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I tried that (drag & drop) but nothing happens?

puh, now its working. Its magic  ;D

h? I uploaded one picture to LightBurner incl. all data and pressed save, but nothing happend?
In this case I only selected iStockPhoto but my picture is not there?

How it works?

Niartis? Where are you  ;D

Adobe Stock / Re: Why I love Fotolia!
« on: January 26, 2011, 21:08 »
I have to throw in my .02 on the latest Microstock controversy here.  It's no secret that a lot of people have felt burned by FT on changes made in the past but in my opinion most, if not all the changes made had been done so with the sole intent of increasing business which ultimately had a benefit to us all. So many people have asked me on many different occasions why I am exclusive to Fotolia.  I received a call from a guy just the other day trying to recruit me to upload to his company.  I told him I was exclusive and he said "Oh, I thought you were a Fotolia guy...not I-Stock."  That made me chuckle and realize how few people are exclusive to FT like myself.  Reading about the I-Stock Changes got me to thinking about why that is so I thought this seemed like as good a time as any to explain my choice...

are you still happy with fotolia after the latest updates?  ;D

still the same problems. No help?

MicrostockSubmitter / StockSubmitter: how to stop error messages
« on: January 26, 2011, 18:37 »

this error messages pops up every 15 minutes. In this case from DepositPhotos.
How can I stop it?


What exactly was the error message about ?

this one here...


I tried to upload to istockphoto but I couldn't... just error message appeared?!
Who can help?



the categories disappiert when the pics were online / after uploading?!
Is it a bug?

Who can help?

nowadays, I also would not recommand photopin. I got sales report about 0,02 US-Dollar for one picture.
No, thanks.

even if I don't upload (StockSubmitter is just running) I get this message. I just recently closed 6 error message windows?!


I quite often get this message? Not only for Deposit but also other agencies such as Crestock.
However, uploading is correct?! Very curious?

Who can help?

OK, thanks.

Now, I reach 70 kb/s if I upload one by one agency. This is also not very fast but acceptable for me.
By the way, good paying system... I just had to pay with paypal and everthing was ready to use!


i can only upload with very low kb/s. I tried to play around in the setting but without success.
Also other web pages are struggeling when StockSubmitter is uploading.

Of course, I have highspeed network.

Who can help?

Yes, but how much is the revenue per picture?

You never know until after the last day of the month how much you have made.  Here's an example of mine from many months ago:

62992    145    2    $7.21    $0.04

User #62992 downloaded 145 total photos for his $7.21 subscription.  Two of those were mine so for both I made .04  That's .02 per photo download.

Extra, extra, read all about it - the new low had been broken! lol 

Yes, good maths but what counts is cash in my hands  ;D
I get around 80,00 - 120,00 Dollar a month with 400 pictures.

why is uploading so slowly? I upload to 7 stock agencies with about 17 kb/s

Do you have firewall or antivirus? Check their settings, they can affect uploading performance.

I disabled my firewall & antivirus to check if its faster, but it was still very slowly  ???

General Stock Discussion / dreamstime better than fotolia
« on: December 08, 2010, 08:23 »

first time I have seen dreamstime before fotolia (poll results).
Not bad  :)

why is uploading so slowly? I upload to 7 stock agencies with about 17 kb/s  ???


there is no ref. ID visible anymore if somebody clicks on my ref. link??? Only this: http://submit.shutterstock.com/home.mhtml
In the past I could see the ref. ID example: http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=11111111

Who knows why?


so far... I need to push only "YayMicro" and Graphic Leftovers is not working. I get the same error message as the other
user here  ???

good job, I like this software and have already recommanded to others.

My wishing list:

+ adpic
+ shotshop
+ photospin
+ german qickmeta support


Puh, now its working  ;D I had to uninstall .NET completely and reinstall the latest version.
I dont know why but something was defect.


It seems like you have corrupted installation of .NET Framework. Did you install framework offered during installation of StockSubmitter ?

StockSubmitter is not offering that? I also tried to install .NET but I got the message that it is already installed  ???
Very curious, any suggestions?

It might be a good software but I simple can't use it  ::)

So, any solutions regarding my isssue?

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