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1 / Re: SS strict rejection policy
« on: May 04, 2022, 04:11 »
Correction "shutterstock AI" is rejecting photos left and right, and often with mistakes.

and all for 10 whole cents!  :(

I've just asked SS help and got the answer that there is no AI doing the reviews, it's all done by humans.

2 / Re: SS strict rejection policy
« on: May 04, 2022, 02:25 »

When I downsize my images, as you guys said, most of them get accepted, but does that means that they will not be sold for an extended license and mostly at 10c?

That will completely depend on what the customer wants the image for, not necessarily the type of licence. If he wants to print it on a huge billboard in town, then, yes, small image size might keep him from buying the image. But if he wants to print it as a postcard, then the minimum size Shutterstock requires is more than enough. I guess in the end it's probably like this: Downsizing will not keep you from getting extended licence sales, but it will make the chance of it smaller as it does limit the possible usage of an image.
But, in the end, the one image you won't get an extended license sale for sure is the image that never got accepted, so I'd say it's better to have a downsized image accepted than not having it accepted at all.

Thanks Firn, will keep that in mind ;)

3 / Re: SS strict rejection policy
« on: May 04, 2022, 01:32 »
I also get more than 95% of my submission through the first time, so I don't have a problem with them other than their similarity rejections (Which you can mostly avoid by not submitting images from the same shoot in one batch) If you look at their newest images of any random topic you will usually find countless almost identical images where the camera was moced 5 centimeters and that's all the difference, and then you will get two images form the same shoot with a competely different composition rejected for being too similar. There similar rules are also pretty concrete, yet some reviewers seem to have never looked at them or understood them.

Other than that I am almost glad that they have become a bit stricter - I was only looking through my old photos last week to sort some out to possibly submit to FAA and, oh m gosh - there are so many old photos of mine SS accepted that I would not even try to submit these days as the focus is horrible. I am almost ashamed at the thought that a customer might download one of these only seeing the small preview and then realizing how blurry the image is in full size. If I didn't know that 95% of my photos only end up being used in small size on the internet anyways, I might even delete these photos from my port.

When I downsize my images, as you guys said, most of them get accepted, but does that means that they will not be sold for an extended license and mostly at 10c?

4 / Re: SS strict rejection policy
« on: May 04, 2022, 01:28 »
Well, I must be one of the lucky ones, as about 90% of my submissions get through first time. I can normally guess which ones wont. Those shots normally contain water and foliage, that the AI classes as noise or focus issues.

Are you guys sure that the problem is in the AI? If that's the case, then that AI is faulty.

5 / SS strict rejection policy
« on: May 04, 2022, 00:11 »
So, Shutterstock reviewers are rejecting photos left and right, and often with mistakes.
For example, they reject the whole series that I have done, multiple times, because the shirt that the model is wearing, had some material that reminds of some protected Burberry shirt. It is similar, but the colors are not the same, so, it's not protected.
They often confuse a bird in the distance, or snow, with the specs on a sensor. Also had a problem, when the photos got rejected for a reason I cannot remember now, but it was just some mist in the photo.
Not to mention strict policy on sharpness and while other agencies are not that strict, those photos are generating income, for me, and for the agency.
So, people who are reviewing our images, be aware that we invest money, time, and a lot of effort in these images, that you reject, and for your mistake, we are loosing time, and money both.

LOL. Sorry but what did you expect? Did you not read about this company or their origins in the many threads on this site? They set up selling our stolen work from Warez sites and expanded using that cash to employ people copying our work from legitimate sites. They have been shady as f**k since day one.

Now thanks to people supporting them there are even more copy cats imitating the same strategy for expansion with portfolios like this: (where people are STILL uploading).

You made your bed now lie in it.

Well people are uploading because they make money, my friend have cca800$ only from Freepik, but man, they ARE a scam!!!!!!

As a contributor, my experience is really really BAD! My income fluctuates, it is going up and down. First, you have 120$ then without being paid suddenly you have 90$, then 1200$ and I really never know how much I have earned, which easily makes me think are they really stealing my work and you can never know. When wanted to be paid out, they always make an excuse and not fulfill the basic principle of trust. I give you my work, you pay me. They don't follow that principle and really make me believe they are a scam of business and really not a trustworthy company. I've read here on this forum that they started by stealing some illustrations from artists and then started giving it for free to gain customers. Website is always having problems and that's it. I know that a lot of people buy images from them, since they sell at such small rates, but believe me, they are not paying contributors for their work. It takes a lot of effort money and time to put in these photos, and to have an excuse, ''We are having some problems and we are not able to pay you'' for the fourth time in a row. Yes, I haven't been able to get my money for 4 months now with the lame excuses all the time. I am not some competition to write this bad review so that people won't use that website I am just a man that knows what trust means, and they are NOT professional or trustworthy!

So can someone tell me what to do with cases like this? Is there some higher authority I can address with this problem. I know I sound ridiculous, but I had a similar experience with some website earlier and PayPal literally made them send me my money back.

Anything will help, thanks.

General Stock Discussion / Which agencies are DEAD?!
« on: July 13, 2020, 08:06 »
So I know that there is A LOT of stock agencies, but which ones for you are dead with no very low or no sales at all and are there any new ones that are worthy?

Adobe Stock / How to find out my acceptance rate?
« on: August 29, 2019, 05:15 »
Well, my Creative Cloud Photography Plan that I've got last year for uploading to Adobe Stock is about to expire, so I've found out that this can be prolonged this year also, but you will have to have more then 300 photos online in this year only I think, and your acceptance rate have to be more than 50%. So how do I find my acceptance rate on Adobe Stock, does anybody knows?

I think SS policy is to pay out by the 15th for the previous months earnings

They usually payout by the 7th or so very consistently, so prior to that they have to process the payout

You probably missed the period where they process the payout thus pushing you into the next months payout schedule

Yeah as I've said, I didn't activated my card, so I've missed it. But that was almost 2 moths ago. They said because the card was not active, it will be paid on July 15. Ive activated it, waited until July 17 and after 4 e-mails I've got an some random answer that I will be paid on August 15. That's not reliable.
Who am i kidding, I will not gain anything writing on forums, they are the ones on top, I just have to wait. Just saying they are not being professional about it.

Cool, I've finally got some response from SS. They say I will have to wait for another month, but that's what they said last month. -10 points to SS!

Oh, I see,  bummer, wishing you speedy pay... Bet its business red tape

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Yeah, it is a bummer and thanks!  ;) Guess I'll just wait, there is no use of sending e-mails, they are just not responding. Zero points to SS for that!

Don't they pay automatically

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Yes they do, but my new card was not activated yet, so their system didn't recognized it. Now its activated, and I'm just waiting them to resend my payment, and there is no response.

Over what amount of money we are talking about?

 ???, over 500 dollars.

I would like it to be hours, because I'm waiting more then a month for it!  :o

Hi everybody, I'm having a problem with SS. I requested my payment through PP for the first time, but during that process I haven't activated my new card in my bank and got a reply from SS that I need it activated so they can send me my earnings. They said also that if i get back to them in 30 days I will receive my payment on July 15.
Ive done all that, the card is activated, Ive responded to them FOUR TIMES already and haven't god a SINGLE response from their service. So you guess that I'm a little agitated now! Waiting more then a month for my earnings and not hearing from them either. Payments are not on SS, they are not on PP and I'm just sitting, waiting and biting my nails off, so please advise me what to do. Is there a number I can call, should I wait for them to be unprofessional?
Thanks in advance, Marko.

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