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Shutterstock.com / Re: Is this the END?
« on: Today at 12:45 »
Sounds like a terrible idea but it isn't really unlimited. I went to look at their FAQs and it's actually a max of 100 tracks a day - so about 3,000 a month. For $149 that's still a truly terrible deal for artists.


If they were to do anything like this for images, I'd opt out, and if I couldn't I'd turn off my portfolio. The only thing that would stop this type of one-sided rights grab is the content going away - or lots of it.

Scary sh*t.

General - Top Sites / Re: DT exclusive - advice wanted
« on: November 05, 2019, 16:08 »
...IS corporate culture which I can only describe as nitpicky, rude, uncivilized and highly unprofessional - to boldy go where unprofessionality has never gone before as a matter of fact. ...
...All in all it feels like I have made the right decision . . .Happy camper.

Thanks for posting an update on your experience. And I do like your variant on the Star Trek tag line - IS truly deserves that :)

Newbie Discussion / Re: "Cityscape" KW
« on: November 04, 2019, 22:15 »
Regarding citiscape, the important thing is not whether it's a panorama or just a regular shot, but that you're taking in a wide view versus just a building or two. It also has to be mostly buildings, but doesn't have to be skyscrapers.

Looking at some shutterstock images (which I won't post links to, but do a cityscape search and look at new content), a photo of a bridge with masses of foreground river and what might be buildings in the distance under the bridge is a terrible use of the cityscape keyword. Likewise a closeup shot of a man standing on a balcony with some buildings in the background. Also a shot of a single building with a bit of sky top left.

Here are some very different types of city views, all (IMO) correctly labeled a cityscape






This one was keyworded skyline but is also a good cityscape example


Adobe Stock / Re: Good bye Adobe Stock from Venezuela.
« on: October 28, 2019, 12:00 »
So Adobe has reversed itself for subscriptions to its products


You should ask if this means they will let you keep selling

General Stock Discussion / Re: Canva owners to score BIG TIME!
« on: October 17, 2019, 08:48 »
They may, or not.

If the company goes public at that (or a higher) valuation there'll be a big payday for them. Right now, that "valuation" is a reflection that investors like Canva's story enough to have given it a lot of capital to work with.

Sometimes, companies with these investor-enthusiasm-determined "valuations" don't pan out, even with a female at the helm (a story line the media likes)


Please note, I'm not saying Canva == Theranos or that Perkins == Elizabeth Holmes, just that these interim "valuations" are aspirational until the business gets beyond the startup stage. Other unicorns who disappointed


Uber hasn't panned out the way people expected - the IPO valuation was "underwhelming" but its current market capitalization is $53 billion


Lyft was valued at $25 billion, $30 billion and now it's $11 billion amid pessimism about the fact that it isn't making a profit





Adobe Stock / Re: Good bye Adobe Stock from Venezuela.
« on: October 10, 2019, 23:21 »

At least Adobe will refund money for unused subscriptions (seemed pretty outrageous that at first they wouldn't). If other large tech companies are continuing to offer cloud services, why the difference with Adobe?

Alamy.com / Re: Alamy. Philanthropy is in our DNA
« on: October 09, 2019, 13:51 »
It's hard to fathom how tone deaf you have to be - how little you understand your contributor community - to post here about how you're taking a portion of profits to donate to charities (all of which I'm sure are most worthy).

Not once, but twice you've pleaded the business needed a larger share of the gross as your reason for cutting royalty payments to contributors (in the time I've been with Alamy).

From my perspective, that's our money that you have decided to donate to charities on our behalf. Don't expect me, and I suspect many other contributors, to feel good about that.

Adobe Stock / Re: Good bye Adobe Stock from Venezuela.
« on: October 08, 2019, 15:29 »
I'm Very sad ! :'( :'( :'(

Understandably - I wonder if there are any exceptions for sole proprietors? I thought sanctions were to be imposed on high level officials?



Apparently Adobe's interpretation is broader than some other companies' - perhaps they'll change their view of what's needed to comply?

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock $11.88 "subscription" royalty?
« on: October 08, 2019, 10:51 »
Many thanks Mat.

I thought perhaps I'd missed something and others would know all about it.

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock $11.88 "subscription" royalty?
« on: October 07, 2019, 23:13 »
Can't help with an explaination but i had one of those on the 3rd.

So that means "it's a thing" :)

If that would become a more frequent a thing - as long as it's not a cheap extended license - that'd be lovely.

Adobe Stock / Adobe Stock $11.88 "subscription" royalty?
« on: October 07, 2019, 21:16 »


Today I received an unusual "subscription" royalty of $11.88 for a photo and hunted around to see if I could figure out how that came to be - it wasn't labeled "custom" where odd amounts are expected.

Looking at the plans offered and the royalty charts, I can't see where the $11.88 came from. Is this a new product? Or should it have been labeled "custom"? Or is it an error?

I hadn't realized that Adobe Stock was now offering credit packs, but it appears those should all provide a $3.30 royalty (according to the chart on the royalty page).

Has anyone else seen these $11.88 subscription royalties?

Canva is apparently reselling images from Scopio (an image search from a Scopio photo produced Canva results). Canva is offering the photo for $10 or a subscription for all 50 million "Photos Unlimited" for $12.95 a month



The fact that this turned up in a search for Hawaii - it's in the keywords, along with Iceland and Asia - is a puzzle as it's clearly not.

I don't have anything at either place, so I'm just a curious bystander, but pricing's bizarre and keywording so bad I don't know how you'd ever locate what you want.

Custom sales can be higher but the sales marked as "standard" - the ones from Fotolia for credits - will be gone completely next month when they finally shut the Fotolia site down.

A $3.30 subscription sale is most welcome, but those are the low volume buyers and not as frequent as the 38 cent subs...

I am. My WordPress version is 5.2.3 which is the latest (I think).

The only problem I have is with the PhP version on the BlueHost server. You can set a version in a file called htaccess, which I do, but there is an automated process on the server that keeps editing the file to change the version to the latest (7.x), which breaks the old Symbiostock plugin.

I figured I'd keep this running until something breaks and then consider the experiment over. I have other things I'm hosting there, so I may just turn the domain into a portfolio site, vs sales; I wouldn't mind using some other sales option, but It has to be something low maintenance and low cost (sales are minimal, so I'm not going to pay much for site software that just won't pay me back).

Site Related / Re: Spam Posts
« on: September 28, 2019, 14:24 »
One day this week I happened upon a reply needing approval from a poster who already had a number of posts. I assumed it was because there was an attachment - a screenshot that seemed pertinent to me, so I approved the post. I wondered if I had missed some sort of marker on the "Moderate" menu that indicated there was something needing attention.

A day or two later when I came to check the forum I decided to look in the Moderate section, even though it had no indicator that posts were awaiting an approval, and there were several replies from a new poster. They all looked fine to me, so I approved them.

My suggestion, if it's possible, is that the "Moderate" menu should have an indicator - like "My Messages" does if you have new private messages - letting us know something needs attention.

...Because Bill Gates has a taste for easy money. He owned Corbis for many years then sold it to VCG for a hefty profit. Guess he wants back into the game. ...

To interrupt your rant with some facts, temporarily...

Microsoft Corp and Bill Gates are two different entities. Microsoft never owned Corbis (Bill Gates did).

Bill Gates no longer runs Microsoft; Satya Nadella is the CEO.


Adobe is much more than a stock agency - if you wanted to get "back into the game", buying Adobe, Inc. would be a very odd way to do that.

Canva / Re: More ''Good news'' from Canva :-/
« on: September 24, 2019, 10:14 »
...I work for Canva on the marketplace side, and I just discovered this forum. Hope it's OK for me to post here, ...

Danny, I suggest you contact the forum moderator (link at the bottom of each page; it'll go to Tyler Olson; leaf is his user name here) to get yourself a "Verified" logo that shows you are a representative of the company. Makes it easier for users to know who's who.

This is clickbait. They're trying to drive traffic to their blog - Forbes has this bizarre platform


I can't think of a single reason either company would consider this for a nanosecond

EyeEm's response to me this morning is that the incorrect credit for the photos is a mistake and should be "fixed next week".

Regarding duplication, "...this is your responsibility to make sure that you do not upload the duplicate images, since we do not check if that image is already on the Partner platform before distributing it."!!

EyeEm clearly isn't thinking about this. As I don't know who they will upload to, how can I possibly do that? And when I uploaded the image to EyeEm, they weren't partnering with Alamy.

In addition, there are images that are not on all sites - so when they upload to Getty, that's fine (as I have nothing there) but not on Alamy.

From a technical point of view, Alamy is the one who can weed out duplicates on its platform - using their find similars technology - but that needs to be part of the partner agreement EyeEm makes with them.

Isn't this some sort of partner deal between EyeEm and Alamy? A partner deal gone horribly wrong - if you contribute to both Alamy and EyeEm.

The major problem I see as a contributor to both Alamy and EyeEm is that I am now competing with myself (although given that EyeEm has let Getty butcher the keywords I entered, it's unlikely the EyeEm version will be found!) and an image I took is credited to this mystery person who had nothing to do with it.

My image:


My image credited to Adam Kuylenstierna and EyeEm


This is just one example. I think everything I have on EyeEm that was selected for the partner collection will be there. I have written to EyeEm to ask them to get the duplicate images eliminated from their uploads to Alamy. If they can't or won't do that, I'll close my account at EyeEm. The Getty sales (the other partner site I know of) are of late not worth much, so it's an easy choice.

Looking at what Alamy has, there are 498,909 photos listed if you click on the contributor name EyeEm:


Most of these say the Photographer is "EyeEm" as well as the contributor name being EyeEm

For the Photographer "Adam Kuylenstierna" you get 278,284 results - all the ones I clicked on showing "EyeEm" as the contributor


I could solve this by closing my account at EyeEm as it's really not bringing in much any more, but it's just crazy that Alamy didn't weed out duplicates. I knows what they are as the "Similar" photos link shows my photo for the EyeEm photo's similar.

iStockPhoto.com / Re: This is all we got - A SORRY
« on: September 20, 2019, 20:15 »
I guess money is what makes THEM happy.

I think that is unfair. ...

You can look at this a number of ways - yours is one that is pretty close to the iStock after-the-fact "ooops" email.

The bank account analogy doesn't  match the earnings report situation - no bank is in charge of the calculations of what should be deposited into your account; they tell you where the deposit came from and how much it was. You, the customer, have your independent source of whatever the transaction was and how much it should be. If the numbers don't match, you can immediately take action.

Getty is in charge of the books - we have only their accounting for what sales took place, when, where, with which customers and for how much. As contributors, we are flying completely blind with no independent verification of anything (unless we happen to know the purchaser for a transaction)

Getty has time and again demonstrated how inept they are at keeping their books. I wouldn't put it past them to keep costs down by spending as little as possible on accounting or review of the accuracy of the books, new software, etc. Getty has also repeatedly demonstrated that you can't rely on anything they say, where they will eat the costs of any mistake they make that costs the contributor. As pointed out above, the poisonous KK Thompson was the author of the money isn't what makes you happy remark, back when they were doing Getty's bidding and slashing contributor royalties.

There are other ways mistakes can be handled. As one example, when a business advertises a product at the wrong price because of their own goof, in many jurisdictions they are required to honor that mistake even though it then eats into their profits. Sometimes they're not legally required to do that but the business wants to generate some goodwill from customers and does so as a way of saying "sorry".

Being honest that you're useless at keeping the accounts doesn't count for much. Their whole system of payments is error ridden and slow - a month and a half in arrears for an internet-based business?

It may not be a kind remark, but it's eminently fair.

Apparently there were two categories of mistakes made in reporting of Canva sales. The corrections show up as refunds - one person had 500 refunds and another 650...

1. reporting Australian $ sales as US $ amounts

2. Reporting sales at double the actual value

Getty also apparently apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.


...I still can't get anywhere. I must be doing something wrong.  :( I go to that page and choose the "Royalty Statements and Download Counts" category but then from there I can just see some canned answers and I don't see a way to actually send them a message.

I just went there to see and they're making it hard to actually send them a ticket. For some of the topics, however, you can (if you wade through the pages of canned advice) get to an entry that says "I've tried all of that and I still can't xxxx". Click "Next" there and you get a support ticket to fill in and send.

I was able to see that from the "Minimum payment amounts & carried forward balances" starting point:

How to download & view a statement in PDF format -> How to see if my payment was carried forward in a PDF royalty statement  ->  Cannot download my royalty statement -> I've tried the above but am still experiencing issues

It's truly shameful that they make it so difficult, but they clearly don't want you to submit a ticket :)

They say they want a full screen capture of your error, but I'd send them anything just so the ticket is complete. You might be able to find another route to a ticket, but I found lots of dead ends where there was no support ticket...

Australia = Canva???  ::)

If you download a PDF version of your statement, it'll say specifically what is Canva

...A question, maybe someone knows:
Do i get my money, if i close my account and did not reach the payout limit?

You should check with support (who may or may not reply promptly) but I think you will not. Most of the sites will hang onto money below the payout threshold.

Although (gallows humor) if they keep going at this rate, you'll get enough refunds that you may be able to leave with a zero balance :) (Sorry! I know it's not funny that these agencies behave so badly, and it's our money they're playing around with...)

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