks Cascoly.

I added Ezeepics to my network, through the .csv version of the link.


MSG name: eZeePics
website: The Food Shop
your photo topics: on this site only food, I already uploaded 260 photos, but I have around 1000 and I shoot every day. My project is very complex and I'm working on it.
what  you're looking for: complementary food, everything related with food
In about two weeks the second site will be ready with other categories of photos, mostly travel, nature, people. When it will be ready I'll post it here. I hope we'll have a lot of fun and sales with it.

Hi eZeePics. Do you have a link to your Symbiostock card? I have a food illustration site, and wanted to add a link to you.

As an update, my original author page is working now. If anyone else has this issue, here's what worked for me:

In Wordpress, I went to Users and created a new user. I gave that user Administrator privileges too. After that, my original author page link started working again. After that, I set that new user back to subscriber only privileges. It works fine now.

I hope this works, for others, if they have the same issue.   

I've been able to create a basic replacement Author page and fill it with the right code. It's at

The page is hand edited, so it doesn't update its one values, but at least it's accessible.

I'll work on getting the actual link on the image pages to direct to that new page, next. Right now, it's a URL in my profile info. After that, I think I may need to alter my Symbiocard, so that it will direct to the right page.

I was given the suggestion that my issue could be that my Wordpress username has an odd character in it. If that's the issue, I'll have to work around the original link, until I figure out how to change it everywhere.

Thank you. I've been enjoying adding them to the Symbiostock network.

I am using the child theme. So, I can give that a try. I feel better knowing it's a generated page. I'll keep at it, until it's working again.

I just put a link to my Symbiocard info as my artist profile description, until I get the author page back.

I'm not using yeost yet. I'm considering installing the updated Symbiostock 2.5.6 theme to see if that will help. I don't know if that will alter the settings/customizations I've made. I'll look for more advice here, before I do. (Or start pressing buttons randomly, which is in my nature)

I have a feeling that the solution is a lot simpler than the way I'm going about it.

I trashed the page a few days ago, so it's not there anymore. I have been trying to create a new Author Page. I've tried adding several variations of the permalink, but haven't gotten one to connect up.

I went to check, and that is my correct link. The issue I've been having, is that I don't know how to replace my deleted Author Page with a new working one. Once I figure out how to put up a new Author page, that link should get to it.

Somewhere along the way I deleted my Author Page. Is there a way to put one back up?
I still have my Symbiocard, but no direct way to access it through the site. When a person clicks on my "Author Page" under my profile it goes to an Oops! page, instead of an Author Page.

Any suggestions?


Since it relates to the last question, I'll try asking here.

I deleted the Author page, at some point, during set up. Does anyone know what the fix is to get it back? Is it similar to the one for the network directory?

Thank you for your help.

Alright, I'm actually set up now!

Added your site to already, but your author page is missing.

I'll have to work on getting that back. I may have deleted it early in my setup process.

Are you just looking for food illustrators only or just other illustrators?

I'd go with other illustrators too. With my site's keywords, food and vector images are the most likely to show up, on the image pages. Mostly, I'm looking for anyone where our sites would complement.

Alright, I'm actually set up now!

MSG name: Randomway
Topics: Vectors:  food, desserts, drinks, food-related characters
Portfolio size: 199, another 641 images to add
Would like to link with: other illustrators (2d/3d) and food-related photography

Thank you all for your Paypal advice. After adding in the autoreturn/ipn info, I just had a full transaction work properly. I also checked my other site, and its payments are still functioning properly. Now I can start some serious image uploading.

Cathy - I'm definitely a food image fan. Every time I see a food show, on tv, my first thought is 'I could make a graphic on that!' I've got a big list of graphics I want to make specifically for this site, too.

I'm just making the jump now, and am putting together my Symbiostock site at I'm in the setup phase. I'll admit, I don't have a full handle on Sandbox, so I may try switching to regular Paypal, to test out transactions.

So far, the setup process has been easy. The tutorials have been really helpful.

Selling Stock Direct / Re: Your Stock Site: Link Exchange
« on: December 14, 2012, 05:45 »
Thanks for doing this!

Name of Site: SweetSham stock illustrations
Owner/Artist/Photographer: Melissa Patton
A brief one or two sentence description: Royalty-free stock food and drink illustrations in jpg and vector formats. A growing collection including cakes, sweets, and food characters.

If you decide to buy, here's my affiliate link:

It will be one of several you'll probably have to choose from.  ;)

Off Topic / Re: The Power of Introverts
« on: March 31, 2012, 05:21 »
I enjoyed that talk. Thank you for posting the link.

I know I get a lot out of the hours I spend quietly creating illustrations, writing, or doing other individual activities. I also know that at some point, during an active gatherings, with a lot of people, I'm going to want to bow out early. I've had a great time, but I'd like to retreat back to a quiet place. It took me a while to stop feeling guilty about that.

It's good to know there are other introverts out there. It's not exactly a group that stands up to be counted.  :)

Selling Stock Direct / Re: 15 free vectors up on my Ktools site
« on: January 14, 2012, 06:32 »
...Here's a link to those graphics at

Great job on your site, I enjoyed looking at it. Bad news: it made me hungry.

Thank you!

If you think it makes you hungry looking at the images, you should see what it feels like building them. I've got an artboard full of whole fruit pies right now. It's making me want to bake a real life tray of peanut butter cookies...then create peanut butter cookie vectors. It's a vicious cycle.

Selling Stock Direct / Re: 15 free vectors up on my Ktools site
« on: January 13, 2012, 14:42 »
When I originally set up the site, I knew I wanted to include a link to Gleaners food bank, a charity in my area. I thought a good way to get people to see the link would be to place it in a free graphics section, and attach it to every free graphic there. It felt like a food based charity would be a natural match for a food based graphics site. I decided to go with free vegetables because the main collection is based on sweets. This way I can offer free images, but not get them too entangled with the graphics I have up for sale.

I'm interested in seeing if it helps with traffic to the site. Even if someone doesn't buy because of it, maybe they'll give a donations to Gleaners at some point, which would make the free section worth it too.

Selling Stock Direct / 15 free vectors up on my Ktools site
« on: January 13, 2012, 12:06 »
Hi guys,

My site has been up for a while, and I'm still learning my way around advertising and promotions. I've decided to include a free vector section to help draw traffic while I'm building up my collection. I'm over 300 images on the site, and I'm working on getting the site up to 1,000 graphics soon. I've added 15 free vegetable vectors for download.

Feel free to download them, use them, tell other people that they are there (hopeful grin).

Here's a link to those graphics at

Veer / Re: veer subs
« on: September 27, 2011, 12:41 »
To Veer:

Have you considered starting the standard royalty at .30 and going up to 3.00 under the same model? Most people here would be comfortable with .30 as a base and very happy at 3.00 sub download days.
The EL prices in the model right now, are very hard to accept. From a seller's point of view, you're asking us to give out EL licenses for less than we make on a single sub download on most sites. It feels like you're saying the right to use our work in an unlimited fashion, is all but valueless.

I've currently opted out, but would absolutely reconsider, under better terms.

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